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Friday, 17 February 2012 10:04

Meet Pierre Gagnaire at the Paris Cookbook Fair

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Meet Pierre Gagnaire at the Paris Cookbook Fair Meet Pierre Gagnaire at the Paris Cookbook Fair

The legendary chef Pierre Gagnaire will present his masterpiece Pierre Gagnaire, Un Principe d'Émotions at the Paris Cookbook Fair with his publisher Catherine Flohic.

The event is already creating a huge interest among journalists, chefs and foreign publishers, for many reasons :

- Gagnaire is maybe the most iconoclastic creator among the three Michelin-stars chefs

- His public appearences are rather rare

- His publisher Catherine Flohic masterminds Argol, one of the top independent publishers in French contemporary litterature.

- Their book is a totally different of any other chef book

Do not miss their presentation at the Paris Cookbook Fair, on Sunday, March 11, at 13.00.

These are the restaurants of Pierre Gagnaire around the world, for a total of eleven Michelin stars :

  • Paris, Pierre Gagnaire 1996
  • Paris, Gaya rive gauche par Pierre Gagnaire 2005
  • London, Sketch 2002
  • Tokyo, Pierre Gagnaire a Tokyo 2005
  • Hong Kong, Pierre 2006
  • Courchevel, Pierre Gagnaire pour les Airelles 2007
  • Dubai, Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire 2008
  • Seoul, Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul 2008
  • Las Vegas, Twist by Pierre Gagnaire 2009
  • Tokyo, Pierre Gagnaire Tokyo 2010
  • Saint-Tropez, Colette 2010
  • Moscow, Les Menus par Pierre Gagnaire 2010