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In 2011 a total of 63 countries participated in the “Gourmand Awards” with wine books in 2011. The finalists are from 26 countries.


W-1.1. - Hall of Fame
Australia – Wine, Terroir and Climate Change, Dr. John Gladstones (Wakefield Press)
W-1-2. - Wine Book Publisher
Australia – Hardie Grant
W-1-3. - Wine Magazine
France – Terre de Vins
W-1-4. - Wine Book of the Year

China – Fine Drink (Hubei Science and Technology)
France – Les Ignorants, Étienne Davodeau, Richard Leroy (Futuropolis)
Hong-Kong – Mastering Wine for the Asian Palate, Jeannie Cho Lee, MW (Asset Publishing)
USA - Authentic Wine, toward natural and sustainable wine making, Jamie Goode, Sam Harrop MW (University of California Press)
W-1-5. - French Wine
Australia – Champagnes, Behind the Bubbles-Champagne Jayne, Great and Famous Champagnes (Arbon-Fritz Gubler)
China – Cahors, Les Grands Millésimes de Malbec, He Nong (Lijiang Publishing House)
France – Le Guide des Vins de Bordeaux, Jacques Dupont (Grasset)
USA – The Seasons of Veuve Clicquot, Stéphane Gerschel (Rizzoli)
W-1-6. - Europe except France
Austria – Weinbuch Osterreich, Klaus Peter (Krenn)
France – Vignobles et Vins de Rioja, Jöel Brémond (Presses Universitaires de Dijon)
Italy – Il Vino in Sardegna, Anna Saderi (Ilisso)
USA – Madeira, the Island Vineyard, Noël Cossart, Emanuel Berk (The Rare Wine Company)
W-1-7. - New World Wines
Australia – Heart and Soul-Australia’s First Families of Wine, Graeme Lofts (John Wiley Australia)
Austria – Chinese Art-Chinese Wine, Gernot Langes-Swarovski, Rudolf Lantschbauer, Cai Yu Lan (Bodega Langes)
Canada – Island Wineries of British Columbia, Gary Hynes (Touchwood)
Finland – Maistuu viinien kanssa Chilen viini Heikki Remes (Moreeni)
W-1-8. - Wine Tourism
France – Sur la Route des Vins du Rhône, Mauris, Bompas (Hachette Tourisme)
Japan – Drinking Japan – Chris Bunting (Tuttle)
Spain – Turismo del Vino, F. Xavier Medina (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
USA – Tasting the good Life-Wine Tourism in Napa Valley, George Gmelch, Sharon Bohn Gmelch (Indiana University Press)
W-1-9. - Guides - VACANT in 2011
W-1-10. - Professionals
Czech – Degustacni Prirucka, Jan Stávek (Radix)
France – Voyage au Coeur d‘une Bulle de Champagne,Gerard Liger-Belair (Odile Jacob)
Italy – Ampelografia Universale Storica Illustrata – Illustrated Historical Universal Ampelography (L’Artistica Editrice)
USA – How to Import Wine, Deborah Gray (Wine Appreciation Guild)
W-1-11. - Translation
Argentina – Wine is a Passion, Alfredo Terzano, Mariana Gil Juncal (Baco Club)
Belgium – 100 Vintages, Michel Chasseuil (Tectum)
Brazil – 210 Coqueteis Essenciais, Evelyn Kay Massaro (Melhoramentos)
France – Les Dernières Vendanges de Merle, William S. Merwin, Luc de Goustine (Fanlac)


W-2-1. - Non Alcoholic- VACANT 2011
W-2-2. - Coffee – VACANT in 2011
W-2-3. - Tea – VACANT in 2011
W-2-4. - Spirits
Brazil – A Verdadeira História da Cachaça - Messias S. Cavalcante (Sá Editora)
France – Cognac à la Conquête du Monde – Gilles Bernard (Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux)
Sweden – Grönstedt – Cognac – Mats Lindström (Lindström)
Turkey – Raki Encyclopedia (Overteam Yayirlari)
W-2-5. - Cocktails Belgium – The Art of Making Cocktails, Manuel Wouters (Njam Studio 100)
Germany – Mixed Emotions, Uwe Christiansen (Südwest)
Hong Kong – Multisensory Mixology, Antonio Lai, James Gannaban (Finds)
USA – See, Mix, Drink, Brian Murphy (Little Brown)
W-2-6. - Matching Food and Drink
Belgium – Vinken – van Tricht – 50 Bier – Kaas Combinaties (Lannoo)
France – Le Pacherenc du Vic –Bilh , Marie-Claire Fondanaux, Alain Dutournier (Les Quatre Chemins)
South Africa – Braai Masters of the Cape Wine Lands (Sunbird)
USA – The Food Lover’s Guide to Wine, Karen Page, Andrew Dornenburg (Little Brown)
W-2-7. - Cooking with Drink -VACANT in 2011
W-2-8. - Beer
Australia – Cooking with Beer (Murdoch)
Belgium – Luxembourg – Bières et Brasseries des 2 Luxembourg, Jean Luc Bodeux (Weyrich)
UK – Good Beer Guide – Roger Protz (Camra Books)
USA – The Oxford Companion to Beer (Oxford University Press)


W-3-1. - Wine History
France -Le Champagne. Une Histoire Franco - Allemande, Claire Desbois -Thibault, Werner Paravicini, Jean Pierre Poussou. (Presses Universitaires Paris Sorbonne – PUPS)
Hungary – Serenade in the Vineyard, Jasdi Itsvan (Jasdi Pince)
Spain – El Paisaje del Viñedo –Viña Tondonia, Luis Vicente Elías Pastor (Eumedia)
USA – Wine Wars, Mike Veseth (Rowman and Littlefield)
W-3-2. - Wine Education
Argentina – Sommelier Urbano, Martin Embon (Albatros)
Brazil – Conheça Vinhos, Jose Ivan Santos, Dirceu Vianna Junior (Senac)
China – Wine Experience, Wang Min, Qing Yun Li (China Financial and Economic)
USA – Naked Wine, Alice Feiring (Da Capo Press)
W-3-3. - Drinks/Wine - Photo/Illustrations
Ethiopia – Coffee Story Ethiopia (Shama Books)
France – Portugal- A Rota do Vinho do Porto , José Miguel Ferreira (Au Pont des Arts)
Malta – Cleanskin, George Meekers, Photos : Kevin Casha (Ike and I)
Sweden – Världens Basta Ostar och Vinerna Därtill. Ingvar Eriksson; Hakan Larsson, Vincent Lefevre (Bonnier)
W-3-4. - Drinks Writing
Germany – Das Demokratische Weinbuch, Rainer Balcerowiak (Mondo)
Greece – Dark Cellar, Maria Tziti (Tsoukatou)
Switzerland – Von Humagne Rouge, Madeleine Gay, Chandra Kurt (Orell Füssli Verlag)
USA – Seasons of a Finger Lake Winery, John C. Hartsock (Cornell University Press)
W-3-5. - Drinks Literature and Novels VACANT in 2011
W-3-6. - Health and Drinks
Austria – Die besten Drinks, Albert Trummer, Dr. Med. Markus Metka, Redaktion: Heidi Mayrhofer, Photo: Thomas Schauer (Christian Brandstätter)
Hungary – God Astride Panther, Wine and Intoxication, Zilai Janos (Mezogazda Kiado)
Spain – El Vino – María Victoria Moreno Arribas (CSIC)
UK – Guilt Free Drinking, Robert Beardsmore (Vinifera Limited)
Translation: Najim Chaaraoui (Editions Chaaraoui)
Panama – Ñukwa Ja Tare Tikwe – Fogon de mis Amores Translation: Patricia Miranda (Volcán Verde Integral)
UK – Testicles, Blandine Vié, Translation: Giles McDonogh (Prospect Books)

The Gourmand Awards in Macao - Registration & Facts


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The Gourmand Awards are the major Food Culture event in the world.

They started in 1995 for cookbooks and wine books, at Frankfurt Book Fair. They now include all Food Culture content. The Gourmand Awards are open to all, big or small, print or digital, for sale or for free, with or without ISBN, trade or self published, private or public, in any language. It is free to participate, anyone can send entries. There is no comparable international cultural event in the world, except the Olympics. We are inspired by the Olympic spirit.

1- The countries

This year we had entries from 215 countries and regions. There are 193 countries in the United Nations. For the Finalists, we have considerably reduced from the entries the number of countries, and entries. There are now Finalists for Food from a total of 134 countries (116 UN members) and regions. There are 40 countries and regions for Drinks.

2- Categories

There are 100 categories for Food, 30 for Drinks. This is necessary to reflect the wide diversity of world food culture. It gives a chance to many countries to win in a category. In the Olympic games, they have 303 competitions/categories for 202 countries. On our list our finalists, we have 130 categories for 134 countries and regions. In total, there are 1372 entries now finalist, 1144 for food, and 228 for drinks. This represents less than 3% of the total of similar books and other formats published and available every year. It is a major achievement to be on this list of Finalists. There are 67% of the categories with 12 or less finalists, 26% with 13 to 19 finalists, and 7% with 20 to 30 finalists.

3- Trends

Food Culture is now taken very seriously by most governments and individuals. Food is at the heart of the issues of our future, collectively and individually.Trends in Food and Drinks culture are now global, everywhere in the world, which this list of finalists makes very clear. We see six major trends, combining or competing at a different pace in different countries, with change accelerating:

  • Tourism is becoming the force driving food culture. Food is the first positive criteria and motivation generally, for 35%, up from 25% fifteen years ago. We have 160 entries for tourism (12%). See our categories B15, B17, B21, W1-8, W1-12.
  • Social media and television continue to expand the food culture market, helping print. See our categories A07, A08, A09, A13, B18, B19.
  • Health and Nutrition have joined with Ethics and Environmental concerns, spreading the same issues worldwide. For instance Vegan has become mainstream in very few years, everywhere. See our categories D01, D02, D08, D09, E06, E13.
  • Local has become the key word. There is a major effort everywhere to save local food culture, and transmit it. It is helped by tourism and the locavore trends. Slow Food has won. See our categories C01, D05, D07.
  • Quick and easy comfort food is still very important, especially in Asia. See our category E01. In 1995, when we started, this was the leading category.
  • Children and Family food books are rapidly expanding. See categories D03, D11.
  • There are minor new trends starting now Sports and Food, see D13.
  • Seniors and food, see D12 Breakfast, see E15.
  • Embassies and Gastro Diplomacy, see F08.

4- Digital

We have 19 categories (15%) exclusively for digital, with 195 digital entries now finalists (15%). You can find in the list of Finalists approximately 50 free Food and Wine PDF to download, selected for their quality, nearly all produced by public institutions. Unfortunately, they tend to disappear quickly, so do not be surprised if you cannot find them. We cannot help. See categories A06 for FAO, UN-IOM, UNDEP-Canada, UNESCO, UNWTO or B17, W1-12. For cookbook professional online newsletters, see B03.

5- The next step

The Best in the World will be announced in Yantai, China at the Gourmand Awards annual event May 25-28, 2018. The top 3 in each category will have the right to Best in the World. We do not announce results before the event. It is not necessary to attend to win. Apart from the honors at the event, the major opportunity is meeting the other participants, for business and pleasure. As previous participants have written, it may be the best four days of your life if you participate. Guests from over 60 countries had already indicated they wanted to come as of January 12, 2018. There are among them 81 guests who have already been at our events in Yantai. They come back even if they have no entry in the competition, it is so important for networking, business, and food culture.