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In 2014, we will focus on beijing cookbook fair. in 2015, and afterwards, we will have both beijing and paris cookbook fairs, separated by several months.

The growth of the trade in foreign rights is such that our sector of food and wine books needs two meetings every year, one in europe and the other in asia. this will favour the trade between western publishers and the asian leaders of the sector, for whom travelling within asia is much more comfortable. the weight of the new markets is essential. in 2012, china has been the main export market for translations from germany, for all titles. the chinese are increasingly interested in foreign cuisines, which have doubled from 5% of sales of cookbooks in china in 2007 to 10% in 2012, according to china publishers magazine of february 2013.

The first beijing cookbook fair will take place in 2014 in parallel to the gourmand awards, in which 187 countries participate this year. the cookbook fair will have a new important component of digital publishing, as china new media development co. is our partner. it is the digital industry leader in china for publishing, printing and e-commerce, as well as film and television.

Once the launch has established beijing cookbook fair, we will have paris cookbook fair in 2015 in parallel to beijing. it will give the food and wine books sector a unique opportunity to bring together publishers, authors, photographers, stylists and chefs.


You can find Beijing World Cookbook Fair 2014 Program HERE

Paris CookBook Fair 2013


Paris Cookbook Fair this year brings cookbooks to a most prestigious location, Le Carrousel du Louvre. It is an honour for cookbook publishing to be in the heart of Paris, at the center of culture, romance and history of France. It is very important to build as much respect as possible for authors and publishers of cookbooks and wine books.

These books are usually the result of a team, often with the writer, the photographer, the food-stylist, the art director, the designer, and the publisher. Some culinary books take years of work before they are published. In fact, you can feel in the best cookbooks the heart of the author(s), just as you do in fiction books. Personnalities andcharacter shine through cookbooks as well.

We have tried to build a book fair where human values are respected, where the main motivation is not selling more carpet or furniture, or drive up ticket sales to visitors. We really care about the sector. We have been rewarded with strong support, and fast growth: we had planned to increase publishers floor space by 30%, in fact we had to double it. However, the best reward is that we now have made many friends among the guests, building what they call “the Gourmand Family”.

I am deeply grateful to all the authors and publishers. It also has been much fun. As my son says, it is not worth doing it if we do not all enjoy it. It is wonderful that with Paris Cookbook Fair, business and pleasure combine naturally as the ingredients of this food and wine books feast.

Edouard Cointreau

Paris Cookbook Fair, President
China Food Television, President of Honour
Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, President and Founder
WFWF-TV, World Association of Food TV Producers, President