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The Winter Harvest

Winners by Countries Final List

The Winter Harvest list is published on November 23, 2020. It is the final list of the year, including all other Harvest lists of 2020. The list includes all the Winners by countries in each category. There is only one Winner by country in each category, except when books are in different languages. Includes the Spring Harvest list, published April 23, the Summer Harvest list published July 23, the Autumn list published September 23.

It is the final list with all the participants in the Best in the World competition of 2021. There are now 1288 entries, from 175 countries and regions. All will participate in the next Gourmand Awards, with the Best in the World announced in Paris June 3-6, 2021. All those on the Winter Harvest list already have the right to the Winners certificates and stickers.

We have approximately 20% more entries this year than last year. The cookbook activity has been intense in 2020, a consequence of the pandemic and confinement. There is much digital publishing, but print is also increasing. We created the new category A01 for Covid-19 cookbooks.

Take extreme care and keep safe, protect the others, and yourself.

Best wishes

Edouard Cointreau

Winter 12 Months Harvest - November 23
Total= 1288 from 175 countries
Final list for nominees for Best in the World 2021 competition

See the list FOOD CULTURE >>>

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Winter Harvest Food Culture 2020
Gourmand Awards 2021


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Winter Harvest Drink Culture 2020
Gourmand Awards 2021


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For the first time since the founding of the awards in 1995, we release the list of the Best in the World winners before the awards ceremony. International travel is now impossible. Most of our winners will be in their homes for several more weeks. So we decided that releasing the list now might make hundreds happier in these very difficult times. Our main objective has always been to try to help those who “cook with words” in any way we can.

There are also specific books that can help you to remain in a positive mood. Do see On The Hummus Route, a very positive cookbook from the Middle East, that can give hope to all readers, it is in category B02, Best Cookbook of the Year in all categories, as well as category F09 Peace Cookbook.There are many other unexpected gems on the list.

See the list >>>


Gourmand Awards 2020


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The Best 25

The Best of The Best - 1995-2020

List of the Best for 25 years in each category for each country

It includes a selection of the Best from two previous anniversary events

  • 12 years at Frankfurt Old Opera House
  • 20 years at Frankfurt Book Fair Theater
  • 25 years will be celebrated in Paris June 3-7 and China November 1-4

ALL past Best in the World are welcome at our events.
The list below is a shortlist with a limited selection of excellent books mostly still available. Some have updated new editions.
There is only one book per country in each category

Countries Total = 106 Algeria to Zimbabwe 96
UN members, 6 Regions, 4 International organizations = Total 106


The Best in the World

By continents 1995-2019 1995-2009  
France 11% 13%. -2
Other Europe 38% 44% -6
China 8% 3% +5
Other Asia Pacific 20% 15% +5
Latin America 11% 5% +6
Anglo America 9% 18% -9
Africa 3% 2% +1
TOTAL 100% 100%  

The shift 2009-2019 in the Best in the World is clear, from the West to the East, from the North to the South. It reflects the investments in quality for the new middle class that buys cookbooks. The middle class is stagnating at best in the West and North, while rising fast in the East and South. Today 85% of the world middleclass is in Asia. Do read Factfulness by Hans Rosling, “a hopeful book about the potential for human progress” says President Barack Obama. It is vital today for authors and publishers in the West to try to reach the foreign markets in the East. There is now a market for excellent cookbooks in many more countries. Our 2009 list had Best in the World from 47 countries. In 2020 it has doubled to over 100.

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2019

Food Culture

Food Culture Gourmand Awards 2019

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2019

Drink Culture

Drink Culture Gourmand Awards 2019

Gourmand World Summit information dossier

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