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Print/Paid Finalists by categories
for Best in the World

List of Finalists with Paid content for Food Culture

The objectives of the Gourmand Awards

  • Honor those who cook with words
  • Give an overview of World Food and Drink Culture in all its rich diversity and trends
  • Find reliable quality sources for the public, professionals and the media
  • Help promote the best authors and publishers
  • Help authors and publishers in the copyright foreign rights trade

The Gourmand awards are free and open to all content about Food and Drink Culture, big or small, public or private, trade publisher or self published, free or paid, print or digital, with or without ISBN, in all languages.

The quality of our best finalists for both paid and free content is rapidly improving, thanks to the digital revolution. In fact there is more and more investment in quality worldwide.

Food and Drink are now global

    - The trends become very fast very similar worldwide- The serious issues are being addressed, everywhere- There is reasonable ground for becoming more optimistic.

For the first time, we are separating the lists of finalists for Print/Paid and Digital/Free content. This is the list of finalists with Print/Paid content.


Total 2 lists of Finalists for Best in the World 
2011 = 1396 Print/Paid + 615 Digital/Free
83% Food 1668 = 1180 Print/Paid + 488 Digital/Free   
17% Drink 343 = 216 Print/Paid + 127 Digital/Free
216 countries and regions
+ 601 finalists more than last year

Last Year

Total 1 list of Finalists for Best in the World
1410 = 1239 Print/Paid + 171 Digital/Free 
83% Food 1168 = 1024 Print/Pais + 144 Digital/Free
17% Drink  242 =  215 Print/Paid +  27 Digital/Free
215 countries and regions





A01 Food person of the year

Japan - Harumi, Harumi Kurihara (NHK) 9784140332993



A02 Hall of Fame

UK: Encyclopedia of Food Security & Sustainability, Pasquale Ferranti, Elliott Berry, Anderson Jock (Elsevier)



A03 Chef / Restaurant

Argentina: Mirazur, Mauro Colagreco (Catapulta)
Belgium: Gert De Mangeleer Unplugged (Luster)
France: La Cuisine de Guy Legay, Henri Bouniol (De Boree)
Hong Kong: Chicken and Charcoal, Matt Abergel, Lindsay Jang (Phaidon)
Ireland: Brian McDermott´s Donegal Table (O´Brien)
Singapore: A Dash of Szechwan, Chen Kentaro (Marshall Cavendish)
South Africa: Mile 8, A book about cooking, David Higgs (Marble Group)
Spain Castellano: Unánime, Bernd Knöller, Xavier Mollà (Deia Books)
Uruguay: Hugo Soca Cocina (Aguaclara)



A04 Woman Chef

Austria: Meine österreichische Küche,Lisl Wagner-Bacher (Brandstatter)
Brazil: Na mesa da baiana, Tereza Paim, Sonia Robatto (Senac)
France: Mangées, Catherine Simon (Sabine Wespieser)
Germany: Frauen an der Herd!, Stefanie Bräuer, Annette Sandner (Christian)
Hong Kong: Grace’s 60 recipes, Grace Choy (Grace Choy Kitchen)
India: The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook, Deepa Sohas Awchat (Popular Prakashan)



A05 Professionals

Argentina: Carniceros de Oficio, Eduardo y Pablo Torres (Catapulta)
France: La Confrérie du Pâté-Croûte (Hachette: Pratique)
Hong Kong: Cafe du Coral, Angela Chan Hoi Tung, Tanzy Tang Tung (Scholar’s Press)
Mexico: Sirviendo a México, Guillermo Chao (Ambar Diseño - Asociacion Mexicana de Restaurantes)
Peru: Innovación tecnológica y nuevas oportunidades de negocios,en la gastronomía (APEGA)
Singapore: Restaurant Chains in China, Guojun Zeng, Henk de Vries, Frank M Go (Springer Singapore)



A06 Special Awards

The awards in this category are very prestigious and final. They do not compete with each other. If present, they are called to the stage at the awards event.
Armenia: Recipe book for School Meals, Russia Food Service Institute (WFP- Sustainable School Feeding)
Australia: A Charcuterie Diary, Peter John Booth
China: Guía de Pekín para Viajeros Hispanohablantes, Inma González, Andrés Melia (Instituto Cervantes)
Colombia: Pastelería Volumen 2, Hobany Velasco (23 Ink)
European Union: Great Food from Green Cities (European Green Leaf)
France English: Gastronomy & Local Development, Bellini, Clergeau, Etcheverria (Routledge)
France: Le Pont de l’Ouysse, JP Alaux, Marinette, Daniel, Stéphane, Mathieu Chambon
Germany: Zu Gast bei Freunden, Ospiti degli Amici (Freundeskreis Italien)
Iran: A Persian Cookbook, Bavarchi Baqdadi, Saman Hassibi, Amir Sayadabdi (Prospect Boks- UK)
Italy: Gaggenau, Paths, the Cookbook (Vandenberg)
OPEC: The Energy Water Food Nexus (OFID)
Poland: Masterchef Junior, Trzecia Edycja (Burda)
Russia: Food as a Song, Aida Garifullina (Eksmo) 978-5-04-093581-9
Serbia: Serbian Pupils, Milica Andonovic (Story Jumper)
Spain: Los Horcher, Elisabeth Horcher, Mª Ángeles López de Celis (Esfera)
Sweden: Fool #7 Politics, Lotta & Per-Anders Jörgensen (Fool Agency)
Thailand: Forty Delicious Years 1974-2014, Murni’s Warung, Ubud, Bali, Jonathan Copeland, Rob Goodfellow, Peter O’Neil (Orchid Press)
USA: Menus of Change, 2018 Annual Report (Culinary Institute of America: Harvard School Public Health)
USA: Rising! The Book of Challah, Rochie Pinson (Feldheim)
USA: Waste Not, James Beard Foundation (Rizzoli)



A07 TV Celebrity Chef - In English

India: Diary of a Domestic Diva, Shilpa Shetty Kundra (PRH India)
Ireland: Brian McDermott´s Donegal Table (O´Brien)
New Zealand: Essential 2, Annabel Langbein (AL Media)
South Africa: Simply Zola, Zola Nene (Struik PRH)
Sweden: Happy Food 2, Niklas Ekstedt, Henrik Ennart (Bookmark)
UK: BOSH ! Henry Firth, Ian Theasby (HQ)



A08 TV Celebrity Chef - Continental Europe

Austria: Der Geschmack Europas, Weitere Stationen, Lojze Wieser (Wieser)
Germany: Sous Vide goes BBQ, Giuseppe Messina, (Heel)
Greece: La cuisine authentique, Dina Nikolaou (Hachette Pratique)
Poland: Bosacka Po Polsku, Katarzyna Bosacka (Publicat)
Spain Castellano: Torres en la Cocina 2, Sergio & Javier Torres (Plaza y Janes-RTVE)
Sweden: Vår tid är nu, Lotta Fritzdorf, Johan Rosenlind, Avehall, Alexén (Grenadine)



A09 TV Celebrity Chef - Rest of the World

Brazil: India, Zeca Camargo (Cia das Letras)
Canada: À la Soupe, Josée Di Stasio (Flammarion Quebec)
China: Hello Baking, Fan Fan (Qingdao) 9787555265344
Ethiopia: Ethiopia, Yohanis Gebreyesus (Kyle Books)
Malaysia: Best of Chef Wan 2 (Marshall Cavendish)
Timor Leste: Sabor de Timor, Luis Simões
Uruguay: ¿Qué hay de comer? (TV Ciudad)



A10 Innovative

Austria: JOW, The Joy of Waterboiling, Thomas Gotz, Soso Phist, Lisa Edi (Achse)
China: Creative Fusion Food, Qian Yibin (Jilin S&T) 9787557835057
France: Je cuisine un jour bleu, Josef Schovanek, Claude Carat (Terre Vivante)
Germany: Cyber Kitchen, Telekom Security, Stefan Wiertz (Südwest)
Sweden: Climate Change, Irene & Per Moneeo (Taste of Sound)
Uruguay: Saber Cocinar, 140 videos didácticos (Aguaclara)



A11 Entertaining

Brazil: Alegria na cozinha, Evelyne Ofugi (Senac)
Canada: Set for the Holidays, Anna Olson (Appetite- PRH)
China: Feasts in the Red Mansion (CITIC) 9787508685098
Italy: Cucina & Magia, Cristian Bertol, Antonio Casanova (Programma)
Singapore: Delicious Gems, Kelly Randall Sia (Marshall Cavendish)
Taiwan: Hang Bing, Hsu Chung Mao (Cite) 9789864775132



A12 First Book

Bangladesh: Alpana’s Cooking, Alpana Habib
Canada: Eating Local in Fraser Valley, Angie Quaale (Appetite PRH)
France: La Pire Espèce, Fabien Garnier (Nouriturfu)
India: From India with Love, Reishu Sharma (Notion Press)
Netherlands: Koken met Shane, Shane Kluivert (Kosmos)
Russia: Food as a Song, Aida Garifullina (Eksmo) 978-5-04-093581-9
Turkey: Chef Duygu Tugcu’yla Butik Pastacilik (Rumuz Yayınevi)



A13 Blogger / Social Media printed book

Brazil: Flor de Sal, Gabi Mahamud (Alaúde)
China: Juice Salad, Flora (CHLIP) 9787518419791
Portugal: A Cozinha Verde, Filipa Range (Nascente)
Singapore: The Domestic Goddess, Wannabe Bakes, Diana Gale (Epigram)
South Africa: Foodies of South Africa, Chantal Botha, Hayley Morison, Julie Brown (Jonathan Ball)
Sweden: Zeinas Kitchen, Zeina Mourtada (Bonnier Fakta)



A14 Self Published

Austria: JOW, The Joy of Waterboiling, Thomas Gotz, Soso Phist, Lisa Edi (Achse)
France: Recettes des Belles Perdrix, Nelly Sanchez
Hong Kong: Grace’s 60 Recipes, Grace Choy
Portugal: Porto Food Guide, Bruno Carvalho, Maria Sena
Sweden: Kokbok, Niklas & Kristoffer Lindblad
UK: Indian restaurant curry at home (Misty Ricardo’s Curry Kitchen)



A15 Cooking School / Education

Austria: Elderly Care Austria, Online Cooking School, Rudolf Lantschbauer, Annemarie Ploier (Vinothek)
China: Dessert Class, Wang Sen (Qingdao) 9787555269212
Japan: Okinawa Soup Recipe Book, Kae Izena (Studio Toyo Ran)
Peru: La Cocina del Peru, relatos tradicionales, Gloria Hinostroza Clausen (Planeta: Le Cordon Bleu)
South Korea: Wookwan’s Korean Temple Food (Mahayeon Temple Food Cultural Center)
USA: The Cook’s Atelier, Marjorie Taylor, Kendall Smith Franchini (Abrams)



A16 Hotels

Canada: Wickaninnish Cookbook (PRH)
France: Service Included, Amir Nahai (Accor Hotels)
Malaysia: Flavours of Berjaya (Berjaya Hotels)
UAE: Culinary Journey, Anantara (The Palm · Dubai Resort)
UK: Small Luxury Hotels Cookbook (Small Luxury Hotels)
UK: The Ritz London, The Cookbook (Mitchell Beazley)





B01 Food book publisher of the year

Cuba: Artechef
France: Nouriturfu: Spaghetti Wars
Germany: Haedecke 100 Years
India /Italy/Nordic/ UK /USA: Harper Collins
Italy: Giunti
Singapore: Marshall Cavendish
Sweden: Bonnier Fakta



B02 Best book of the year in all categories

Australia: Lobster for Josino, Palliative Care, Peter Morgan-Jones, Rod MacLeod, Prudence Ellis, Sean Connelly (Hammond Care)
China: Big Wok-Made Cuisine of China, Food Volume of Steam Oven, Chinese Wok Cooking Master Chefs League (China Railway) 9787113229986
France: Le Poulet Voyageur, Mireille Sanchez, Chicken around the World
India: Tiffin, Sonal Ved (Roli Books)
Italy: Pantone Foodmood (Guido Tommasi)
Malaysia: Tok Tok Mee, Gerald Tan (Trishaw Press)
Spain: Unánime, Bernd Knöller, Xavier Mollà (Deia Books)
Sweden: Blå Kokboken 2, Anna Benson (Benzer)
UK: Out of my Tree, Midsummer House, Daniel Clifford (Meze)
Venezuela: Super Simple Foods, Alessandra + Carolina Chumaceiro (Editorial Arte)



B03 Free cookbook reviews: newsletters

Canada: www.tastecanada.org/love-canadian-cookbooks
Canada: www.librairiegourmande.ca
France: www.librairiegourmande.fr
Japan: www.chefs-library.com
Spain: www.alianzagastronomica.com
USA: www.kitchenartsandletters.com
USA: www.stainedpagenews.com



B04 Magazine print

Australia: Donna Hay Magazine 100: Aug/Sep 2018
China: Global Gourmet, Serena Guo, Ricky Xu
Denmark: Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism, Anne-Mette Hjalager
Germany: Eaten Magazine 2, Roots
South Korea: Monthly Patissier 9791186519196
Sweden: Livsmedel i Fokus, Ingela Stenson, Agneta Renmark



B04 Magazine digital

China: Eurobiz 45 - Food & Beverages (European Chamber of Commerce in China)
France: Alim’Agri 1547, La Révolution Numérique
Thailand: The Olive Tree, Imtiaz Muqbil, Michael Lee (Travel Impact Newswire)



B05 Foreign rights: seller

China: PHEI- Publishing House Electronic Industry
France: Editions La Plage, 38 pages, Free Catalogue
Italy: Giunti Slow Food Editore, 24 pages, Free Catalogue
Japan: Sekaibunka-sha 9787508688466
Spain: Montagud Anarkia (Matthaes 9783875154238
USA: Wine Folly (Avery-PRH)



B06 Photography

Australia: Eat Well, Craig Kinder (The Mix)
Bulgaria: Magic of Chocolate, Ilian Iliev, Elitza Bojinova (Ilian Iliev)
China: European Breads, Xie Guang Hao, Li jie (CHLIP) 9787518419609
Germany: #46plus Kocht Voll Lecker, Conny Wenk, Petra Hauser (Neufeld)
Italy: Una fotografa a la ricerca dei pani d’Italia, Franca Lovino (Artestampa)
Japan: Seasonal Beauty of Japanese Cuisine, Yoshihiko Ueda (Kyuryudo) 9784763017093
Spain: Unánime, Cocina y Fotografía, Xavier Mollà (Deia Books)
USA: Plantlab, Adrian Mueller, Matthew Kenney (Regan Arts)



B07 Illustration

Argentina: Tangolosos, Carolina Graña (Indielibros)
Belgium: Comme un chef, Benoît Peeters (Casterman)
China: Taste of Europe, Cai Lan (Qingdao) 9787555267751
Japan: Japanese cookbook with manga, Alexis Aldeguer, Ilaria Mauro, Maiko-San (Tuttle)
Peru: Libro de recetas para colorear, Ximena Llosa, Silvia Sara Crispín (Faber Castell)
South Korea: Korean Food 102, Adrienne Maschio, Illustrations Borakong (Baramgil) 9781196078021



B08-1 Design Asia

China: Wenzhou Cuisine 2, Xiao Lin Pan (Winshape) 9787541077654 in English
India: Tiffin, 500 Authentic Recipes Celebrating India’s Regional Cuisine (Roli Books)
Japan: Beautiful Traditional Culinary Designs of Japan (Japan Table Artists: Shinkosha Seibundo)
South Korea: À La Table de l’ Histoire, Marion Godfroy, Hyun Jeong Kang (Citron Macaron)



B08-1 Design Europe

Finland: Kape 24h, Bond Agency, Kari Aihinen
Germany: Food and Drinks Infographics, Simon Klabin, Julius Wiedemann (Taschen)
Hungary: 12 Months, Eszter Laki, Éva Bezzegh, Renáta Török-Bognár (Artbeet)
Italy: L’Heptaméron des Gourmets (Nunchi 2018)
Portugal: Experiencing Food, Designing Dialogues EFood 2017 (CRC Press)
Spain: Picasso’s Kitchen, Emmanuel Guigon, Androula Michael (La Fábrica)
Sweden: Andra Långkok, Jens Linder, Design Nina Ulmaja (Bonnier Fakta)
Turkey: Gönül Paksoy Davetleri- Receptions



B09 Foreign rights buyer

China: Le Cordon Bleu (CHLIP) 9787518415243
Germany: Matthaes: Etxebarri
Netherlands: Karakter: Wine Folly
Poland: Przy Moim Stole, Nigella Lawson (Filo)
Spain: Planeta Gastro: La Cocina Aromática, François Chartier
UK: Grub Street: Etxebarri



B10 Series

Brazil: O Caderno de Receitas do Jacquin para Crianças, Erick Jacquin (Melhoramentos)
China: James’ Kitchen 1, 2 (Jilin S&T) 978557809492
Germany: Schwarzwald Tapas, Schuberbox, Verena Scheidel, Manuel Wassmer (Cook & Shoot)
Hong Kong: WOM Guide, Angie Kwon, Johna Baylon, George Major (Time Out HK)
Mexico: El Cacao, alimento Divino (Fundación Herdez)
Portugal: À Mesa com Ramalho Ortigão, Maria Antónia Goes (Colares)
Sweden: Köpenhamn för foodisar Foodie Guide, Christoffer Friman (NOK)
Thailand: Travel Guides for Food Lovers, Mark Wiens (Migrationology) Hong Kong



B11 Corporate brands

China: DenLim Oven (CHLIP) 9787518419057
Colombia: De mar y campo, Zandra Quintero, Jorge Gonzalez (Estrategias Editoriales: Banco Popular)
Germany: Cyber Kitchen, Telekom Security, Stefan Wiertz (Südwest)
Malaysia: The Malay Kitchen, Suriya Abdullah (Truemix)
Portugal: As Presidentes com Chakall (Président)
Thailand: Lamai Aromatic Coconut Water (Karb Studio)



B12 Translation

China: Ferrandi, Grand Cours de Cuisine (CHLIP) 9787518416967
France: Weber, Le Best of, Jamie Purviance (Larousse)
Italy: In Cucina, Grande Libro, Alba Pezone (Giunti)
South Korea: Secrets de Cuisine, Lim Suk (BNC Worlds: Ducasse)
Spain: Those curious and delicious seaweeds, Alicia de Benito Harland, José Lucas Pérez Lloréns, Ignacio Hernández Carrero, Juan José Vergara Oñate, Fernando G. Brun Murillo, Ángel León (Editorial UCA)
USA: Recipes from the Garden of Contentment, Yuan Mei, Sean J.S. Chen (Berkshire)



B13 Cookbook printers

China: Artron
Hong Kong: C & C Printing
Italy: Graphicom
Slovenia: DZS-Grafik
Spain: Gráficas Castuera
USA: Morris Press Cookbooks



B14 Digital book for sale

Canada: Forest City Cookbook, Alieska Robles
Fiji: Annapurna, Nalini Naidu (Zeus)
India: Spices & Rhapsodies & Foot Tapping Chefs, Viji Varadarajan (Orient Enterprises)
Portugal: Porto Food Guide, Bruno Carvalho, Maria Sena
Romania: The secrets of the dough, Stela + Catalin Gabriel Stratulat
USA: Noodle Soup, Ken Albala (University Illinois)



B16 Best sellers

Argentina: El libro de Doña Petrona (Planeta), Ed. 103, No.5 World Cookbook Sales of all times
Australia: Donna Hay Magazine 100: Over 6.000.000 cookbooks sold
China: Additional food for babies (CIP) 9787122279040
France: 365 Nouvelles Recettes des Terroirs de France, Paul Bocuse (Glénat) 1.200.000 Bocuse Glénat books sold
Sweden: Rutiga Kokboken (Norstedts) 1.400.000 sold
UK: A Taste of Naples, Marlena Spieler (Rowman Littefield) Author of 70 cookbooks



B18 App

Australia: Recipeezi Gluten Free app, Jodie Blight
Hong Kong: HK Food Truck App (Google Play)
Italy: Le Ricette di Casa Mia (Galbani-Lactalis)
Japan: www.tabizuru.jp/umami-app
UK: Kenwood Recipes app
USA: Diners Club Travel Tools, app (Diners Club)



B22 University and Academic Press

Australia: The Secret Ingredient, Chloe Shorten (Melbourne University Press)
France: Atlas de l´Alimentation. Gilles Fumey. Pierre Raffard (CNRS)
Norway: Arctic Indigenous Peoples Food Systems, Mathiesen, Gashilova, Chernyshova, Gerasimova (UIT- Arctic University)
Peru: Cacao, Tesoro de la Amazonía (USIL)
Saudi Arabia: Gum Arabic, Abdalbasit Adam Mariod (Academic Press Elsevier)
Switzerland: Manger Suisse, Rémi Schweizer, Stéphane Boisseaux, Sophie Reviron, Jean-Philippe Leresche (Presses Polytechniques & Universitaires Romandes)
Turkey: Aydin Gastronomy, Kamil Bostan, Zeynep Akyar (Istanbul Aydin University) 9781642261592
UK: Food, Wine and China, a Tourism Perspective, Christof Pforr, Ian Phau (Routledge)



B22 Unesco reviewing reports

China: Chengdu UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy Report 2010- 2017
Lebanon: Zahle UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy Report 2012- 2017
South Korea Jeongju UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy Report 2012- 2017



B25 Cities of gastronomy websites

Brazil: www.creativecity.belem.pa.gov.br
Italy: www.creative.gastronomy.com/shunde
Italy: www.albacityofgastronomy.it
Japan: www.english.creative.tsurruoka.jp
Macau: www.gastronomy.gov.mo
Thailand: www.phuketgastronomy.com



B26 Unesco gastronomy books

France: Inscription UNESCO du Repas Gastronomique des Français, Romain Guyonnet (EUE)
Italy: Parma Capitale della Gastronomia, Giovanni Ballarini (Diabasis)
Turkey: Gaziantep Cuisine in Four Seasons, Özden Mermer Özsabuncuoğlu (Gazikültür)





C01 Local - Asia

China: Wenzhou Cuisine 2, Xiao Lin Pan 9787541077654, in English
Hong Kong: 100 top tables 2018, Tracey Furniss (South China Morning Post)
India: Recipes on Ripples, Soju Philip (White Falcon)
Malaysia: Tok Tok Mee, Gerald Tan (Trishaw Press)
Thailand: Local Table, Taste of Buriram, Suthipong Suriya (Karb Studio)



C01 Local - Others

Austria: Lebensmittelpunkt Weissensee, Hannes Müller, Martin Nuart (Krenn)
Colombia: Atlántico Sabe Rico (Gobierno - Acción por el Atlántico - Editora Maremagnum)
France: Carnets de Cuisine du Comté de Nice, Alex Benvenuto (Serre Editeur)
Mexico: Seven Days in the Valle: Baja California, W. Scott Koenig (Koenig Creative)
Portugal: Carta Gastronómica Lezíria do Tejo (Turismo do Alentejo)
South Africa: Tastes of Durban, David Bird, Deshnie Govender (Struik-PRH)
Spain: La Cocina Popular de Malaga, 3a, Fernando Rueda (Turismo Costa del Sol)



C02 International

Australia: Fun & Fabulous Scratch & Smell Cookbook (Scratch & Smell)
Austria: Die Weltköche zu Gast im Ikarus, Martin Klein (Benevento Books)
China: Seasonal Western Cuisine, Angel’s Kitchen, Zhong Lele (Shanghai Pictorial) 9787547475904
Hungary: 12 Months, Éva Bezzegh, Renáta Török, Eszter Laki (Artbeef)
Qatar: Lunch in Translation, Rola Jordan, Pamela Hilliard Owens , Adrian Kizy, Najwa Maaroof, Sydnee Turner (Detroit Ink)
Taiwan: British Sweets (Rui Meng Culture) 9789864012596
UAE: Table Tales, Hanan Sayed Worrell (Rizzoli Italy)
UK: Den Haag Cookbook, Katie Fisher, Phil Turner (Meze)



C03 French

Brazil: Caderno de Receitas do Jacquin para Crianças, Erick Jacquin (Melhoramentos)
Canada: In the French Kitchen with kids, Mardi Michels (Appetite PRH)
China: Love Magic, Sissi Cake Design (CIP) 9787122316189
Denmark: Smagen af Frankrig, Ove Bjørn Petersen (Mellemgaard)
France: France Foie Gras, Michel Tanguy (Flammarion)
Germany: Bretagne, Murielle Rousseau (Christian)
South Africa: Le Braai, Kobus Botha (Struik PRH)
Sweden: Min franska matresa, Erik Hammar (Bonnier Fakta)
Switzerland: The Bordeaux Kitchen, Tania Teschke (Primal Blueprint)
UK: Just a French Guy Cooking, Alexis Gabriel Ainouz, Jamie Oliver foreword (Quadrille)
USA: Tasting Paris, Clotilde Dusoulier (Clarkson Potter)



C04 Italian

Australia: Cellar Bar, Guy Gross (PRH)
Austria: Kochen wie in Neapel, Dario & Manuela Santangelo (Facultas)
Belgium: Pasta, Giovanni D´Apice (Lannoo)
Brazil: Pizzarias que contam a história de São Paulo, Gabriela Erbetta (Panda Books)
Canada: A Table in Venice, Skye McAlpine (Appetite PRH)
France: Mon Italie, Simone Zanoni (La Martinière)
Germany: Alfa Romeo Kochbuch, Sabine Ruhland (Heel)
Italy: Pantone FoodMood, Francesca Moscheni (Guido Tommasi)
Sweden: Pasta på italienska, Sara Berg, Miriam Preis (NOK)
UK: The Long and the Short of Pasta, Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi (Hardie Grant)
USA: Risotto & Beyond, John Coletta (Rizzoli)
Venezuela: Italia y Venezuela: Inmigración y Gastronomía, Rafael Arráiz Lucca, Silvio Mignano, Filippo Vagnoni (Fundavag)



C05 Mediterranean - Dun Gifford Award

Australia: A Mediterranean Diet Model in Australia, Elena S. George, Mayr, Tierney, Moschonis, Itsiopoulos (MDPI)
Austria: La Cucina Veneziana, Gerd Wolfgang Sievers (Braumüller)
FAO: Development of voluntary guidelines for the sustainability of the Mediterranean diet (FAO)
Italy: La Cucina Creativa Mediterranea, Vincenzo Guarino (Alessandro Polidoro)
Lebanon: La Nuit de la Pistache, Noha Baz (Noir et Blanc)
Morocco: L’ Oriental Marocain, Maguy Kakon (La Croisée des Chemins)
Norway: Tapas på Norsk, San Sebastian, Helena Neraal (Vigmostad Bjørke)
Palestine: Bethlehem, Abdelfattah Abusrour (Gilgamesh)
Russia: Morocco, Stalic Khankishiev (AST)
Spain: Pintxos y Tapas, Koldo Royo (Oberon)
Turkey: Chef’in Saglikli Masasi, Rafet Ince (Alfa)
USA: The Bread and Salt Between Us, Mayada Et Al Anjari (lake Isle Press)



C06 Scandinavian

Canada: Bakeland, Marit Hovland (Greystone)
Denmark: 1900 til Bords, Hannah Lund, Mikkel Jønsson (Bloody Amateurs)
Finland: Kape 24H, Kari Aihinen
Iceland: Simbahollin Cookbook, Janne Kristensen, Isabel Ruth Grad (Litrof)
Norway: Nutritional and Health Aspects of Nordic Foods, Veslemoy Andersen, Eirin Marie Skjøndal, Gun Wirtanen (Academic Press: Elsevier)
Poland: Tradycje kulinarne Finlandii, Magdalena Tomaszewska-Bolałek (Hanami)
Sweden: Boken om Lagom, Göran Everdahl (Norstedts)
UK: Copenhagen Food, Trine Hahnemann (Quadrille)



C07 Eastern European

Azerbaijan: Flavours of Azerbaijan, Khabiba Kashkay (Unicorn)
Bulgaria: Happy Food for Happy People, Sophie Yatova (Ciela) 9789542825586
Croatia: Croatia, The Cookbook, Mate Jankovic (Skolska Knjiga) 9789530600997
Czech: Recyklovaná kuchařka, Jitka Rákosníková (Smart Press)
Hungary: 12 Honap Salata, Éva Bezzegh (Artbeet)
Lithuania: Gal Pavalgom?, Alfas Ivanauskas, Agnė Jagelavičiūtė (UAB Konesugebakiti)
Poland: Uczta Dla Maluszka, Monika Mrozowska, Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuh (Zwierciadło)
Slovenia: Slovenian Grandma’s  Kitchen, Anka Peljhan
Sweden: Balkan, Jovan Radomir (Votum)
UK: Black Sea, Caroline Eden (Quadrille)



C08 Asian

China: Decorate Pastry in South Korea Style, Myra (CHLIP) 9787518419609
Malaysia: Tasty Asia, Fifi Leong (Truemix)
Nepal: Globalizing Nepal Heritage Cuisine (Hotel Association Nepal)
South Korea: Food of Korea, 200 recipes, Korean Food Promotion Institute (Hollym)
Tajikistan: Taste of Sarband, Ellen A. Abdulmuminov
Timor Leste: Sabor de Timor, Luís Simões



C09 Chinese

Australia: Food, Wine and China, Christof Pforr, Ian Phau (Routledge)
Cuba: Cocina China en Cuba, Silvia Mayra Gómez, Jen Lin-Liu (Arte & Literatura)
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D01 Sustainable Food

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D05 Culinary History

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D06 Culinary travel / Food tourism

Australia: Hong Kong Food City, Tony Tan (Murdoch)
Brazil: Prato Firmeza 2, Guia gastronômico, Énois Escola do Jornalismo (Panda Books)
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D07 Food Inheritance

Australia: Tried, Tested & True, Liz Harfull (Allen & Unwin)
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WIPO: Intellectual property for Indigenous People, Begoña Venero, Hai-Yuean Tualima (WIPO)



D08 Food security & nutrition

Argentina: Holodomor y los alimentos como arma, Juan José Borrell (EAE)
Congo DRC: Analyse Contextuelle Facteurs insécurité Alimentaire, Valentin Aimé Jambere Bajoje (UE)
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USA: Mass Starvation, Alex de Waal (Polity)



D09 Health & nutrition Institutions / Doctors

Argentina: Cocina Biomédica, Autismo, Make Oyarzo Salazar (Planeta)
Australia: Lobster for Josino, Palliative Care, Peter Morgan-Jones, Rod MacLeod, Prudence Ellis, Sean Connelly (HammondCare)
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Taiwan: This food nourishes your liver, Hu Wei Qing (Warwick) 9789865611842
USA: Cooking with Eyefoods, Dr. Laurie Capogna (Macular Degeneration Eyefood)



D10 Diet

China: Daily Health of Salary Man (CIP) 9787122256386
Czech: Bez Lepku, Lucie Kazdová (Smart Press)
Denmark: Den anti-inflammatoriske Kogebog, Anne Larsen, Mette Friis Iversen (Muusman)
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UK: Lose Weight for Good, Tom Kerridge (Absolute)
Uruguay: ¡Cociná sin gluten!, Daniel Guasco, Álvaro Gargiulo (PRH)



D11 Family

Brazil: Comida de Bebê, Rita Lobo (Senac)
Canada: Seriously good freezer meals, Karrie Truman (Robert Rose)
China: Mom’s recipes, Ren Yunli (CITIC) 9787508689821
Czech: Kuchařka pro teenagery, Julie Kučerovská (Smart Press)
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Uruguay: ¿Qué hay de comer? (TV Ciudad)
Wales: The Velindre Cookbook, Ceri Harris (Velindre Cancer Center)



D12 Aging & Seniors

Australia: Lobster for Josino, Palliative Care, Peter Morgan-Jones, Rod MacLeod, Prudence Ellis, Sean Connelly (HammondCare)
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Taiwan/Japan: Soft mild cuisine for the silver haired, Temple Island Treatment, Hu Yan Yu (Rui Sheng Culture) 9789864012671
USA: Age gets better with wine, 3rd edition, Dr. Richard Baxter (Board & Bench)



D13 Sports and nutrition

Australia: Balance, The Australian Wholefood Cookbook. Guy Turland (Harper Collins)
Denmark: Eat, Race, Win, Hannah Grant, Dr Stacy Sims (Musette Publishing)
France: La Cuisine a Bloc, Judith Melka, Aurore Vial (Amphora)
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USA: Food for Life, Laila Ali (St Martin’s Press)



D14 Spices and herbs

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France: La Fabuleuse Odyssée des Épices, Birlouez, Fleurentin, Le Guérer, Herry (Ouest France)
India: The Flavour of Spice, Marryam Reshii (Hachette)
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Spain: Recetas para el recuerdo (Pote: Verdu Canto Saffron Spain)
Sweden: Chiligaraget, Mark Wilcox (NOK)
UK: An Anarchy of Chilies, Caz Hildebrand (Thames & Hudson)



D15 Traditional natural medicines & nutrition

Angola: Novos Métodos de Prevenção e Tratamento das Doenças, Dr. José Nguepe (Livit Luanda)
Austria: TCM: Bladder, Josef Miligui (Books on Demand)
Canada English: Edible & Medicinal Arctic Plants (Inhabit Media)
Canada French: Comment booster votre système immunitaire, Dr. Michel Jodoin (Editions Li Shi Zhen)
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French Polynesia: Rā’au Tahiti, Yvette Tapea-Temauri, Florienne Panai, Virginia Teriiama (Academie Tahitienne)
Germany: TCM Start Easy Frühling + Sommer, Anja Orywol (Books on Demand)
Italy: Alpen Medizin, Arnold Achmüller (Raetia)
Mayotte: Le Chemin des Plantes aux Comores, Jean-Marie Le Jeune (Harmattan)
Portugal: Comer sem Culpa, Dra. Tâmara Castelo (Zero a Oito)
Spain: Simplemente sano, Silvia Riolobos, Isolda Delgado (Lunwerg)
UK: The Herball’s Guide to Botanical Drinks, Michael Isted (Jacqui Small)





E01 Easy home recipes

Austria: JOW, The Joy of Waterboiling, Thomas Götz, Soso Phist, Lisa Edi (Achse)
Brazil: Manual Prático de Cozinha (Senac)
Canada: Fermentation Revolution, Sebastien Bureau (Robert Rose)
Chile: Cocina sana y feliz, Connie Achurra (Grijalbo: PRH)
China: Crazy for snacks (WithEating CITIC) 9787508689678
France: Vive les algues !, Hugo Morel (Trop Mad)
Germany: Dutch Oven, quick and easy, Marco Ringpfeil (Heel)
Poland: Ewa Cooks Easy, Ewa Gotuje Szybko, Ewa Wachowitz (Promisii)
Spain: 20 años saboreando juntos, Canal Cocina (Libros Cúpula: Planeta)
Sweden: Jessica Frej, Hur lätt som helst (Harper Collins)
UK: Sweet Chilli Friday (Meze)
USA: Chinese Soul Food, Hsiao Ching Chou (Sasquatch)



E02 Single subject

Brazil: Sous Vide, Bruno Rappel, Alexandre Vargas (Senac)
Canada: Des Fleurs dans votre assiette, Nathalie Beaudoin (Multimondes)
China: Simple Western Cuisine, Zhou Jing Yao (CHLIP) 9787518418404
Cuba: La Yuca, perla peregrina José Ignacio Fleites (Oriente)
France: Vive les algues !, Hugo Morel (Trop Mad)
India: Chutneys, Adding spice to your life! Aparna Mudiganti Parinam (Notion Books)
Indonesia: Rendang, Minang Legacy to the World, Reno Andam Suri (Afterhours books)
Italy: Profumo di Limone, Salvatore De Riso (Italian Gourmet)
Paraguay: Pechugon, Blanca Ceuppens, Lorena Benítez (Pechugon)
Sweden: Låt bönor förändra kokboken, Birgitta Höglunds, Patrik Olsson, Lars-Erik Litsfeldt (Bladh by Bladh)
UK: South-East Asia Curries, Mridula Baljekar (Lorenz)
USA: Whole Grains around the World (Oldways)



E03 Desserts - Pastry for public

Argentina: Tangolosos, Deb Stofenmacher (Indielibros)
Brazil: Manual prático de confeitaria (Senac)
China: Cake Easy, Huang Yu Sie (CHLIP) 9787518417346
France: Fraise, Christophe Adam (La Martinière)
Germany: Véroniques Kleine Klassiker, Véronique Witzigmann (Becker Joest)
Hungary: Kekszek, Márk Szonja (Boook)
Iceland: Simbahöllin Cookbook, Janne Kristensen, Isobel Ruth Grad (Lithof)
Ireland: The Celtic Cakers, Corinna Maguire (Lovin’ from the Oven)
Lithuania: Seasonal Treats Stories, Renata Ničajienė (Sezoninė virtuvė) 9786094752018
Peru: Dulces de convento, Sandra Plevisani, Teresina Muñoz-Nájar (USMP)
Sweden: Chokladmacarens Handbok, Gustaf Mabrouk (Arena)
Turkey: Cupcake Aşkına!, Duygu Tuğcu (Rumuz)



E04 Barbecue

Australia: Finding Fire, Lennox Hastie (Hardie Grant)
China: Yum-yum Grill, Sun Wei (CITIC)
France: Simplissime Barbecue, Jean-François Mallet (Hachette Pratique)
Germany: Draußen Backen das Petromax, Carsten Bothe (Heel)
Hong Kong: Chicken & Charcoal, Matt Abergel, Evan Hecox (Phaidon)
Italy: Männer im Glutrausch, Michele Capano, Haymo Gutweniger (Raetia)
South Africa: Le Braai, Kobus Botha (Struik PRH)
Spain: Etxebarri, Jon Sarabia, Juan Pablo Cardenal (Planeta Gastro)
UK: Berber & Q, Josh Katz (Ebury)
USA: Charred and Smoked, James O. Fraioli, Derek Bugge (Skyhorse)



E05 Fish and seafood

Canada: The Great Shellfish Cookbook, Matt Dean Pettit (Appetite PRH)
China: Seafood making illustrations, Pan Ying Jun (Lingnan Art) 9787536263413
Ecuador: Estudio Gastronómico del Paiche, Fabian Andres Negrete (EAE)
France: Cuisinier Pêcheur, Christopher Coutanceau (Glénat)
Germany: Fischbar, Daniel Gieseler (Wachholtz)
Ireland: Irish Seaweed Christmas Kitchen, Dr. Prannie Rhatigan, Jill Oestreich
Italy: Brodetto mon amour!, Laura Adani (Trenta)
Mexico: ¡Aguas con Aquiles!, Aquiles Chávez (Larousse)
Peru: Trucha: Ingenio, sabor y tradición (Producción Junín-Instituto Continental)
Seychelles: Fish & Seafood Recipes, Flavien Joubert (Rila)
Sweden: FISK, Nils Molinder (Arena)
UK: Prawn on the Lawn, Rick & Katie Toogood (Pavilion)



E06 Vegetarian

Canada: Vegetarian Viet Nam, Cameron Stauch (W. W. Norton)
China: Brown Rice, Men beyond meat Zhang Xiao Ma (PHEI) 9787121337635
Denmark: Plantebaseret Gourmet, Neel Engholm (Muusmann)
France: Fêtes végétales, Alain Ducasse, Angèle Ferreux-Maeght, Romain Meder (Alain Ducasse)
India: The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, Nandita Iyer (Hachette)
Japan: Vegefuru, Manami Iwata (Tatsumi) 9784528022102
Luxembourg: Végétal, René Mathieu (Editions Saint-Paul)
Morocco: Maroc Végétarien, Mohamed Houbaida (Croisee des Chemins)
Peru: Perú, La Despensa del Mundo, María Luisa del Río, Alex Bryce (AGAP)
Portugal: A Saúde nas Nossas Mãos, Plantas Medicinais, Fernanda Botelho Venha (Ariana)
South Korea: Wookwan Korean Temple Food (Mahayeon Temple Cultural Center)
Sweden: Vår gröna kokbok, Sara Begner (Coop: Norstedts)



E07 Chocolate

Austria: Kakao, Margot Fischer (Mandelbaum)
Belgium: Hidden Persuaders in Cocoa and Chocolate, Renata Januszewska, Barry Callebaut (Elsevier)
Bulgaria: The Magic of Chocolate, Ilian Iliev, Elitza Bojinova, in English (Ilian Iliev)
France: Il était une fois le Cacao, Pascal Martin (Lanore)
Germany: Die Schokoladen-Manufaktur, Annette Klingelhöfer (BLV)
Italy: Cioccolato Codex Nero Fondente, Giuseppe Vaccarini (Hoepli)
Mexico: El Cacao, Alimento Divino (Fundación Herdez)
Peru: Cacao, Chuncho del Cusco (Centro Inovación del Cacao)
Sweden: Kladdkakor Deluxe, Frida Skattberg (Bonnier Fakta)
UK: I love chocolate, I love Thermomix, Janie Turner (Cook with Janie)
USA: Obroni Chocolate Factory, Steven Wallace (Ten Speed)



E08 Bread

Brazil: Manual prático de panificação (Senac)
China: Hello Baking, Fan Fan, Christian Vabret (Qingdao) 9787555265344
France: Une autre idée du pain, Nathaniel Doboin, Thomas Teffri-Chambelland (La Martinière)
Italy: So kocht Südtirol - Brot, Gerhard Wieser, Helmut Bachmann (Athesia)
Mexico: Pan Artesanal en Casa, Irving Quiroz (Larousse)
Slovenia: Drožomanija, Sourdough, Anita Šumer (Ars Verbi)
South Korea: Frozen Bread Dough, Sangki Hong, Jaehee Lee (BNC World) 9791196519189
Spain: Pan de Pueblo, Ibán Yarza (PRH)
Sweden: Fikabröd du måste baka innan du dör, Marie & Leif Törnblom (Grenadine)



E09 Cheese and milk

Canada: For the love of cheese, Afrim Pristine (Appetite PRH)
France: Stratégies des filières fromagères sous AOP en Europe, Philippe Jeanneaux (Quae)
Germany: Vom Käsemachen, Ursula Heinzelmann (Insel)
Italy: The Cheeses of Italy, Marco Gobbetti, Erasmo Neviani, Patrick Fox (Springer)
Portugal: As Presidentes com Chakall (Président)
Sweden: Vegomejerier, Emelie Holm (Norstedts)
Switzerland English: Traceability in the Dairy Industry in Europe, Mania, Delgado, Barone, Parisi (Springer Nature)
Switzerland French: La Raclette, Eddy Baillifard (Palp)
Switzerland German: Käse & Wein, Andreas Knecht, Armando Pipitone (Fona)
Turkey: 50 Peynirli Şehir Balıkesir, City with 50 kinds of cheese, Neşe Biber & Berrin Bal Onur (Balikesir)
UK: Bread & Butter, Richard Snapes, Grant Harrington, Eve Hemingway (Quadrille)
USA: Melt, Stretch, & Sizzle: The Art of Cooking Cheese, Tia Keenan (Universe)



E10 Mushrooms and truffles

France: L’Explorateur des Morilles, Aventures de Robert Bibié, Alain Bernard (Pages d’Or)
Italy: La mia passione per il tartufo, Marco Latini (ArtEventBook)
Netherlands: Eetbare Paddenstoelen, Jonnie Boer, Edwin Florès (Komma)
Poland: Dzikie Smaki, Kaja Nowakowska (Pascal)
Spain: Setas del País Vasco, Guía y Recetas de Cocina (Susaeta)
USA: Untamed Mushrooms, Michael Karns, Lisa Golden Schroeder (Minnesota Historical Society)



E11 Fruits

Canada: Ah, Les fraises et les framboises!, Caroline Dostie (Parfum d’Encre)
France: C’est qui le meilleur ? Idir Bechar (Gautier Languereau)
Italy: L’arancia siciliana, Vinci Bellomo, Alessandro Saffo (Sime)
Peru: Perú, La Despensa del Mundo, María Luisa del Río, Alex Bryce (AGAP)
Spain: Frutas y Hortalizas, Nutrición y Salud (Federación Española de Nutrición)
USA: Simply Citrus, Marie Asselin (Gibbs Smth)
Wales: Welsh Heritage Apples, Carwyn Graves (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch)



E12 Meat

Argentina: Embutidos, Guido Tassi (Planeta)
Austria: Sautanz, Max Stiegl, Tobias Müller (Benevento Books)
Belgium: TH Book, Huggy’s Bar (Éditions de la Province de Liège)
Canada: Steak Revolution, Rob Firing (Harper Collins)
France: Le Blues du Carnivore, Pierre Silberzahn (Harmattan)
Germany: Just Steaks, Onkel Kethe (Heel)
Italy: I Tagli della Carne, Bortolotti (Hoepli)
Paraguay: Pechugon, Blanca Ceuppens, Lorena Benítez (Pechugon)
UK: Goat, James Whetlor (Quadrille)



E13 Vegan

Australia: Abstainers!, Edgar Crook
Brazil: 50 Petiscos Veganos, Katia Cardoso (Alaúde)
Czech: Moderní Veganské Dezerty, Petra Stahlová
Denmark: Vegansk Til Børn, Julie Gråbech (Muusmann)
France: Paris végétarien & vegan, Alcyone Wemaëre (Parigramme)
Germany: The Lotus & the Artichoke - Indien, Justin Moore (Ventil Verlag)
Portugal: A Cozinha Verde, Filipa Range (Nascente)
Singapore: Get Healthy and Save $$$ Thru’ Vegan Nutrimeal, Vinitha, Ang Siew Teen
Spain Aragones: A Escuchetes, Silvia Cebolla (Transiberiano)
Sweden: Det Veganska Köket, Mattias Kristiansson (Vegoriket)
UK: Aquafaba, Sébastien Kardinal, Laura Veganpower (Grub Street)
USA: Plantlab, Matthew Kenney, Adrian Mueller (Regan Arts)



E14 Pastry for professionals

Argentina: Cielo e infierno de la pastelería, Joaquin Grimaldi (Catapulta)
Belgium: 40 Amazing desserts, Bart Ardijns (Lannoo)
Canada: La Pâtisserie Du Xxie Siècle, Les Nouvelles Bases, Berry Farah
China: Love Magic, Sissi Cake Design (Jilin S&T) 9787122316189
France: Desseralité, Jessica Prealpato (Ducasse)
Germany: Törtchen, Bernd Siefert (Matthaes)
Italy: Profumo di Limone, Salvatore De Riso (Italian Gourmet)
Mexico: Larousse del Chocolate, Luis Robledo (Larousse)
South Korea: Honeybee Cake Cafe Dessert Masterclass, Eunjung Cho, Jaehee He 9791186519165
Switzerland: Sweet Life, Fabian Sanger (Chocolate-Culinary)
Sweden: ChokladMakarens Handbok, Gustaf Mabrouk (Arena)
Turkey: Chef Duygu Tugcu’yla Butik Pastacilik (Rumuz Yayınevi)



E15 Breakfast

Australia: Lantana Café Breakfast & Brunch, Shelagh Ryan (Ryland Peters Small)
Canada: Brunch Life, Matt Basile, Kyla Zanardi (Penguin)
France: Pimp my breakfast, Lili Barbery-Coulon (Marabout)
Germany: Porridge, Caroline Steingruber, Tim Nichols (Michael Fischer)
New Zealand: Breakfast around the world, Bridget Davis (New Holland)
Poland: Jajko, Eggs, Katja + Zofia Pilitowska (Buchmann Foksal)
Scotland: The Wee Guide to Porridge, Deedee Cuddihy (Funny Scotland Books)
Spain: Desayunos Saludables, Martina Ferrer (Integral)
Sweden: Frukost hela dagen, Anna & Rasmus Axelsson (NOK)
Thailand: Local Table, Taste of Buriram (Karb Studio)
UK: The Great British B&B Breakfasts (EVIIVO)
USA: Breakfast with Beatrice, Beatrice Ojakangas (University Minnesota)



E16 Sandwich

Australia: Chefs eat melts too, Darren Purchese (Hardie Grant)
Brazil: Sanduíches, J. A. Dias Lopes (Melhoramentos)
France: Ciné Club Sandwich (Marabout)
Sweden: MACKOR, Jonas Cramby (NOK)
UK: Max’s sandwich book, Max Halley, Ben Benton (Blink)
USA: The Hot Brown Louisville Sandwich, Albert W. A. Schmid (Red Lightning)



E17 Ice cream

Australia: Pidapipo, Lisa Valmorbida (Hardie Grant)
China: Ice Summer Desserts, Candy (Qingdao) 9787555271819
France: GlacierParis.com, Christophe Petrel
Italy: Gelato di Marca, Ugo Bellesi, Tommaso Lucchetti (Il Lavoro)
USA: Gelato Fiasco, Joshua Davis, Bruno Tropeano (Down East Books)



E18 Rice

Brazil: Arroz com o que?, Marina de Oliveira, Michela Chaves, Nóris Vieira, Lígia Cinalli (Embrapa)
France: Minimiser le coût du riz local en Afrique de l’Ouest, Ronize Ivan Ramos Pires (Les Impliques)
Hawaii: Hawaii’s rice cooker cookbook, Malia and Jade Ogoshi (Mutual)
Italy: Riso e Risotti (Demetra: Giunti)
South Korea: Rice from Heaven, Tina Cho, Keum Jin Song (Little Bee Books)
Spain: Paella Lovers, David Montero (Sargantana)
USA: Risotto & Beyond, John Coletta (Rizzoli)





F01 Africa

Nigeria: Vibrant West African Cuisine, Ebere Akadiri (Vibrant Media)
South Africa: Oranjezicht City Farm, Kurt Ackermann, Leonie Joubert (Jacana)



F02 Canada - USA

Canada: From our Kitchen to yours, Canuck Place Cookbook (Canuck Place)
USA: Why did the chicken cross the globe ? Edgemont Montessori PTA (Blurb)
USA: www.valrhona-chocolate.com/philanthropy/c-cap
USA: Cooking with Eyefoods, Dr. Capogna (Macular Degeneration Association)
USA: Bread & Salt between us, Mayada Anjari



F04 Latin America

Brazil: Gastronomia PanAmazônica, Belisário Arce, Rosalía Arteaga (Associação PanAmazônia)
Mexico: Este libro es una golosina, Claudia Espinoza, Lula Beltran, Ignacio Urquiza (Ambar Diseño: Asociación Gilberto)
Puerto Rico: We fed an island, José Andrés, Richard Wolffe (World Central Kitchen: Ecco)
Venezuela: Super Simple Foods, Alessandra and Carolina Chumaceiro



F05 Asia

Hong Kong: Your outsourced kitchen, Maayan Schwartz, Lakshmi Harilela
India: Masala Mamas, Elana Sztokman (Panoma Press)
Jordan: Empowering Women Through Cooking, Abdul Majeed Shoman, Dina Saoudi (Seven Circles)
Malaysia: A Guide to Cooking For Your Kidneys, Abang Brian (National Kidney Foundation)
Sri Lanka: Swiss Cuisine, Christa Stuber (Swiss Ladies Charity Group SL)
Tajikistan: Taste of Sarband, Ellen A. Abdulmuminov



F06 Pacific

Australia: Cooking for Charity, John Kumnick (Dementia Australia)
Australia: Of Sandstone and Pine, MKDS Cookbook (Mt Keira School)
New Zealand: Let’s Eat, Deep Kumar (Giovanni’s)



F07 Europe

Germany: #46pluskocht - voll lecker, Down Syndrom Stuttgart, Petra Hauser, Conny Wenk (Neufeld)
Northern Ireland: The Negotiators Cookbook, Gerry Adams (Sinn Féin)
Portugal: Territórios Vinhateiros de Portugal (AMP Vinho)
Slovenia: Drožomanija, Anita Šumer (Ars Verbi)
Spain: Lecker, lecker... kochen (Sociedad Hispano-Alemana del Norte de España)
Spain: Recetas para un mundo mejor (Fundación Repsol: Alianza por la Solidaridad)
Sweden: Habogänget (Lunds Kommun)
UK: Together, Hubb Community Kitchen, Foreword HRH Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle (Ebury-Royal Foundation)
Wales: The Velindre Cookbook, Ceri Harris (Velindre Cancer Centre)



F08 Embassies

Dominican Republic: Cocina de mi Terruño, Rosa Hernández de Grullón, Jeanne Marion-Landais (Embajada RD Paris)
Finland: Enjoying Korean Food in Finnish Ways, Hyvää ruokahalua!, Heeyoung Han (AÄÅ Design: Korea Embassy)
Peru: Peruvian Cuisine, 4 vol (Peruvian Embassy in India) 32 pages each, Free PDF
Poland: Culinary Traditions of Finland, Magdalena Tomaszewska-Bolałek (Embassy of Finland: Hanami)
Romania: Celebrating Food around the World, Spouses of Heads of Mission of Bucharest (SPOHOM)
Venezuela: Inmigración y Gastronomía, Italia y Venezuela, Rafael Arráiz Lucca, Silvio Mignano, Filippo Vagnoni (Fundavag)



F09 Cookbook for peace

Czech: Recipes for Peace, Vegan Cookbook, Kifah Dasuki (CreateSpace)
India: The Flavours of Nationalism, Recipes for Love, Hate and Friendship, Nandita Haksar (Speaking Tiger Books)
Israel: The Galilean Kitchen, Ruth Nieman (Flavoured Books)
Northern Ireland: The Negotiators Cookbook, Gerry Adams (Sinn Féin)
Russia/Poland: Culinary Book of Nature, Siergiej Gładkow (AST) 9788394705008
Slovenia: Slovenian Grandma’s Kitchen, Anka Peljhan, Elementary school pupils for Peace
South Korea: Rice from Heaven, Tina Cho, Keum Jin Song (Little Bee Books)
USA: Mass Starvation, Alex de Waal (Polity)



F10 Heads of state

Cape Verde: O Alberghe Espanhol, Presidente Jorge Carlos Fonseca (Rosa de Porcelana)
Germany: Mit Wein Staat Machen, Knut Bergmann (Insel)
South Africa: The Madiba Appreciation Club, Brett Ladds (Jonathan Ball)
South Korea: Jewels of the Palace, Royal Recipes from Old Korea, Korean Food Promotion Institute (Hollym)
Switzerland: Le Parlement se met à table, Beatriz de Candolle, Isabelle Brunier, Simone de Montmollin (Slatkine)
Timor Leste: Sabor de Timor, Luís Simões, Prefacio: Xanana Gusmão, First President & Past Prime Minister
Vatican: A tavola con Papa Francesco (Mondadori)




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