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The Autumn Harvest

For the next Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (2021)

The Autumn Harvest list is published on September 23. It includes the Spring Harvest list, published April 23 and the Summer Harvest list published July 23. There are now 983 entries, from 150 countries and regions. All will participate in the next Gourmand Awards, with the Best in the World announced June 1-6, 2021. All those on the Autumn Harvest list already have the right to the Winners certificates and stickers.

We have approximately 20% more entries this year than last year at the same time. The cookbook activity has been intense in the first eight months of 2020, a consequence of the pandemic and confinement. There is much digital publishing, but print is also increasing. There are significant changes worldwide, for instance see the Emirates Ministry of Climate Change cookbook in D01, or the Congo Cardinal of Kinshasa and the Minister of the Interior in forewords to a nutrition book against Covid-19 in A01 and F10. We created the new category A01 for Covid-19 cookbooks.

Take extreme care and keep safe, protect the others, and yourself. When back in Paris for the Gourmand Awards in June 2021 or before, you should visit the two restaurants I miss the most when away. They are among the top best in the world for my taste, from my years of international experiences, with reasonable prices for top quality real food. They are first, Le Carre des Feuillants, with Chef Alain Dutournier, and second, Le Belisaire, with chef Mathieu Garrel. Today restaurants do need all the help we can give them.

Best wishes

Edouard Cointreau

Fall Ten Months Harvest - September 23
Total= 983 from 150 countries


W1-2 Hall of Fame Candidate

France - La Biere en France, Emmanuel Gillard, 7469 pages (Projet Amertune)

W1-3 magazine

France - Fuzees # 1, Bordeaux, Benoit Guenot, Dante Nolgen’
Mexico - El Somm, Vinos de Mexico, J.Fernando Garcia
Italy - Il Sommelier, Alice Lupi

W1-4 Candidate Best of the Best

China - Beauty of Tipsiness, Denis Lim (CITIC) ISBN 9787521712773
France - Vignes anciennes, vignes de demain, Robert Plageolles (Tonnerre de L’ Est)
Spain - Vinos tradicionales de Andalucia, Jesus Barqin, Peter Liem (Abalon Content)
UK- Inside Bordeaux, Jane Anson (Berry Bros.)


Canada - Essential French Wine, Jerome Cornet (Essential Books)
France - Gevrey-Chambertin, Jacky Rigaux (Terre de Vin)
Italy - Champagne and the best houses, Eric Tirabussi
USA - Drinking French, David Lebovitz (Ten Speed)


Cyprus - Stowell guide to the wines & wineries of Cyprus, Matthew Stowell
Hungary - Tokaj Wine, Ripka Gergeluy (Scolar)
Netherlands - Wijnguids Spanje, Sander de Vaan (Edicola)
Spain - Rioja, vinos silenciosos, Antonio Romejal Villar, Alberto Gil Gil (Los Aciertos)
USA - The newwines of Mount Etna, Benjamin North Spencer (Gemelli Press)


Belgium - Cape Winelands, Peter de Leeuw, Andre Morgrenthal (Stichting Kunstboek)
New Zealand - The Roving Sommelier’s Bucket List, Robert Goirgione
UK - English Wines, Oz Clarke (Pavilion)
USA - So you think you know Texas Wine? Marques Vickers


France - Vignerons Essentiels, Jeremy Cukerman, Leif Carlsson (La Martiniere)
Spain - Siete Miradas por el Territorio de La Rioja (Rutas de vino Rioja.com)
Uk - Britain in a bottle, Ted Bruning, Rupert Wheeler (Brandt Guides)
USA - Women Winemakers, Lucia Albino Gilbert, John Gilbert (Luminae Press)


China - Wine up, WSET Level !, Christina Lai (Wanyitalk)
China (Hong Kong) - Wine cellar design, Wang Chen (Art Power International) 9789881998538
France - Cavistes, Antonin Iommi-Amunategui (Nouriturfu)
Mexico- Destilacion de Ginebra Artesanal, Edgar Villanueva Quintana (Instituto Mexicano Destilacion Artesanal)
USA - The Professional Handbook of Cider Tasting, Dr Travis Robert Alexander, Dr Branna Ewing (Cider Institute of North America)

W1-10 Free for Professionals

Australia - “The Dog Book”, Agrochemicals registered for use in Australian viticulture 20/21 (Australian Wine Research Institute)
FAO - Grapes Wines, Frederic Julin, Emmanuel Idier
France - De l’ accueil dans les caves avec sejour touristiques dans les vignobles (Atout France)
OIV - State of Vitivinicultural sector in 2019 (OIV) 35 pages
South Africa - SA wine harvest report 2020 (Vinpro) 27 pages


Argentina - Gold in the Vineyards , Laura Catena, (Catapulta)
Brazil - O Guia Oxford da Cerveja, Translator Waldemar Gastorini Venturini Filho (Blucher)
China - Japanese Sake, Naohiko Noguchi, Yanomatsu Shiono (CITIC) ISBN 9787521704044
France - Le Souffle du Vin, Luigi Moio (France Agricole)
Italy - Jura, Daniela Paris (Edizioni Estemporane)
Japan - Journey to find the charm of Maltese wine, Kana, Miki, Chris
UK- Prosecco, Luigi Bolzon (Alma Classics)


W2-1 No Alcohol / Low alcohol

Malawi - Thobwa, Norait Lungu
Malaysia - Global non-dairy beverage market from 2020 (DPO Inl) 45 pages Free PDF
UK - How to drink without drinking, Fiona Beckett (Kyle Books)
USA - SIP deserving Boba Bubble Tea, Kevin Shanahan


France - Cafegraphie, Anne Caron (Hachette Pratique)
Indonesia - Drift Magazine # 2, Bali
Turkey - Fidelity , A Turkish Coffee Story, Cenk Girginol
Uruguay - Hay Cafe, Pablo Corrado, Andres Amodio, Sabrina Srur (Grijalbo)
USA - Coffeeland, Augustine Sedgewick (PRH)

W2-3 TEA

China (Taiwan) - Taiwan, the island of tea, Yuan Zhen Wang
France - Chercheur de the, Francois Xavier Delmas (La Martiniere)
Germany - Einfach besser(en) Tee TrinkenJens Dennig
Japan - The story of Japanese tea, Tyas Sosen (Tea Crane Publishing)
Malawi - Malawi Tea 2020, 40 pages, Free PDF
Sri Lanka - Tea newsletter, (Tea Exporter Association) Free PDF
UK - A dark history of tea, Seren Charrington Hollins (Pen & Sword History)

W2-4 SPIRITS and other drinks with alcohol

Canada English - Canadian Spirits, Stephen Beaumont, Christine Sismondo (Nimbus)
Canada French - Le cidre du Quebec, Stephane Morin (Editions de l’ Homme)
Cuba - El sabor liquido de lo cubano (Corporacion Cubaron - Artechef)
France - Oenotourisme et Spiritueux, Alain Marty (Eyrolles)
Italy - La Cachaca, Gianluca Melis (Cavinato Editore)
Mexico - Bebidas de Oaxaca, Salvador Hernandez Cueva, Ricardo Bonilla (Agua del Tiempo)
Switzerland - Rum, Rhum, Ron, Pascal Kahlin, Sina Buhler (Alambic Books)


UK- Louis XIII Cognac, The Thesaurus, Karen Howes, Remy Martin (ACC Art Books ) ISBN 9781788840767

W2-4 Whisky

Ireland - Irish Whiskey, Gary Quinn (Collins Little Books)
Japan - 50 Japanese Whiskies Marc Antomattei
Turkey - Angel’s Share, Whisky, Dr.Burkay Adalig (Epsilon)
UK (Scotland ) - Campbelltown Whisky Encyclopedia, Angus Martin (Grimsay Press)
USA - American Whiskey, Richard Thomas (Cider Mill Press)


Australia - Viking Feasts by Mjolner, Sven Almenning, Alissa Gabriel, Alex Boon (Speakeasy Group)
China - Cocktails (Beijing Publishing) ISBN 9787511714357
Mexico - Quarantine Cocktails, Jane Dill (Jane Dill Design)
Spain - Pikes Hotel Cocktail Book, Ibiza, Dawn Hindle (Ryland Peters Small)
UK - Home Comforts, 50 Best Restaurants, cocktail pairings (WG)
USA - Spirits of Latin America, Ivy Mix (Ten Speed)

W2-6 Food & Wine

France - Vin & Gastronomy, Jocelyne Perard, Olivier Jacquet, Jea-Robert Pitte (PU Dijon)
Italy - Birra & Barbecue, Daniele Merli (Edizioni LSWR)
Spain - Juan Mari Humeda, Chef del vino (Al Gusto Ediciones)
USA - Fire & Wine, Mary Cressler, Sean Martin (Sasquatch)


Belgium English - Brussels Beer City, Eoghan Walsh (Bussels Beer City)
Belgium French - Bieres d’ Abbayes Belges, Jef van der Ster (Lannoo)
Canada English - Tapping the West, Alberta, Scott Messenger (Touchwood)
Canada - French - Recettes de biere et industrie brasicole 2019, (Barom mag)
Italy - Birra & Barbecue, Daniele Merli (Edizioni LSWR)
Malawi - Thobwa, Norait Lungu
UK - Craft, Pete Brown (Scorn Lantern)



Australia - Intoxicating, Max Allen (Thames & Hudson)
Brazil - Historias, lendas e curiosidades das bebidas,Roberta Malta Saldanha (Senac Rio)
Canada - Valleys of Wine,Taste of BC Wine History, Luke Whiall (Whitecap)
China - Well known Old Chinese Wines (Zhejiang Fine Arts) 9787534079054
France - L’ Ivresse du Soldat, Charles Ridel (Vendemiaire)
Sweden - 101 Snapsvisor, Dan Glimne (Grenadine/ Stevali)
USA - Women Winemakers, Lucia Albino Gilbert, John Gilbert (Luminare Press)


China . Looking behind the label (WSET) 9781905819937
France - Les grands cours des accords mets-vins, Universite de Suze La Rousse, (Hachette Pratique)
Italy - Slow Wine 2020
Scotland (UK) - The language of Whisky, David McNicol (Wheatfield Press)
Spain - Con Vino Con Todo, Meritxell Falgueras (Oberon)
Sweden - Winesplaining, Anders Meldon (Roos & Tegner)
USA - Beyond Flavor, Blind Tasting, Nick Jackson


Argentina - Gold in the Vineyards, Laura Catena, Illustrations Fernando Adorneti Caveman (Catapulta)
Australia - Australia’s beer posters, volume1, Michael Bannenberg (Wilkinson)
China - Beauty of Tipsiness, Denis Lim (CITIC) 9787521712773
France - En pleine forme, Francois Mansotte, Bernard Jegou, Jean Jouzet (Hygee)


China - Rose Wine, Ms. Li Jing Rong (Beijing Publishing) ISBN 9787521415599
France - Le monde du vin d’ aujourd’hui, Jacky Rigaux (Terre en vue)
Italy - Come il vino ti cambia la vita, Laura Donadini (RCS)
USA - Drinking French, David Lebovitz (Ten Speed)


Armenia - Waking Noah’s Vines, Vahan Zanoyan (Gampr books)
Canada - Les fruits de l’ exil, Jacques Orhon (Editions de l’ Homme)
France - Les vignes du pendu, Nicole Provence (City)

W3-6 Alcohol, DRINKS & Health

China - How to use wine to get better (Beijing Publishing) 9787521415599
France - En pleine forme, Francois Mansotte, Bernard Jegou, Jean Ouzet (Hygee)
Spain - Beber sin sed, Carlos Casabona, Julio Basulto (Paidos)
UK - Review of evidence and policy about low alcohol and alccohol free drinks (Alcohol Change)
Uruguay - Consumo de alcohol y salud, Dr. Mario Zelarayan, Dra. Laura Garre (Salud Cardiovascular)
USA - Wine Unfiltered, Katherine Clary (Running Press)

W3-7 Sustainability

New Zealand - Social Sustainability in the global Wine Industry, Sharon Forbes, Tracey-Anne de Silva, Armand Gilinsky (Pan Macmillan)



France - Pierre Overnoy, Harriet and Marcus Devere (Tonnerre de l’ Est)