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The Best 25

The Best of The Best - 1995-2020

List of the Best for 25 years in each category for each country

It includes a selection of the Best from two previous anniversary events

  • 12 years at Frankfurt Old Opera House
  • 20 years at Frankfurt Book Fair Theater
  • 25 years will be celebrated in Paris June 3-7 and China November 1-4

ALL past Best in the World are welcome at our events.
The list below is a shortlist with a limited selection of excellent books mostly still available. Some have updated new editions.
There is only one book per country in each category

Countries Total = 106 Algeria to Zimbabwe 96
UN members, 6 Regions, 4 International organizations = Total 106


The Best in the World

By continents 1995-2019 1995-2009  
France 11% 13%. -2
Other Europe 38% 44% -6
China 8% 3% +5
Other Asia Pacific 20% 15% +5
Latin America 11% 5% +6
Anglo America 9% 18% -9
Africa 3% 2% +1
TOTAL 100% 100%  


The shift 2009-2019 in the Best in the World is clear, from the West to the East, from the North to the South. It reflects the investments in quality for the new middle class that buys cookbooks. The middle class is stagnating at best in the West and North, while rising fast in the East and South. Today 85% of the world middleclass is in Asia. Do read Factfulness by Hans Rosling, “a hopeful book about the potential for human progress” says President Barack Obama. It is vital today for authors and publishers in the West to try to reach the foreign markets in the East. There is now a market for excellent cookbooks in many more countries. Our 2009 list had Best in the World from 47 countries. In 2020 it has doubled to over 100.


{mooblock= A00 Presidents of honour }

France - Alain Dutournier, Ma Cuisine (Albin Michel, 2000)

China - Du Gong Bei, Special Private Dishes (China Light Industry Press 2005) ISBN 7501952019



France - Les Cuisiniers de la Republique Francaise, Guillaume Gomez, Philippe Faure, Roselyne Bachelot, Jean-Robert Pitte (Glenat, 2019)


{mooblock= A02 HALL OF FAME - COOKBOOKS }

1999 China - Menu Great Hall of People (Foreign Language Press)

2001 France - Le Grand Livre d’ Alain Ducasse (Alain Ducasse)

2002 Spain - El Bulli 1983-2002 Ferran Adria, Juli Soler (El Bulli)

2003 Switzerland - Opt Art, Bruno Hausch (Culinary Chronicle)

2004 USA - On Food and Cooking, Harold McGhee (Simon & Schuster)

2005 France - Ph10 Pierre Herme (Agnes Vienot)

2006 France - Larousse Gastronomique (Larousse)

2007 China - Healthy Dishes for the Imperial Court, Chef Jiao Min Yao (China Light Industry Press)

2008 Spain - Quique Dacosta 2000-2006 (Montagud)

2009 Japan - L’ Art de Guy Martin, Photos Yoshihiro Saito (Super Editions)

2010 USA - Modernist Cuisine, Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, Maxime Billet (The Cooking Lab)

2011 France - Toute la cuisibe de Bocuse, Eric Trochon, Jean-Charles Vaillant (Flammarion)

2012 USA - The Cookbook Library, Anne Willan (University of California Press)

2013 France - Ma Cuisine Francaise, Yannick Alleno (Laymon)

2014 Japan - Japanese Cuisine and the Emperor, Nihon Riyol, Sakafumi Matsumoto (Ei Shuppansha)

2015 Switzerland - Cuisine du gibier a plumes, Benoit Violier (Favre)

2016 Russia - Russia Cuisine, Tradition et Modernite (Chernov)

2017 France - E, Eric Frechon (Solar)

2018 USA - Modernist Bread, Nathan Myhrvold , Francisco Migoya (The Cooking Lab)

2019 UK - Encyclopedia of Food Security and Sustainability, Pasquale Ferranti, Elliott Berry, Lock Anderson (Elsevier)

2020 Japan - Japonisees, Kiyomi Mikuni, (House of Mikuni)


{mooblock= A06 SPECIAL AWARDS }

Special Awards are VERY important. After A02 and before A03 to coincide with the awards ceremony schedule

Brazil - Pratos da Boa Lembranca, Colecao Anesio Fassina (Editora Inova 2016)

France - Paul Bocuse, Le Feu Sacre, Eve-Marie Zizza-Lalu (Glenat 2005)

France - MOF, Recettes et Temoignages (Groupe Le Duff 2017)

France - Detournements de Saveurs, Denis Nidos, Suzanne Boireau-Tartarin (Copedit 2004)

France - Henri Pierre Millescamps, Gastronomy Books Expert

Germany - Du grillst es doch auch, Michael Quandt (Bild Magazin 2015)

India - Nimi Sunil Kumar Best show kitchen presentation (2019)

Indonesia -100 Makanan Tradisional Indonesia Bondan Winarno, (2013)

Ireland - Darina Allen, Grow, Cook, Eat (Kyle Books 2017)

Italy - Slow Food, The Case for Taste, Carlo Petrini (Columbia University Press 2003)

Netherlands - Fusina Verloop, Dutch Book of the Year,

Peru - El Mercado - Rafael Osterling (Planeta 2017)

Spain Catalan - Historia del Salvatge - Menja’m, Xavier Molla (Quaderns de Photography 2013)

Spain Castellano - La Cocina Masonica, Pepe Iglesias (masonica.es 2019)

Turkey - Dervis Sofralari, Sahrap Soysal (Dogan Egmont 2007)

UNWTO - Gastronomy Tourism Report (2017)


{mooblock= A03 CHEF BOOK }

China - Da Dong Artistic Conception of Chinese Cuisine (Guangxi National Normal University Press 2008-2013)

Cuba - La cocina de un cubano, Chef Veimar Nestor (2016)

Denmark - Kiin Kiin, Henrique Yde-Andersen (2016)

France - Bras - Laguiole - Aubrac - France, Michel Bras (Rouergue 2002)

Germany - Dieter Muller, Meine Drei Sterne Kuche (Dumont 2000)

Ireland - Donegal Table, Brian McDermott (Dufour Editions 2018)

Italy - Heinz Beck (Bibliotheca Culinaria 2001)

Japan - Kaiseki, Yoshihiro Murata, Kyoto Kikunoi Restaurant (Kodansha International) 9784770030221

Netherlands - Puurst, Jonnie Boer (Komma 2012)

Norway - Norsk Husmanskost, Tom Victor Gausdal (Forlaget 2005)

Poland - Suwala Baron, Pavel Suwala, Alexander Baron (2016)

Scotland (UK) - Perceptions Mark Greenaway (Relish Publications 2016)

Singapore - A Dash of Szechwan, Chen Kantaro (Marshall Cavendish 2018)

Spain - La Cocina de Santi Santamaria, La Etica del Gusto (Everest 1999)

Sweden - Bjorn Frantzen, lagar mat for sugna diabetiker och annat folk (Norstedts 2017)

UAE - Flavours of Dubai, Uwe Micheel (2016)

USA - The French Laundry, Thomas Keller, Susie Heller, Deborah Jones (Artisan 1999)


{mooblock= A04 WOMAN CHEF BOOK}

Brazil - As chefs (Boccato - Mehoramentos 2013)

France - Au nom du pere, Anne-Sophie Pic (Glenat 2004)

Luxembourg - Best of Lea Linster Cuisiniere (Lea Linster 2003)

Malaysia - Kristang Family Cookbook, Chef Melba Nunis,(Marshall Cavendish 2015)

Spain Catalan - Netejant Seitons, Petit Bistro Segur, Maria Herrera Hiruelo, (2017)

Spain Castellano - El Sabor de la Elegancia, Begoña Rodrigo (Montagud 2016)

UK - The British Larder, Madeline Bonvini Hamel (Absolute Press 2012)

Zimbabwe - Dusty Road, Sarah Lilford (Dusty Road Restaurant, Victoria Falls 2013)


{mooblock= A05 FOR PROFESSIONALS }

Austria - Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs, Roebuck with beet and chocolate, Christoph Schulze, Peter Feierabend (Pantauro - Benevento 2014)

Bulgaria - Bulgarian Chefs, Ilian Iliev (2017)

Denmark - Kokkeriet, The Danish Flavor in our Kitchen (2015)

France - Louchebem ( Confederation Francaise de la Boucherie - Sopeta 2011)

Italy - Pantone, Foodmood (Guido Tommasi 2018)

Monaco - Madame est servie, Caterina Reviglio Sonnino (Liberfaber 2012)

UK - The Art of the Restaurateur, Nicholas Lander (Phaidon 2012)

USA - The Recipes Writers Handbook, Barbara Gibbs Ostmann, Jane L Baker (John Wiley 2001)


{mooblock= A07 CELEBRITY Chef/Television - IN ENGLISH }

Australia - Lyndey Milan’s Taste of Australia (2014)

India - From my kitchen to yours, Maria Goretti (Om Books 2017)

New Zealand - For the Love of, Karena & Kasey Bird (2015)

South Africa - Simply Zola, Zola Nene (Struik PRH 2018)

UK - The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver (Michael Joseph 2000)

USA - Love, Loss and what we ate, Padma Lakshmi (Ecco 2016)


{mooblock= A08 CELEBRITY Chef/Television - EUROPE }

Austria - Das Geschmakt Europa Lotze Wieser (Wieser Verlag 2017)

Belgium - Puur Pascale, Pascale Naessens (2016)

Czech - Martin Skoda Nevarit 2 (2016)

Finland - Keittokirja, Kantelinen (2016)

France - A’gueter Andre Muller (La Nuit Bleue 2012)

Germany - Chakall Kocht (DK 2010)

Greece - Greece, Vefa Alexiadou (Phaidon 2009)

Italy - Five Seasons, Csaba dalla Zorza (2016)

Portugal - Cozinha Divina , Chakall (Oficina do Livro 2007)

Romania - Ramai la masa, Laura Cosoi (Curtea Vecche 2015)

Russia - Mangal, Stalic Khankishiev (AST 2013)

Sweden - Var Tid Ar Nu, Lotta Fritzdorf, Johan Rosenlind, Avehall, Alexen (Grenadine 2019)


{mooblock= A09 Celebrity Chef/Television World }

Argentina - Comer y Pasarla Bien, Narda Lepes (Planeta 2008)

China - A Bite of China (Guangming Daily 2012)

Cuba - En la cocina de Yeikel, Yeikel Santos (2017)

India - Highway on my plate, Rocky Singh, Mayur Sharma (Random House India 2011)

Malaysia - The Best of Chef Wan (Marshall Cavendish 2008)

Philippines - Philippines Cookery, Tatung Sarthou (ABS 2016)

Spain - Food on the Silk Road, Chakall, Yang Jimei, James McIntosh, Chef Wan, Wu Zhihong, Yvan Cadiou (Qingdao Press 2011) in English


{mooblock= A10 INNOVATIVE }

Austria - JOW - Joy of Waterboiling, Thomas Gotz von Aust (Achse Verlag 2018)

Canada - Papilles et Molecules, Francois Chartier (La Presse 2009)

France - La Cuisine Spatiale, Alain Bernard (PLB 2009)

Peru - Chia, Maria Luisa del Rio, Martina Stemann, Alvaro Lasso Rafael Osterling, Heinz Plenge Prado (Estruendomudo- Organic Selva & Sierra 2015)

Spain - Totalcooking, Chef Doctor Miguel Sanchez Romera (Akal 2006)

UK - Knit & Nibble, James McIntosh (McIntosh Publishing 2017)


{mooblock= A11 ENTERTAINING }

Canada - Margaret’s Table, Margaret & Larry Dickenson (2006)

France - Le pain fait son show, Nima Hemmat-Azad (Artemis 2016)

Ireland - Irish Seaweed Christmas Kitchen, Prannie Rhatigan (2018)

Japan - Festival Foods of Japan, Sawaka (2017)

Malta - Pippa’s Festa, Pippa Maffei (Miranda 2010)

Mexico - Mis menus favoritos, Susanna Palazuelos (Grijalbo 2014)

Norway - Stiansen inviterer til fest, Bent Stiansen (Font 2008)

Singapore - Delicious gems, Kelly Randall Sia (2018)

Sweden - Allting gott och alldeles for mycket, Edward Blom (Norstedts 2013)


{mooblock= A12 FIRST COOKBOOK }

Bangladesh - Alpana’s Kitchen, Alpana Habib (2018)

China - Angel’s Kitchen, Angel Zhong Lele ((Shandong Pictorial 2018)

El Salvador - Delicious El Salvador, Alicia Maher (Pacific Apicius 2013)

France - Trop Mad, Nathalie & Arnaud Beauvais (Jardin Gourmand Lorient 2006)

Gibraltar (UK)- The Rock Kitchen, Zoe Torres (2015)

Japan - Niseko Gourmet, Tess Stomski (2017)

Norway - Geir Skeie Verdensmester (2009)

South Africa - Through the eyes of an African chef, Nompumelelo Mqwenbu (2017)

Spain - La Cocina de Andres Madrigal (Aguilar 2000)

USA - The 4 Hour chef, Timothy Ferriss (Amazon 2013)


{mooblock= A13 BLOGGER}

Finland - Hellapoliisii, Kati Jaakonen (Read me 2010)

South Africa - Foodies of South Africa, Chantal Botha, Hayley Morison, Julie Brown (Jonathan Ball 2018)

Mexico - Otro stylo para cocinar, Geraldine Romero, (2017)

Turkey - Cafe Fernando, Cek Sonmersoy (Okuyanus 2014)

UK - Lemon grass and Ginger, Lemei Tan (Duncan Baird 2011)


{mooblock= A14 SELF PUBLISHED}

Australia - Garlic, Janice Sutton (2016)

Lebanon - Le Patrimoine Culinaire du Liban, Chef Ramzi Choueiri (2003)

Mauritius - Fadilah’s Kitchen, Fadilah Jhengoor-Mooraby (2017)



Austria - Online Cooking School.(Pedagogische Hochschule Steiermark 2018)

Colombia - Tecnicas Profesionales, Carlos Gaviria (Universidad La Sabana 2016)

France - Patisserie, Ecole Ferrandi Paris (Flammarion 2017)

Ireland - All in the Food, 75 Years of Cathal Brugha Street, Frank Cullen (O’Brien 2016)

Macao - The Art of Modern Portuguese Cuisine, David Wong (IFT- Institute for Tourism Studies 2012)

Peru - La Cocina del Peru, Gloria Hinostroza (Planeta - Le Cordon Bleu 2019)

Singapore - Hawkers classics unveiled, Temasek Polytechnic (Marshall Cavendish 2015)

UK - TUCO Guide to Authentic Chinese cuisine ( The Universities Catering Organization 2017)


{mooblock= A16 HOTELS }

France - Service Included, Amir Nahai (Accor 2018)

Indonesia - Wonderful Indonesia, Sumantri Endang (Turi Beach 2016)

Malaysia - Two friends, one cuisine, Johan Lafer, Chef Wai (YTL Hotels - Johan Lafer Strumburg 2013)

Mauritius - Aquacasia, W. Reinbacher (Shanti Hotel 2016)

Sweden - The magical cuisine of Drakamollan, Ingalill Thorsell (2015)

Switzerland - President Wilson, Michel Roth (Favre 2017)



{mooblock= B01 General Trade Publishers }

Austria - Krenn Verlag, Hubert Krenn

China - China Light Industry Press

France - Harmattan

Germany - Haedecke

Indonesia - Gramedia

Philippines - Anvil

Singapore - Marshall Cavendish

Spain - Planeta

Sweden - Norstedts

Switzerland - AT Verlag

UK - Phaidon

USA - Ten Speed


{mooblock= B01 Specialized Cookbook Publishers }

Belgium - Minestrone - Tony Le Duc

Canada - Robert Rose

Colombia - MNR, Maria Lia Neira Restrepo

Cuba - Artechef

France - Editions de l’ Epure, Sabine Bucquet

France - Nouriturfu

Germany - Matthaes

Greece - Vefa Alexiadou

Iran - Paniz , Samira Janatdoust

Israel - Lunch Box , Ofer Vardi

Italy - Bibliotheca Culinaria, Liz Marcucci

Mexico - Ambar Diseno, Adriana Sanchez Mejorada

Peru - Universidad San Martin de Porres, Decano Johan Leuridan Huys

Russia - Chernov

Spain - Montagud

Switzerland - Vorwerk

Thailand - Karb Studio, Suthipong Suriya

UK - Grub Street, Anne Dolamore



SEE B02 after F10, at the end of Food Culture, to coincide with the awards ceremony schedule


{mooblock= B03 Cookbook Bookstores Newsletters}

Canada - Librairie Gourmande, Montreal

France - Librairie Gourmande, Paris

France - Athenaeum du Livre et du Vin, Beaune

Spain - Libreria Aliana, Madrid

USA - Kitchen Arts & Letters, New York


{mooblock= B03 Book Trade Magazine}

Brazil - Publishnews

China - China Publishers

France - Livres Hebdo

Germany - Buchreport

Sweden - Boktugg

UK - The Bookseller

USA - Publishing Perspectives


{mooblock= B04 MAGAZINE-PAPER}

China - Global Gourmet, Ricky Xu (2019)

France - 180 C (Thermostat 6 - 2017)

Ireland - Go Wild (2018)

Italy - Cook Inc, Anna Morelli (2018)

Lithuania - VMG magazine (2014)

Taiwan (China) - Ounce Studio, Leslie Wang, (2016)

UK - Good Things (2015)

USA - Lucky Peach (2011)


{mooblock= B04 MAGAZINE-DIGITAL}

China - China Daily Food (2017)

France - AlimAgro (2019)

Ireland - The Taste (2015)

Spain - Apicius (2013)

USA - Gastronomica (2014)



China - China Light Industry Press

Russia - Chernov

Spain - Akal

USA - University of California Press


{mooblock= B06 PHOTOGRAPHY }

Argentina - Carniceros de oficio, Eduardo Torres (Catapulta 2018)

Belgium - Thailand, The Cookbook, Jean Pierre Gabriel (Phaidon 2014)

Brazil - Cocina brasileira de vanguardia, Sergio Coimbra (2014)

Bulgaria - Cooking with Yogurt, Ilian Iliev (2015)

Denmark - Food for Thought, Steven Achiam, Brendan Killen (Livret Litkig 2016)

France - Regarde comme c’est bon, Patrick Rougereau (Studio Rougereau 2015)

Italy - Dolce Sicilia, Marco Ghiotto, Gio Martonara (Mondadori 2012)

Japan - Miho Museum, Gozen Kochida (2006)

Mexico - Cocina Mexicana, Patrimonio de la Humanidad, Juan Ignacio Urquiza (Larousse 2012)

Netherlands - Oosterschelde, Remko Kreitjveld (Komma 2012)

New Zealand - Source, Gerhard Egger (2017)

Singapore - Naturally Peninsula, Chocolate, Edmond Ho (Peninsula 2012)

Spain - Mexillon de Galicia, Xurxo Lobato (2016)

Sweden - Smorstekt, Per Erik Berglund (Apelfeldt 2016)

UK - Cuisinier Gascon, Pascal Aussignac, Jean Cazals (Absolute Press 2010)


{mooblock= B07 ILLUSTRATIONS }

Argentina - La aventura de comer, Quino (Ediciones de La Flor 2008)

Belgium - Comme un chef, Benoit Peeters (Casterman 2018)

Canada - Kitchen scraps, Pierre Lamielle (Whitecap 2009)

China - Hangzhou Cuisine Comic Book, Tsai Chih Chung , Institute of Hangzhou Cuisine (Hangzhou Publishing 2019) ISBN 9787556510382

France - L’ Art et la Table, Patrick Rambourg (Citadelles & Mazenod 2016)

Germany - Festliche Menus fur eure Hochzeitstage, Evert Kornmayer, Michaela Maria Drux (Kornmayer 2013)

UK - Chop, sizzle, wow, Silver Spoon Comic Book, Adriano Rampazzo (Phaidon 2014)


{mooblock= B08 DESIGN }

Antigua - Tablemanners, Gulliver Johnson, Janie Conley (Food & Drink Caribbean 2011)

France - Laduree Sucre (Le Chene 2012)

Germany - Food & Wine Infographics (Taschen 2018)

Jamaica - Nyam Jamaica, Rosemary Parkinson, Peter Feierabend (2008)

Japan - Ikkoan, Ryusoke Nanki, Chikara Mizukami (2016)

Netherlands - Puurst, Ronald Timmersman (Komma 2012)

Spain - Sabors amb Memoria, Laura Gosalbo, Sofia Piqueras (Gastronomia Activa 2014)

Sweden - Azur, Lotta Kuhlhorn ( Natur Kultur 2017)

UK - Too many chefs, only one Indian, Sat Bains (Face 2013)



Australia - Murdoch Books

France - Alain Ducasse Editions

Sweden - Bonnier Fakta

UK - Quarto

USA - Weldon Owen


{mooblock= B10 SERIES }

Belgium - Puur Genieten, Pascale Naessens, 9 volumes (Lannoo 2013)

China - The 8 cuisines of China, 8 volumes (Qingdao 2014)

France - La saga Savoisy, Michele Barriere 10 volumes (Livre de Poche 2009-2018)

Germany - Schwarzerwalder Tapas, Manuel Wassmer, Verena Scheidel, 3 volumes (Cook & Shoot 2018)

India - Epicure Vegetarian Series, 12 volumes, Asha Khatau (2002-2019)

Japan - Le reve de Sabrina, Le Cordon Bleu, 5 vol. (Bunka 1999-2003)

Sweden - Var Kokbok, Sara Begner (Coop Norstedts 2016)

USA - Eat Smart Guides, Joan Peterson, Susan Chwae (Ginkgo Press 2017)


{mooblock= B11 CORPORATE }

France - Encyclopedie du Chocolat , Valrhona, Frederic Bau, Eve-Marie Zizza-Lalu (Flammarion 2010)

Germany - First Klass, Lufthansa (Heel 2000)

Japan - Toothpick to the World, Inaba Osamu (Koeisha 2015)

Malaysia - The Malay Kitchen, Suriya Abdullah (Thermomix 2018)

Singapore - Above & Beyond, Silvia Tan (Singapore Airline 2010£©

Spain - Neurogastronomia, Chef Dr Sanchez Romera (Lunbeck 2007)

Switzerland - Swiss Re (La Tavola 2006)

USA - Microsoft Cookbook, Colin & Erica McCaig (2011)


{mooblock= B12 TRANSLATION }

Cyprus - Culinary Journey, Marianne Traeger (2017)

Jordan - Good Green Fun (Majdalawi Masterpieces 2007)

Netherlands - With our own hands, in 3 scripts, Arabic, Cyrillic, Latin (LM Publishers 2016)

Poland - Polish Culinary Paths, Magdalena Tomaszewska Bolalek (2016)

South Korea - Grand Livre Ferrandi (Citron Macaron 2016)

Spain - These curious and delicious seaweeds, Jose Lucas Perez, Gernando B Murillo (Universidad de Cadiz 2018)

Taiwan (China) - Jerusalem, Ottolenghi, Tamimi (Emily Publishing 2017)

UK - The Complete Robuchon (Grub Street 2008)


{mooblock= B13 COOKBOOK PRINTERS }

China - Artron (2011-2014)

France - Magic Wine, May Eliane de Lencquesaing (Impression Fanlac - Dordogne 2002)

Italy - Graphicom ( 2008)


{mooblock= B15 WEBSITES - PRIVATE }

China - Ctrip Gourmet

France - www.rungismarket.com/gastronomic-heritage (2017)

Sweden - www.koket.se (2015)



{mooblock= B16 BEST SELLERS }

Note - Sales are for the brand, not one title

Australia - 4 Ingredients, Kim McCosker, over 9 million sold

China - 1288 Well Chosen Recipes, Li Rui Fang (China Light Industry Press 2006) 9787501956138

France - Le Cordon Bleu, over 14 million cookbooks sold

Greece - Greece, Vefa Alexiadou (Phaidon 2009)

India - 100 Chinese Recipes, Sanjeev Kapoor (Popular Prakashan 2017 ) over 10 million sold

Japan - Harumi Kurihara , (2004) over 20 million sold

Norway - Ingrid Espelid Hovig (Gyldendal 2009) over 3 million sold

Russia - Soviet Book of Tasty and Healthy Food (2016) over 8 million sold

UK - Jamie Oliver (1999) Over 35 million sold since The Naked Chef

USA - Joy of Cooking, over 20 million cookbooks sold


{mooblock= B18 APP }

Australia - Tasting Australia App (2014)

France - La Liste , Jorg Zipprick (2018)

Poland - Cooklet (2013)

USA - Cooking with Dorie, Dorie Greenspan (Culinapp 2011)


{mooblock= B22 UNIVERSITY PRESS }

Canada - The Smart Palate, Tina Landsman Abbey, Gail Goldfarb Karp, Dr. Joe Schwarcz (McGill University Press)

France - Le champagne, une histoire franco-allemande, Claire Desbois -Thibault, Werner Paravicini, Jean Pierre Pousson (Presses Universitaires Paris Sorbonne 2011)

Peru - Mujer, Poder y Alimentación en el antiguo Perú, Maritza Villavicencio (Universidad San Martín de Porres 2017)

Spain - Las algas se comen, Jose Lucas Perez, Fernando Brun Murillo (Universidad de Cádiz 2016)

Sweden - Making meals in restaurants, Lotte Wellton (Orebro University 2017)

UK - Oxford Companion to Beer (Oxford University Press 2012)

USA - Slow Food, the case for taste, Carlo Petrini (Columbia University Press 2003)


{mooblock= B24 UNESCO City of Gastronomy REVIEWING REPORTS }

China - Chengdu (2019)

Japan - Tsuruoka (2020)

South Korea - Jeonju (2019)


{mooblock= B25 UNESCO WEBSITES }

Australia - www.bendigogastronomy.com.au

Brazil - www.creativecity.belem.pa.gov.br

China - www.creativegastronomy.com Shunde, Cantonese cuisine

Italy - www.albacityofgastronomy.it

Macao (China) - www.gastronomy.gov.mo

Thailand - www.phuketgastronomy.com


{mooblock= B26 UNESCO BOOKS }

Azerbaijan - Dolmalar Tahir Amiraslanov (2018)

France - La Gastronomie au coeur de la Cite , Jean Jacques Boutaud (Presses Universitaires de Dijon 2016)

Italy - Parma Capitale della Gastronomia, Giovanni Ballerini (Diabasis 2019)

Mexico - Cocina Mexicana, Patrimonio de la Humanidad (Larousse 2012)

Turkey - Gaziantep in four seasons (Gazikultur 2019)



{mooblock= C01 Local - region}

China - Cantonese Cuisine (Vorwerk 2019)

Colombia - Atlantico sabe rico (2018)

France - La Nouvelle Gastronomie Bretonne, Gerard Boscher, Christian Berat ( Le Telegramme 2012)

Indonesia - Rendang, Minang, Legacy to the world, Reno Andam (2014)

Japan - La Brise souffle de Nagano, Hidetoshii Ohtomo (2018) 9784866230139

Malaysia - Kulit Manis, Terengganu, Puan Rosita bt Abdullah (My Viscom 2010)

Peru - Piura, Chef Adolfo Perret (2015)

Portugal - Algarve Mediterraneo, Maria Manuel Valagao (Tinta da China 2015)

Scotland (UK) - Shetland Food & Dining ,Marian Armitage (2015)

South Africa - Sandveldkos, Rina Theron (2017)

Spain - Eating with Hemingway, Basque, La Rioja, Aragon, Javier Munoz (2016)

Sweden - Smak pa Sapmi (Slow Food Sapmi 2014)


{mooblock= C01 Local - City}

China - Wenzhou Cuisine 2, Xiao Lin Pan (Winshape 2019) ISBN9787541077654 English

Germany - Darmstadter Kochbuch, Evert Kornmayer (Kornmayer 2018)

Sweden - Haboganget, Mat med flera mal (Lunds Kommun 2018)


{mooblock= C02 INTERNATIONAL }

China - The spiritual quest for fine dining (PHEI)

France - Mon Irlande, Trish Deseine (Hachette Pratique 2015)

Hungary - 12 months, Eva Bezzegh Renata Torok, Eszter Laki (Artbeet 2019)

India - Paramana Prepancha, Veena Bhat (2016)

Iran - Samira International Cookbook, Samira Janatdost (Paniz Best of the Best 2015)

Japan - British Country Pudding, Tamao Sako (Kodansha 2017)

USA - Three world cuisines, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Ken Albala (Altamira 2012)


{mooblock= C03 FRENCH }

Brazil - Paris Brest, Alexandre Staut (Cia Editora Nacional 2016)

China - Nulle part ailleurs, Terroirs, Lin Yu Sen (CITIC 2017)

Denmark - Smagen af Frankrig, Ove Bjorn Petersen (Mellemgard 2019)

France - Cuisine pas a pas, Guillaume Gomez (Le Chene 2017)

Germany - La Vie en Rose, Murielle Rousseau (Gerstenberg 2011)

Japan - Inspired Bistro Recipes, Ogawa (Seibundo Shinkosha 2016)

Switzerland - Bruno Kochbuch, Bruno Chef de Police, Dordogne, Martin Walker (Diogenes 2014)

USA- French Classics Made Easy, Richard Grausman (Workman 1988)


{mooblock= C04 ITALIAN }

France - In Cucina, Alba Pezone (Hachette Pratique 2017)

Italy - L’ Altro Vissani, Gianfranco Vissani (RAI 2011)

Japan - Ma Gohan, Chiaki Kataoka (2017)

Netherlands - Toscanini Venticinque (Toscanini 2010)

Russia - Italian Cuisine, Pietro Rongoni ( AST 2013)

Switzerland - Menu per Orchestra, Giacomo Newlin, Marta Lenzi Repetto, Ana Ciocca Rossi (Armando Dado 2015)

UK - Made in Italy, Giorgio Locatelli (Harper Collins 2006)

USA - Risotto and beyond, John Coletta (2018)



Cyprus - Cyprus Food Treasures, Marilena Johannides (Marilenio 2017)

Lebanon - La nuit de la pistache, Noha Baz (Noir et Blanc 2018)

Spain Castellano - Oleum, la cultura del aceite de oliva, Carlos Falco (Grijalbo 2013)

Spain Catalan - Corpus del patrimoni culinari catala , Institut Catala de la Cuina, Pepa Aymami (La Magrana 2016)

UK - Arabesque, Claudia Roden (Penguin 2005)

Tunisia - Cuisine de mes soeurs, Ahmed Ladarsi (2016)

Turkey - Mediterranean Gourmet cooking for children, Aslihan Sabanci (2017)


{mooblock= C06 SCANDINAVIAN }

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{mooblock= E10 TRUFFLES & MUSHROOMS }

Australia - The Truffles Book, Rodney Dunn (Agrarian Kitchen 2016)

France- Ode a la Truffe, Serge Desazars, Le Cordon Bleu (2017)

Germany - The Truffle Book, Patrik Jaros, Preface Paul Bocuse (Feierabend Verlag 2005)

New Zealand - The Truffles Book, Gareth Renowden (Limestone Hills Publishing 2007)

Spain - Trufas, Guías, Recetas, Jose de Una, Emilio Ubieto, Sergio Azagra (Everest 2010)

UK - Truffles, Elizabeth Luard (Frances Lincoln 2005)


{mooblock= E11 FRUIT }

Canada - Tomate, Anne Fortin (Modus Vivendi 2015)

France - Agrumes, Anne-Sophie Pic, INRA Corse (La Maison 2017)

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Spain - Bojos por la Cirera , Laura Gosalbo (Elemasce 2005)

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{mooblock= E12 MEAT }

China - The Yak, boat of the plateau, Chef Li Bin (China City Press 2013) 9787507428568

France - 1 Canard, 2 Daguin, Andre & Arnaud Daguin (Sud Ouest Editions 2010)

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{mooblock= E13 VEGAN }

Austria - Wir backen vegan, Melanie & Siegfried Kropfl (Krenn 2014)

Canada - The Complete Leafy Green Cookbook, Susan Sampson (Robert Rose 2011)

Singapore - At home from pot to pot, Pauline Menezes (Marshall Cavendish 2016)

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China - Western Desserts, Wang Sen (Qingdao Press 2016)

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Hong Kong (China) - Crafted Passion, Gerard Dubois (La Rose Noire 2011)

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{mooblock= E15 BREAKFAST }

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{mooblock= E16 SANDWICH }

China - Make Sandwich in 10 minutes (Textile 2017)

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{mooblock= E17 ICE CREAM }

China - Ice Summer Desserts (Qingdao Press 2018)

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{mooblock= E18 RICE }

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{mooblock= E19 FERMENTATION }

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Japan - Preserving the Japanese Way, Nancy Singleton Hachisu (2015)

Sweden - Fermentera, Jenny Neikell (Norstedts 2016)

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Botswana - My grandmother’s Cookbook, Mrs Roshan Ara Khan (Zahraa Children Fund 2007)

Germany - Wanderbild Spitzenkuche fur Afrika (Kornmayer 2010)

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{mooblock= F05 CHARITY COOKBOOK - ASIA }

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{mooblock= F08 Gastrodiplomacy - Embassies }

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Dominican Republic - Cocina de mi Terruno, Ambassador Rosa Hernandez en Paris (2018)

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South Africa - Gogo’s Kitchen, (Warsaw Consulate in Poland 2008)

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UK - 4 Grosvenor Square, Danilo Cortellini, (Meze - Italian Embassy 2017)


{mooblock= F09 PEACE COOKBOOK }

France - Germany - La Bonne Cuisine Rhenane, Hubert-Matt Willmatt (Ariovist 2016)

Israel - Arab -Israeli Cookbook, Robin Soans (Aurora Metro 2004)

Pakistan - India- Flavours of the Frontier, Ms Pushpa Kumari Bagai (Markings 2014)

UK - Galilean Kitchen, Ruth Nieman (2018)



France - Chef des Chefs, Gilles Bragard (Yvelines Editions 2013)

Malta - President’s cookbook 2014 ( Malta Community Chest 2014)

South Africa - The Madiba Appreciation Club, Brett Ladds (Jonathan Ball 2018)

UK - Royal Teas, Mark Flanagan (Royal Collection 2017)


{mooblock= B02 Best in all categories }

Arctic - Eallu, Anders Oskal (Reindeer Herders - Arctic Council 2017)

Canada - Cabane a Sucre au Pied de Cochon, Martin Picard (2012)

Chile - Gastronomia Patagonia Chilena, Rios, Lagos, Chiloe , Francisco Fantini, Gustavo Adolfo Mazuela (Gourmet Patagonia 2011)

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{mooblock=Presidents of Honor}

France - Jo Pithon, Ivan Massonat - Book Vignerons d’ Anjou, Jean Yves Bardin (2014)

China - Shaoxing Pan Yang Xiang - Book Jiu Xiang Reng (China Light Industry Press 2015) ISBN 9787501998326



{mooblock= W1-1 HALL OF FAME - Wine & Drinks}

2000- Les Vins du Siecle, Philippe Faure-Brac (EPA 2000)

2006 UK - The Wine Report, Tom Stevenson and 43 international wine experts (DK)

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{mooblock= W1-3 Magazine}

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{mooblock= W1-5 FRENCH WINE}

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France - De la vigne au vin, Pays de La Loire, Thierry Pelloquet (Revue 303 des Pays de La Loire 2015)

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{mooblock= W1-6 EUROPEAN WINE}

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{mooblock= W1-7 WORLD WINE}

Australia - Wine Globalisation, Kym Anderson (Cambridge University Press 2018)

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{mooblock= W1-8 WINE TOURISM}

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{mooblock= W1-11 TRANSLATION}

Australia/China- AustraliaTop100 Wineries, James Halliday, Kandy Xu (Nanjing University Press)

France - Magic Wine, May -Eliane ce Lencquesaing, Translation Sarah de Lencquesaing (2002)



{mooblock= W2-1 Drinks with no alcohol}

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China- Vegetables & Fruit Juice, Rui Ya (Qingdao Press 2016)

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{mooblock= W2-2 COFFEE}

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{mooblock= W2-4 COGNAC & BRANDY}

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{mooblock= W2-4 WHISKY AND RELATED}

Canada - Canadian Whiskey, David de Kergommeaux (PRH 2017)

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{mooblock= W2-5 COCKTAILS}

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Sweden - Salongs i Norrland, Emil Areng (North Chapter 2016)


{mooblock= W2-6 MATCHING FOOD & DRINK}

Japan - Hassun & Shizakua, made easy with sake, Ryoko Irie (Sekai Bunka 2018) ISBN 9784418183210

South Africa - Vin de Constance, Michel Roux Jr., Jos Baker (Lannice Snyman 2006)

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{mooblock= W2-7 Cooking with wine and spirits}

Ireland - Pure Indulgence, Creating with Bailey (A & A Farmar 2000)

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{mooblock= W2-8 BEER}

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{mooblock= W3-1 WINE HISTORY}

Chile - The Berlin Tasting, Chadwick Wines (2016)

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Spain - Historia del cava, Santi Borrell (2016)

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{mooblock= W3-1 DRINK HISTORY}

China - History of Wine Development, Guo Ming-hao (Hunan Art Culture 2017)

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Peru - Vino y pisco en la historia de Peru, Eduardo Dargent Chamot (USMP 2014)

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{mooblock= W3-2 DRINK EDUCATION}

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China - China Liquor Culture, Wang Xu (China Medical Science 2017)

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{mooblock= W3-3 PHOTO}

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{mooblock= W3-4 WINE & DRINK WRITING}

Canada - Le vin snob, Jacques Orhon (Editons de l’ Homme 2016)

China - Breathing between the vines, Lin Yu Sen (CITIC 2017)

France - ABCDaire,Christophe Beau (Tonnerre de l’ Est 2017)

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{mooblock= W3-6 DRINK & HEALTH BOOKS}

Brazil - Vinho e Saude, Dr. Jairo Monson de Souza (Vinho e Cia 2014)

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China - Moutai 1890-2018, Zhao Pu (2018) ISBN 9787520507684

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Georgia - Voyage en Amphore, Keiko Kato, Maika Masuko (Woino 2017))

Spain - Guia de Enoturisme de Catalunya, Lluis Tolosa (INCAVi- Agencia Turismo Catalunya-La Vanguardia 2018)



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- All books about food or/and drinks qualify with or without recipes.

Pueden presentarse todos los libros de cocina y bebidas.
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- All books about food or/and drinks qualify with or without recipes.

Pueden presentarse todos los libros de cocina y bebidas.
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Los libros tienen que estar publicados entre el 15 de Noviembre de 2017 y el 15 de Noviembre de 2018.
Les livres doivent être publiés entre le 15 Novembre 2017 et le 15 Novembre 2018.

- Deadline for receiving books is November 16, 2018.

La fecha límite para recibir libros es el 16 de Noviembre de 2018.
La date limite de reception des livres est le 16 Novembre 2018.

- We do not accept charges.

No se acceptarán recargos. 
Nous n' acceptons pas de payer des frais.

- Schedule in three steps: December 2018 - Winners by Country. January 2019 - Short List (Six books per Category). Spring 2019- Announcement of the “Best in the world” at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards Ceremony.

Concurso en tres etapas: Diciembre 2018 - Anuncio personal de los ganadores por país. Enero 2019 - Lista de los nominados. Primavera 2019 - Ceremonia de los Gourmand Cookbook Awards, anuncio de los galardonados “Best in the world”.

Les trois étapes: Décembre 2018 - Annonce personnel des gagnants par pays. Janvier 2019 - Liste des nominés. Printemps 2019 - Annonce du Meilleur du Monde par catégorie à la cérémonie de remise des prix Gourmand Cookbook Awards.

Send one book + Entry form to:

Enviar un libro + Boletín de inscripción a la dirección:
Envoyer un livre + Formulaire de participation à l’adresse :
Gourmand International - Edouard Cointreau
27 Rue d' Epinard 49460 Feneu - France

Contact: Tel +33 241320495 • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.