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Cookbooks Shortlist 2017

Cookbooks Shortlist

The shortlist is a working tool. There still can be a few books added. It is short. The titles of the books are shortened, only a few of the authors are listed, the name of the publisher is short. It is adapted for English readers. We try to identify the book with very short data. You can easily find more detailed information on each book from Internet, using the shortlist as a basic reference.

It is a step towards the Best in the World. It does not include all the winners by country. It gives an idea of the scope of the competition. All three top winners in a category have the same rights to the Best in the World certificates and stickers. The quality of the top three is usually very close.

The Awards Ceremonies for categories A06- Special Awards and all F categories are May 27, 2017, at Yantai Wine Bay, in China. All other categories are May 28, 2017 at the same place. At the event, only the Number 1 Best in the World is called to the stage. The exceptions are A06-Special Awards, and F Fund raising and Charity books.

After the awards ceremony, there is a special small podium for photos that can be used by all guests who are present. The top three who are present get free certificates.

The Best in the World are announced publicly at the event on May 27- 28, NOT BEFORE, Only A01 Most Important, A02 Hall of Fame, A06 Special Awards are communicated before May 27-28: The Best in the World list will be May 30 on our website www.cookbookfair.com

A - Authors

A01 - Most important author of the year

China: Fragrance, Xu Long (Yunnan Science & Technology)

A02 - Hall of Fame

France: E - Éric Fréchon (Solar)

A03 – Chef

China: The Memory of Taste, Sun Zhaoguo (Beijing United)
Denmark: Kiin Kiin (Curry in a Hurry)
France: La Bonne étape, Jany Gleize (Brigitte Eveno)
Poland: Suwała, Baron i inni (Dwie Siostry)
Scotland: Perceptions, Mark Greenaway (Relish)
Singapore: Octaphilosophy, André Chiang (Phaidon)
Sweden: The Flying Elk, Björn Frantzén ( Norstedts)
UAE: Flavours of Dubai, Uwe Micheel (Smartcast Group)

A04 - Woman Chef

Australia: Seafood everyday, Eloise Emmett (EE)
Brazil: Todas as Sextas, Paola Carosella (Melhoramentos)
China: East + West Food, Zhu Zu-Yi (Guangxi Normal University)
Norway: Eventyrlig, Karla Siverts, Øivind Hånes (Gyldendal)
Portugal: Semear Sabor, Colher Memórias, Justa Nobre, Fátima Moura (Vogais)
Russia: Kitchen Gayane Jan, Gayane Breiova (AST)
Spain: El sabor de la elegancia, Begoña Rodrigo (Montagud)

A05 – Professional

Colombia: Técnicas profesionales Cocina Colombiana, Carlos Gaviria (Universidad La Sabana)
Ecuador: El pequeño Escoffier, Antonio Pérez (Gallo Press)
Italy: Cottura, Franco Luise (Bibliotheca Culinaria)
Peru: Futuro Gastronomía Peruana, Mariano Valderrama (APEGA)
Philippines: Proof (Philippine Society of Baking)
USA: Latin@s’ presence in the food industry, Meredith E. Abarca (University of Arkansas)

A06 - Special Awards

All are called to the stage. Usually there is only one Special Award per country.

Belgium: The Fine Chocolates: Gold, Jean-Pierre Wybauw (Lannoo)
Brazil: Pratos Da Boa Lembrança, Anesio Fassina Filho (Inova)
China: Meiwei Zhongguo, Zhang Ren Qing (CHLIP)
China: La Liste - Dong Ke Ping, He Nong (Qingdao)
Denmark: Bornholm, Anders Beier, Sune Rasborg (Njord)
France: La France des Bons Produits, Loïc Ballet (Le Chêne)
France: A pleines dents, Gerard Depardieu, Laurent Audiot (Michel Lafon)
France: ANGERS - All together on stage, to celebrate Angers Yantai sister cities.
- Le Goût de l' Anjou, Bruno Deniel-Laurent (Mercure de France)
- Le Grenier à Pain, Michel Galloyer (La Martinière)
- Le Crémet d'Anjou, Sophie Reynouard
- Anjou Untamed, Jean-Yves Bardin (JYB)
- Recipes from The Chateaux of the Loire Pontavice (Ouest France)
- Balade Gourmande en Anjou, Camille Verheecke
- Le Maine et Loire en 365 Recettes, Christine Tourneux
Germany: Zu Gast in Griechenland, Prinzessin Tatiana, Diana Farr Louis (TeNeues)
Jamaica: Sweet Runnings, Dr. Pamella E. Powell
Netherlands: Kookboeken van het jaar 2007- 2016, Fusina Verloop (Komma)
Portugal: Northern Portugal, Gabriella Opaz, Sónia Andresson (Oficina do Livro)
South Africa: My Table, Siba Mtongana (Pilovision Media)
Spain: Pintxos de Leyenda de Donostia, Josema Azpeitia (Ttarttalo)
Surinam: Het Beste uit de Surinaamse Keuken
Sweden: Maten och Moralen, Christer Isaksson (Ekerlids)
Sweden: Orebro - Yantai sister cities, Husmansbord, Pelle Agorelius
Turkey: Ordu Yemekleri, Aynur ZerenTan (Ünye Ticaret ve Sanayi Odasi)
UK: Land of Fish and Rice, Fuchsia Dunlop (Bloomsbury)
USA: The 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, Michelle Obama (WGBH, Clean Plates)

A07 - TV Celebrity Chef - In English

Australia: Will and Steve, Steve Flood, Will Stewart (Harlequin)
Bangladesh: Nadiya's Kitchen, N. Hussain (Michel Joseph UK)
India: From my kitchen to yours, Maria Goretti (Om Books)
New Zealand: Hungry, Karena & Kasey (KK)
South Africa: Simply Delicious, Zola Nene (Struik)
Sweden: Food from the fire, Niklas Ekstedt (Pavilion)
UAE: Essentially Marco, Marco Pierre White (Motivate)
UK: The Skills, Monica Galetti (Hardie Grant)
USA: Big American Cookbook, Mario Batali (Grand Central)

A08 - TV Celebrity Chef - Europe

Belgium: Op de groei 2, 3, Sofie Dumont (Manteau)
Czech: Škoda nevařit 2, Martin Škoda (Eventhouse)
Finland: Keittokirja, Anssi Kantelinen (Ravintola Urban)
France: Le Tour de France Gourmand, Julie Andrieu (Alain Ducasse)
Germany: Unsere Lieblingsrezepte, Lafer, Lichter (Callwey)
Italy: Benedetta tutto l'anno, Benedetta Parodi (Rizzoli)
Sweden: I det enkla bor det goda, Ernst Kirchsteiger (Bonnier Fakta)

A09 - TV Celebrity Chef - World

Argentina: Cocinero, Fernando Trocca (Planeta)
Brazil: Por Amor ao Sabor, Dalton Rangel (Alaúde)
Canada: Simplicité culinaire, Martin Juneau (La Presse)
China: Beijing Taste, Beijing TV (Qingdao)
India: Sinfully Yours, Shipra Khanna (Westland Tata)
Philippines: Philippine Cookery, Tatung Sarthou (ABS)
Singapore: The many flavors of Malay cooking, Rita Zahara (Marshall Cavendish)
South Africa: Corli Botha (Human Rousseau)

A10 – Innovative

Germany: Kochen und Backen mit Ötzi, Achim Werner (Regionalia)
India: Cooking for Happiness, Kornelia Santoro (Harper Collins)
Italy: Csaba 5 Seasons, Csaba Dalla Zorza (Luxury Books)
Japan: Cakewich, Japan Sandwich Association (Parco)
Mexico: Acridofagia (Trilce)
South Africa: Tasty Wastenots, Sally-Ann Creed, Jason Whitehead (NB) Sweden: Krydda med Musik, Per Samuelsson (Fanky)
Switzerland: Wood Food, Valentin Diem (AT Verlag)
USA: Age Beautifully Cookbook, Grace O (Skyhorse)

A11 –Entertaining

China: Entertaining at Home, Liang ZiGeng (CITIC)
France: Le pain fait son show, Nima Hemmat-Azad (Artémis)
India: Festival Cookbook, Viji Varadarajan
Italy: Celebrate Christmas, Eleonora Miucci (Il Galateo)
South Africa: Een mal cookbook, Johnny Hamman (NB)
Sweden: Pluras Bästa, Plura Jonsson (Norstedts)
USA: Table Manners, Jeremiah Tower (FSG)

A12 - First Book

Mauritius: Aquacasia, W. Reinbacher (Shanti Hotel)
Malaysia: Malaysian Students’ Cookbook (MPH)
Netherlands: Arbeids vitaminen, Mascha Perquin-Sarneel (Loopvis)
Philippines: Philippine Cookery, Tatung Sarthou (ABS)
South Africa: Mila's Meals, Catherine Barnhoorn
Togo: 50 recettes, Tata Yawo (Oadel)

A13 – Bloggers

Belgium: Yvestown kookt, Yvonne Eijkenduijn (Davidsfonds)
China: Salad Garden, Sabadina (CHLIP)
Canada: Oh she glows everyday, Angela Liddon (Penguin RH)
Guatemala: Soupblime, María José Carpio
Norway: Aichas Kjøkken, Aicha Bouhlou (Gyldendal)
Portugal: Nem acredito que é saudável, Sara Oliveira (Casa das Letras)
Romania: Gust Verde, Ramona Constantinescu (Curtea Vecche)
South Africa: Kookedor 2, Errieda du Toit (Human Rousseau)
USA: It’s all in the timing, Gail Monaghan (Surrey Books)

A14 – Self Published

Australia: Garlic Feast, Janice Sutton
Guatemala: Soupblime, María José Carpio
India: Five Morsels of Love, Archana Pidathala
Micronesia: The food of Guam, Kaitlin Wynne
New Zealand: Hungry, Karena & Kasey
UAE: Plated Heirlooms, Dima Al Sharif (CPI Media)
UK: A Grandmother's Legacy, Jenny Mallin
USA: Tastes of the Camino, Yosmar Monique Martínez

A15 - Cooking Schools

Australia: Nazeema's Kerala kitchen, Christiane Philip (Culinaire Cooking School)
Belgium: Food for Foodies, Daphne Aalders (Ellen Driessen)
Chile: Gastronomía y Academia, Joel Solorza (UDLA)
Colombia: Técnicas Profesionales Cocina Colombiana, Carlos Gaviria (Universidad La Sabana)
Ireland: All in the food: 75 Years of Cathal Brugha Street, Frank Cullen (O' Brien)
Singapore: I am a rice cooker!, Devagi Sanmugam (Orange Inkk)
Spain: Eat with Hemingway, Javier Muñoz, Escuela Irizar
USA: Farestart, Colin McCaig

A16 - Cookbook bookstores

Canada: Tomato, Anne Fortin (Modus)
Netherlands: Rijksmuseum Kookboek, Jonah Freud (De Kookboekhandel)

B - Publishers

B01 - Publisher of the Year

France: Le Chêne
Iran: Paniz
Singapore: Marshall Cavendish
Spain: Planeta Gastro
Switzerland: Vorwerk
UK: Hardie Grant

B02 - Best Book of the Year

Australia: Garlic Feast, Janice Sutton (JS)
Austria: Konstantin Filippou (FP)
France: Corsica, David Mezzacqui, Sylvain Alessandri (Clementine)
Germany: Wurst & Küchen, Wolfgang Müller (Mathaes)
Indonesia: Flavors of Indonesia, William Wongso (BAB)
Israel: Grandma Cooked Gourmet, Tami Shachnaey (Shorasim)
Sweden: The Nobel Prize Cookook (Max Ström)
UK: Zedel, A. A. Gill (Quadrille Hardie Grant)
USA: Pure Food, Kurt Beecher Dammeier (BenBella)

B04 - Magazines

China: With Eating, Shi Tie (Citic)
France: Saveurs d'Asie (East Eat)
Italy: Dispensa
Singapore: Johnny Walker House Edit
Sweden: Filter
Taiwan: Ounce
UAE: Thooq
USA: Cherry Bombe

B06 - Photography

Finland: Keittokirja, Anssi Kantelinen (Ravintola)
New Zealand: Hungry, Karena & Kasey (KK)
Spain: Mexillón de Galicia, Xurxo Lobato (DO Mexillón Galicia)
Sweden: Smörstekt, Per-Erik Berglund (Apelfeldt)
UK: Venison, Jose L. Souto, Steve Lee (Merlin)
USA: The Photographers Cookbook, Lisa Hostetler (Aperture)

B07 - Illustrations

Canada: Hot dog taste test, Lisa Hanawalt (Drawn and Quarterly)
Chile: La famosa y secreta receta de papá, Joanna Mora (Una casa de cartón)
France: L'Art et la Table, Patrick Rambourg (Citadelles Mazenod)
Japan: Eat Grow simple vegetable recipes, Akiko Ohashi (Shueisha)
Netherlands: De Keuken van Jeroen Bosch (Loopvis)
Taiwan: Ounce Magazine, Leslie Wang (Ounce)
USA: Stick Dog, Tom Watson (Harper Collins)

B08 - Design

Australia: Fat Brad (Long Prawn)
Dominican Rep.: Sabor del Paraíso, Kiko Casals (Gastropix)
Germany: Kiss me Cake!, Rainer Schillings (99pages)
Ireland: The Cookbook, Alice O'Farrell
India: Five Morsels of Love, Archana Pidathala
Japan: Ikkoan (Seigensha)
Lithuania: 7 Ingredientai (VMG)
Russia: Ruskaya Pavamya (Chernov)
Taiwan: Ounce magazine, Leslie Wang (Ounce)
USA: The Chefs Canvas (Cummer Museum)

B10 - Series

China: Sensational Decorated Buttercakes (Qingdao)
France: Cuisine Méditerranée, Mireille Sanchez (Cecile Langlois)
Hong Kong: HK local snacks (Chinese Culinary Institute)
Lithuania: Gero Maisto Dienoraštis, Renata Ničajienė (Sezonine)
Malaysia: Hayley's Happylicious, Mohana Gill
Mexico: Ingredientes Mesoamericanos (Grupo Mexico)
Sweden: Vår gröna kokbok, Sara Begner (Coop-Norstedts)

B11 - Corporate

Germany: Grillen mit Chakall, Hornbach Tenneker (DK)
Malaysia: Beyond rice cooking (MPH)
Philippines: Coconut Champion (Franklin Baker)
Poland: Doban Smak (Vorwerk)
Singapore: The pleasure of eating well, Christina Ong (Como Hotels)
Spain: 150 Años en casa (Carbonell)
Sweden: Maten och Moralen, Christer Isaksson (Ekerlids)
Thailand: Krua Khunmae, Suthipong Suriya (Karb Studio)
UK: Fortnum & Mason, The Cookbook, Tom Parker Bowles (Fourth Estate)
USA: Brickyard to Backyard, Clabber Girl (Versa Press)

B12 - Translation

China: Simplissime (PHEI - Hachette Phoenix)
Poland: Polish Culinary Paths (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Portugal: Mediterranean Algarve, Maria Manuel Valagão (Tinta da China)
South Korea: Grand Livre Cuisine Ferrandi, Hyun Jeong Kang (Citron Macaron)
Spain: La vuelta al mundo, Alain Ducasse (Akal)
Sweden: Taste of Sápmi (Slow Food Sapmi)

B13 - Cookbook Printer

China: Artron
Belgium: Guido Maes
France: CYSS imprimeurs
Germany: Kehler Druck
Hong Kong: Everbest
Latvia: Livonia Print
Lithuania: LTV Baltoprint

B14 - Digital ebook

Costa Rica: Vivir, Viajar, e buon appetito, Sabrina Vargas-Jiménez
FAO: Pulses
India: Saveurs Subtiles, Sophie Girot, Viji Varadarajan
Mexico: Nos metimos hasta la Cocina (Lagares de México)
Spain: Picadillo (Gusto Gallego)
UK: Meat Free Monday Everywhere
Ukraine: Gourmet guide to Istanbul, Vasilisa Yilmaz
USA: Food Forever, Recipes for a Healthy Planet, Lars Charas

B15 - Food Tourism Website

Australia: www.australia.com food and wine trends 2016
Dominican Republic: www.saboresdominicanos.org.do
Mexico: wwww.venacomer.com.mx (Sectur)
Spain: www.saboreaespana.es; tastingspain.es

B16 - Bestselling Authors, Brands

(Estimate - million books sold over years by author/ brand)

Australia: Slow cooker, Kim McCosker (4 ingredients, 9 million)
Canada: Appetizers for entertaining, Jean Paré (Company's Coming, 30 million)
France: Le Cordon Bleu (14 million) de la Pâtisserie (Larousse)
Japan: Everyday Harumi Kurihara (20 million) (Conran Octopus)
Russia: Book of Tasty and Healthy Food (over 10 million) (AST)
Switzerland: Betty Bossi Family Planner (Betty Bossi 32 million)
UK: Super Food Family Classics, Jamie Oliver (33 million) (Michael Joseph)
USA: Radical Beauty, Dr. Deepak Chopra (10 million), Kimberly Snyder (Harmony)

B20 - Photographer Publisher

Belgium: Garage Culinaire, Marc Declercq, Tony Le Duc (Minestrone)
Denmark: Food for thought, Steven Achiam, Brendan Killeen (Livret Litkig)
France: La Cuisine que j’aime, Didier Marcelin (Dagmar Sippel)
Northern Ireland: Belfast on a plate, Joanna Braniff, David Pauley (Studio Publishing)
Spain: Mexillón de Galicia, Xurxo Lobato (Mexillón D.O.P.)
UK: The Locals Cookbook, Jon Lewin (TLC)
USA: Sweet Nature, Genevieve Meli (Battman Studios)


C01 - Local

Austria: Cuisine Alpine, Andreas Döllerer (A la carte)
Canada: Encyclopedie Cuisine Nouvelle-France, Jean-Marie Francoeur (Fides)
Chile: Chiloé contado desde la Cocina, Renato Cárdenas, Lorna Muñoz (Fucoa - ODEPA)
China: Taste of Jining (CHLIP)
Cuba: Sabor a Gibara, Alberto Gámez (Selvi)
France: Inventaire Gourmand du Sud-Ouest (Sud Ouest)
Germany: Crêpes & Galettes, Hervé Kerourédan (99pages)
India: Happiness is a stomach full, Sreeja Jayaram (Westland)
Italy: Mit Rosi und Christian in Südtirol (Raetia)
Lebanon: Le Goût de Marjeyoun, Dina Bayoud Kohl (Tamyras)
Peru: Bitute, Javier Masías, Gastón Acurio (Latino)
Sweden: Ulrikas Gottland, Ulrika Davidsson (Bonnier Fakta)
Switzerland: Einfache vielfalt, Maurice Maggi (AT Verlag)

C02 - Foreign

Australia: Hellenic Kanella, Ruth Bardis (Outskirts Press)
China: Cuisines Together, Mei Shi Sheng Huo (Qingdao)
Germany: Barcelona, Stephan Mitsch (Christian)
India: Paramaanna Prapancha, Veena Bhat (Prism)
Netherlands: Ontbijt, Maria Grimm (Carrera)
New Zealand: Little Tables, Vanessa Lewis (Beatnik)
Portugal: Sabores da Lusofonia, Luís Simões (Masemba)

C03 - French

Brazil: Paris-Brest, Alexandre Staut (Companhia Editora Nacional)
Ecuador: El pequeño Escoffier, Antonio Pérez (Gallo Press)
France: Sud-Ouest Julien Duboue, Philippe Boé (Alain Ducasse)
Germany: Paris Patisserie, Murielle Rousseau (Christian)
Japan: Bistro recipes, Nana Ogawa, Naoko, Matsunaga (Seibundo Shinkosha)
Malaysia: A touch of French (MPH)
Peru: La Cocina Francesa y el Perú, Mirko Lauer (USMP)
Russia: Patisserie, Nina Tarasova (Chernov)
USA: Let's Cook French, Claudine & Jacques Pepin (Quarry)

C04 - Italian

Argentina: Recetas de mi Italia, Pietro Sorba (Planeta)
Australia: Florentine, Emiko Davies (Hardie Grant)
Canada: CinCin, Andrew Richardson (Figure 1)
France: La main à la pâte, Alessia Serafini (Epure)
Germany: Italia, Cettina Vicenzino (Christian)
Italy: Alla scoperta del gusto, Davide Paolini (24 Ore Cultura)
USA: Joanne Trattoria Cookbook, Joe Germanotta (Post Hill Press)

C05 - Mediterranean

Australia: Hellenic Kanella, Ruth Bardis (Outskirts Press)
Greece: Mediterranean Lenten, Dina Nicolaou (Minoas)
Lebanon: The Land of White, Lina Saad (Austin Macauley)
Sweden: Mat Sam Gör Gott, Tareq Taylor (Bonnier)
Tunisia: La cuisine de mes soeurs, Ahmed Ladarsi
UAE: Plated Heirlooms, Dima Al Sharif (CPI Media)
USA: Let's Cook Spanish, Gabriella Llamas (Quarry Books)
Venezuela: El sabor de la tradición libanesa, Marianella Abadi

C06 -Scandinavian

Australia: Nordic Light, Simon Bajada (Hardie Grant)
Denmark: Østers (Muusmann)
Finland: 8 Arctic Seasons (Luxury Action)
Iceland: Der Geschmack, der Natur, Jónsdóttir, Ásgeirsson (Upperheimar)
Norway: Vennemiddag, Ole Martin Alfsen (Forlaget)
Sweden: Lilla Ego, Tom Sjöstedt, Daniel Räms (Norstedts)
UK: The. Little book of Hygge, Meik Wiking (Penguin Life)
USA: Denmark (Ambrosia Magazine)

C07 - Eastern Europe

Germany: A guest in Azerbaijan, Barbara Lutterbeck (Wienand)
Hungary: Magok, Seeds, Ildikó Bezselics (Boook)
Israel: The Russian-Jewish Cookbook (Lunch Box)
Lithuania: Taste Lithuania, Beata Nicholson
Moldova: Eat like Moldovans, Nata Albot
Poland: Polish Culinary Paths (Ministry Foreign Affairs)
Slovenia: The Alphabet of Flavors of Slovenia, Janez Bogataj (Družina)

C08 - Asian

Hong Kong: HK Food and Culture, Adele Wong (Manmomedia)
Indonesia: Flavors of Indonesia, William Wongso (BAB)
Malaysia: Asian Raw Food Kitchen, Shannon Lim de Rooy (MPH)
Philippines: Cooking with Sandy Daza (Anvil)
Singapore: Asian Pies, Evonne Lee, Sarah Lee Foong Chee (Marshall Cavendish)
Tajikistan: School Meals Recipe Book (WFP)

C09 - Chinese

China: English - Travels Through Dali, Zhang Mei (Penguin RH)
France: Canard Laqué, Canard au Sang, William Chan Tat Chuen (L’Épure)
Hong Kong: Cooking by colors (Character)
Malaysia: Pearly's Nyonya Pantry, Pearly Kee (Clarity)
UK: A Chinese Street Food Odyssey, Lisa and Helen Tse (Pavilion)
USA: All under heaven, Carolyn Phillips (Ten Speed)

C10 - Indian

Australia: Nazeema's Kerala Kitchen, Christiane Philip (Culinaire School)
Canada: Vij's Indian, Meeru Dhalwala & Vikram Vij (Penguin RH)
France: Bollyfood, Jean François Mallet (Hachette Pratique)
Israel: Happiness tastes life (Lunch box)
UK: Indian made easy, Amandip Uppal (Murdoch books)
USA: My Two Souths, Asha Gomez (Running Press)

C11 - Japanese

Canada: Les Bouchées de Bonheur, Geneviève Everell (Goélette)
Denmark: Kondos Japanske køkken, Kondo Sasaki (Muusmann)
France: Grappes de Haïkus, Jean Yves Bardin, Annick Dandeville, Patrick Gillet (JYB)
Germany: Manga Kochbuch Bento, Angelina Paustian (Cadmos)
Japan: 1X1 Sakafumi Matsumoto (NHK)
Malaysia: New Japanese Kitchen, Kyoko Rabbetts (MPH)
Singapore: Tanoshii ke-ki Yamashita Masataka (Marshall Cavendish)
UK: Miso tasty, Bonnie Chung (Pavilion)

C12 - Arab

Egypt: The taste of Egypt, Dyna Eldaief (AUC)
Iraq: The Iraqi Table, Raghad al Safi (Motivate)
Italy: Pop Palestine (Stampa Alternative)
Jordan: Eat well, live well (Mazok Clinic)
Libya: Under the copper covers, Sherine Ben Halim Jafar (Rimal)
UAE: Plated Heirlooms, Dima Al Sharif (CPI Media)
UK: Palestine on a plate, Joudie Kalla (Jacqui Small)
USA: My halal kitchen, Yvonne Maffei (Agate)

C13 - Africa

Benin: Abiola et la Plante Magique, Iman Eyitayo (Plumes Solidaires)
Gabon: Autosuffisance alimentaire, Guy Gweth (Knowdys)
São Tomé e Príncipe: Sabores a Nossa Terra (Alisei)
South Africa: My little black recipe book, Siphokazi Mdlankomo (Metz)
Togo: 50 Recettes, Tata Yawo (Oadel)

C14 - Latin America

Brazil: Misture a gosto, Ana Luiza Trajano (Melhoramentos)
Chile: Gastronomía Valparaíso, Francisco Fantini (Gourmet Patagonia)
Colombia: Mercados vivos, María Lía Neira (MNR)
Dominican Republic: Tierra de Sabores (Nestlé)
Cuba: Latinoamérica en la Mesa Cubana, Silvia Mayra Gómez Fariñas (Arte Literatura)
Mexico: Nos metimos hasta la Cocina (Lagares de México)
Panama: Panama Chombo style, Cuquita Arias de Calvo (Cookita)
Peru: Perú mucho gusto (Promperú)
Venezuela: Búfalos de agua, Otto Gómez (Grupo TEI)

C15 -Street food

China: Special Street Food, Li Ying Feng (China Metrology Press)
France: Le Grand Livre de la Street Food, Jean-François Mallet (Hachette)
Indonesia: Jakarta Bites, Petty Elliott (Komunika Partners)
Netherlands: Het Food Truck Kookboek, Yvonne Brok (Unieboek)
Singapore: Meatmen cooking channel, Hawker favorites (Marshall Cavendish)
Switzerland: Vietnamesische Strassenküche, Tracey Lister, Andreas Pohl (AT Verlag)
UK: Breddos Tacos, Nud Dudhia, Chris Witney (Hardie Grant)

C16 - Jewish

Canada: Kosher Taste, Amy Stopnicki (Feldheim)
Germany: Divine Food, David Haliva (Gestalten)
Israel: The Russian Jewish Cookbook (Lunch box)
UK: 100 best Jewish recipes, Evelyn & Judy Rose (Pavilion)
USA: Kosher USA, Roger Horowitz (Columbia University)

C17 - America

France: Barbecue à l'Américaine, Buffalo Grill (First)
Netherlands: Smokey Goodness, Jord Althuizen (Kosmos)
Sweden: Sweet spots of New York, Roy Fares (Bonnier)
UK: Deep South, Brad McDonald (Hardie Grant)
USA: Savoring Gotham, Andrew F. Smith (Oxford University Press)

C18 - Asia, published outside Asia

Cambodia: To cook a spider, Mark Bibby Jackson
Canada: Hot Thai Kitchen, Pailin Chongchitnant (Penguin RH)
Denmark: Kiin Kiin, Henrik Yde Andersen (Curry in a Hurry)
Germany: Sichuan-Pepper meets Sauerkraut, Qin-xie Krieger (Cadmos)
Macau: The Adventures of Fat Rice, Abraham Conlon (Ten Speed)
Netherlands: Zuur, Bas Robben (Good Cook)
UK: Amazing Malaysian, Norman Musa (Square Peg)
USA: The Saffron Tales, Yasmin Khan (Bloomsbury)

C19 – Africa, published outside Africa

Morocco: Ma Cuisine Marocaine, Bouchra Atita (Solar)
Mozambique: Taste of Mozambique, Mena Gomes (Createspace)
Netherlands: Zuid-Afrikaanse Culinaire, Marika Rentier (MR)
Panama: Panama Chombo style, Cuquita Arias de Calvo (Cookita)
USA: My creations: Home & Kitchen Corner, J. Mairy Dietch

C20 - Latin America, published outside Latin America

Belgium: #LNFairfood, Peru, Ellen Kegels (Manteau)
Mexico: Taco Loco, Jonas Cramby (Pavilion)
Spain: Ceviche power, Gastón Acurio (Planeta Gastronomía)
UK: Central, Virgilio Martínez (Phaidon)
USA: The Tacos of Texas, Mando Rayo, Jarod Neece (University Texas)

C21 - Caribbean

Antigua: Antigua & Barbuda Food and Drink Guide 2016 (Leeward Consultants)
Dominican Republic: Tierra de Sabores (Nestlé)
Grenada: Chocolate Family Colouring Book, Oonya Kempadoo (Grenada Community Library)
Haiti: No man is an island, TiGeorges Laguerre (Rarebirds books)
Jamaica: Sweet Runnings, Dr. Pamella E. Powell
Panama: Panama Chombo style, Cuquita Arias de Calvo (Cookita)

D - Lifestyle

D01 - Sustainable Food

Australia: Impact of Meat, Talia Raphaely, Dora Marinova (IGI Global)
Bahamas/USA: Reef Lionfish Cookbook, Tricia Ferguson (REEF)
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FAO: Pulses (FAO)
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Timor Leste: Food Security (ACIAR)
UK: Feeding Climate Change, Tim Gore, Rebecca Pearl-Martinez (Oxfam)
Venezuela: Búfalos de agua, Otto Gómez (Grupo TEI)

D02 - Health and Nutrition, for the public

Australia: Food as Medicine, Sue Radd
Brazil: Alimentos, movimento & alma, Lucyane Crosara (Sesi)
France: Bien manger, manger bon, Kilien Stengel (L’Harmattan)
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Sweden: Vitally important, Mai-Lis Hellenius (Holm and Holm)
Uruguay: ¡Cómo crezco!, Daniel Guasco, Marcela Balás (Aguilar)

D03 - Children

Czech: Cooking with children, Petra Novotná (Smart Press)
Ecuador: El pequeño Escoffier, Antonio Pérez (Gallo Press)
Germany: Tischlein deck‘ dich, Eva Maria Lipp (Cadmos)
Grenada: Chocolate Family Colouring Book, Oonya Kempadoo (Grenada Community Library)
Iceland: Eldum Sjálf (Salka)
Malaysia: Right from the start, Daisy Ng (MPH)
Netherlands: Tomaat, Laura Emmelkamp, Scato van Opstall (Keet Smakelijk)
Uruguay: Hoy cocinamos nosotros, Diego Ruete, Inés Marracos (Aguaclara)
USA: Cooking with kids cookbook, Lynn Walters, Jane Stacey (University New Mexico)

D04 - Food writing

Australia: The Colonial Kitchen, Charmaine O'Brien (Rowman & Littlefield)
Canada: Va te faire cuire un oeuf!, Didier Girol (Le Travailleur Futé)
Italy: Csaba 5 Seasons, Csaba Dalla Zorza (Luxury Books)
Mexico: A la Mesa con Rubén Darío, Sergio Ramírez (UANL-UAS-Trilce)
Philippines: Philippine Food, cooking & dining dictionary, Edgie Polistico (Anvil)
Sweden: Matens Makt, Britt-Marie Mattsson, Leif Mannerström (Norstedts)
USA: Love, Loss and What We Ate, Padma Lakshmi (Ecco)

D05 Culinary History

Australia: The oldest foods on earth, John Newton (University NSW)
Canada: Food Matters, Spain, Carolyn A. Nadeau (University Toronto)
China: Local taste history culture, Mu Jun (Social Science Academic Press)
France: Brassages, Jean-Paul Romac (L’Épure)
Lithuania: Oginskių Dvaro Virtuvėje (Aleidyba)
Peru: Cocina Peruana, Sara Beatriz Guardia (USMP)
Singapore: Nyonya Heritage Kitchen, Ong Jin Teong (Landmark)
Spain: Triclinium, Almudena Villegas (Almuzara)
UK: Food Worth Fighting For, Josh Sutton (Prospect Books)

D06 - Culinary Travel

Chile: Gastronomía Valparaíso, Francisco Fantini (Gourmet Patagonia)
China: 101 best food experiences in China, Lonely Planet (Sinomaps)
Finland: Lapland, 8 Arctic seasons, Janne Honkanen (Luxury Action)
France: Cuisine des Châteaux de la Loire, Bleuzen et Gilles du Pontavice (Ouest-France)
Indonesia: Wonderful Indonesia (Turi Beach)
Italy: Pizza, Antonio Puzzi, Davide Gallizio (Slow Food)
Mauritius: Aquacasia, Willibald Reinbacher (Shanti Hotel)
Philippines: Philippine Food Holidays Culinary Culture (Food Holidays)
Portugal: Portuguese Travel Cookbook, Nelson Carvalheiro (APTC)
Taiwan: Ounce magazine, Leslie Wang (Ounce)
Turkey: Komile Lezzet Seyahatnamesi, ömür Akkor Ile

D07 - Food Heritage

Australia: Native Food Harvest, Julie Weatherhead (Peppermint Ridge Farm)
France: Le Crêmet d' Anjou, Sophie Reynouard
Japan: Tabemono Jikan, Masayuki Okuda (Froebel Kan)
Mexico: Chiles (Grupo México)
Micronesia: Food of Guam, Kaitlin Wynne (Blurb)
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UAE: Plated Heirlooms, Dima Al Sharif (CPI Media)
UK: Pride and Pudding, Regula Ysewijn (Murdoch Books)
USA: Good Seeds, Thomas Pecore Weso (Wisconsin Historical Society)

D08 – Food Safety

Australia: SDN Beranga mealtimes (SDN Beranga)
China: Food Safety Law in China, Francis Snyder (Brill)
Tajikistan: School Meals Recipe Book (WFP)

D09 - Health and Nutrition, Professionals

China: Food for pregnancy, Zhai Gui Rong (CHLIP)
Malaysia: Eat smart, get fit and feel great (Nutrition month 2016)
New Caledonia: Pasifika Plates (SFC)
Oman: Food and Parkinson's, Mohamed Essa (Sultan Qabu University)
Spain: ¿Las Algas se comen?, José Lucas Pérez Lloréns (UCA)
Sweden: Vitally Important, Mai-Lis Hellenius (Holm Books)
USA: The American Cancer Society, new Healthy Eating cookbook, 4th edition (ACS)

D10 - Diet

Brazil: Detox, dia a dia, Dra. Astrid Pfeiffer (Alaúde)
Canada English: Eat Better, Julie Cove (PRH)
Canada French: Superaliments (Modus)
Hungary: Free of Everything, Dr. Nóra Andrási (Boook)
Italy: Alimentazione in equilibrio, Arianna Rosson, Rosella Benetollo (Idea Montagna)
Japan: Vege Yakuzen, Momo Taniguchi
Monaco: Mince et sexy à la ménopause, Isabelle Ranchet (Alpen)
UK: The Olive Oil Diet, Dr Simon Poole, Judy Ridgway (Little Brown)

D11 - Family

Malaysia: Right from the start (MPH)
Netherlands: Een leven lang koken; Monique Morssinkhof (Roermond)
Portugal: Quatro Gerações à Mesa, Camomila Limao (Edições Chá das Cinco)
Sweden: Hemkunskap, Mathias Dahlgren (Bonnier Fakta)
Thailand: Teen Cooking, Suthipong Suriya (Karb Studio)
Tunisia: La cuisine de mes soeurs, Ahmed Ladarsi
USA: At the table, Ken Albala (Greenwood)

E - Subjects

E01 - Easy recipes

Australia: Back to Basics, Robert Bousamra (Manuscript)
China: Comfort Food (Qingdao)
Finland: Arjen Luxus, Risto Mikkola (Readme)
Italy: Cucina Slow, Bianca Minerdo (Slow food)
Turkey: Açık Mutfak, Ece Zaim (Boyut)
USA: It's all easy, Gwyneth Paltrow (Grand Central)

E02 - Single subject

Argentina: Chía, Vilma Lo Presti (Planeta)
Canada: Batch, Joel MacCharles, Dana Harrison (Penguin)
China: The Delicious Sea Cucumber, Jiao Ming (Textile)
Guatemala: Soupblime, María José Carpio
Malaysia: Everything Sambal (MPH)
Netherlands: Ice Cream, Marleen Visser (Carrera)
Sweden: Fermentera, Jenny Neikell (Norstedts)
USA: The Spice Companion, Lior Lev Sercarz (PRH)

E03 - Desserts - Pastry

Czech: La Buchta (Smart Press)
Denmark: Eventyrlige kager, André Spange, Randi Nabulsi (Muusmann)
Hungary: Hungarian Dessert, Tamás Bereznay (Boook)
Iceland: Kökugleði Evu, Eva Laufey (Salka)
Netherlands: Saakje’s Zoete Bakboek (Loopvis)
South Africa: Baking with Jackie Cameron (PRH)

E04 - Barbecue

Canada: Diva Q's Barbecue, Danielle Bennett (PRH)
Germany: 500 Tipps für Bessergriller, Carsten Bothe (Heel)
Italy: Barbecue Surprise (I Signori del Barbecue)
Netherlands: Hét Winter BBQ-boek, Madame Charlotte (Snor)
Peru: Cilindros, Guillermo Gonzáles Arica
UK: Braai, Jan Braai (Robinson)
USA: Smoke and Fire, Holly Peterson (Assouline)

E05 - Fish

Australia: Seafood Everyday, Eloise Emmett
Bahamas/USA: Reef Lionfish Cookbook, Tricia Ferguson (REEF)
Denmark: Caviar, Jacob Stokkebye
Ireland: Fishwives, Margaret Kirwan (Slater Design)
Lithuania: Žuvis, Nida Degutienè
Portugal: Viagem do Salmão, Henrique Sá Pessoa (Casa das Letras)
USA: Sea and Smoke, Joe Ray (Running Press)

E06 - Vegetarian

Australia: Impact of Meat Consumption on Health (IGI Global)
Finland: Vege!, Alex Nieminen, Riikka Sukula (Readme)
France: Encyclopedia of Vegetarian Cuisine, Estérelle Payany (Flammarion)
Japan: Eat Grow Simple Vegetable Recipes, Akiko Ohashi (Shueisha)
New Zealand: Meat Culture, Annie Potts (Brill)
Singapore: At home from pot to pie, Pauline Menezes (VSS)
Switzerland: Leaf to Root, Esther Kern (T Verlag)

E07 - Chocolate,

Belgium: The Economics of Chocolate (Oxford University Press)
Brazil: Floresta, Cacau, Chocolate, Luiza Olivetto, Diego Badaró (Senac - Leste)
France: Chocolat, Pierre Hermé, Sergio Coimbra (Flammarion)
Grenada: Chocolate Family Colouring Book, Oonya Kempadoo (Grenada Community Library)
UK: Sensational Chocolate, Paul A Young (Clearview)

E08 - Bread

China: The Great Bread, WithEating (CITIC)
Hong Kong: Le Pain Passion, Gerard Dubois (La Rose Noire)
Japan: No kneading bread, Sashiko Fujino (Natsumo)
Portugal: Pão das mulheres, Mouette Barboff (Âncora)
Spain: Masas madre, Sourdough, Francisco Javier Antoja (Montagud)
USA: How to bake more bread, Michael Kalanty (Red Seal Books)

E09 - Cheese

Brazil: Queijos do Brasil (Summus)
Denmark: Danske Oste, Bent Christensen
France: Fromages, Dominique Bouchait (Le Chêne)
Spain: Santiago caminos quesos, Miguel Muñagorri (Real Sociedad Bascongada)
Turkey: For the love of cheese, Berrin Bal Onur, Neşe Aksoy (Is Kultur)
Venezuela: Quesos Venezolanos y Colombianos, Dietrich Truchsess (Blurb)

E10 - Truffles and mushrooms

Australia: The truffle cookbook, Rodney Dunn (Agrarian Kitchen)
China: The taste of Mushrooms, Zhu Gua Ping (Qingdao)
France: Les Forçats de la Truffe, Alain Bernard (PLB)
Spain: Tapes i aperitius amb bolets, Carlos Robafum (Cossetania)
Switzerland: La truffe d'automne, Annick Jeanmairet (Favre)

E11 - Fruits

Belgium: Pomodori, Angelo Dorny (Davidsfonds)
Canada: Pommes, Marcotte, Tremblay (Flammarion)
Ireland: Fruit on the Table, Theresa Storey (O'Brien)
Sweden: Frukt o Grönt, Lotta Kühlhorn (Norstedts)
UK: The Avocado Cookbook, Heather Thomas (Ebury)
USA: Tropical Fruits, Svetoslav Dimitrov Todorov, Iskra Vitanova (Nova)

E12 - Meat

Belgium: Stoofvleesboek (Mantea)
Canada: Sausage Making, Tonia Reinhard (Robert Rose)
Norway: Perfekt Viltkjøtt (Vigmostad)
Poland: Snails, Skalmowsky (Studio)
Spain: Jamón, Jamón, Pilar Carrizosa (Lid)
Sweden: Älgkött och Peran, Leif Milling (Ågrenshuset)
UK: Low and slow, Neil Rankin (Ebury)

E13 - Vegan

Brazil: A culinária vegana (Sesi-SP)
Canada: Le Défi végane, Elise Desaulniers (Librex)
Germany: Vegan feels better, Jérôme Eckmeier (DK)
Hungary: Free of Everything, Dr. Nóra Andrási (Boook)
Netherlands: Vegadutchie (Nieuw Amsterdam)
Singapore: At Home from Pot to Pot, Pauline Menezes (Marshall Cavendish)

E14 - Pastry pro

China: Western Desserts, Wang Sen (Qingdao)
Hong Kong: Le Pain Passion, Gerard Dubois (La Rose Noire)
Singapore: Tanoshii Ke-ki (Marshall Cavendish)
Spain: Pãstryrevolution, Y. Duytsche, A. Adrià, Ángel León, F. Sáenz (Montagud)
UK: Nostalgic Delights, William Curley (Jacqui Small)

E15 - Breakfast

Netherlands: Ontbijt, Maria Grimm (Carrera)
New Zealand: Little Tables, Vanessa Lewix (Beatnik)
USA: At the Table, Ken Albala (Greenwood)

E16 - Sandwich

Brazil: Sanduíches especiais, Martini, Mandel, Soave (Senac)
Chile: La famosa (y secreta) receta de papá, Joanna Mora (Una casa de cartón)
Japan: Cakewich, Japan Sandwich Association (Parco)


F01 - Africa

São Tomé e Principe: Sabores da Nossa Terra (Alisei)
Sierra Leone: Your Wine Questions, Jerry Lockspeiser (Citizen Press)
South Africa: Giving back childhood (Struik)
Uganda: Fishwives, Margaret Kirwan

F02 - USA Canada

USA: FaresStart, Colin & Erica McCaig
USA: With Gratitude, Johnny Carrabba

F03 - Caribbean

Bahamas: Reef Lionfish Cookbook, Lad Akins (REEF)
Dominican Republic: Tierra de Sabores (Nestlé - Aldeas Infantiles)
Grenada: Chocolate Family Colouring Book, Oonya Kempadoo (Grenada Community Library)

F04 - Latin America

Mexico: De temporada, Patronato Comedor Santa María (Ámbar Diseño)

F05 - Asia

Hong Kong: Gourmet Master Chefs (Charity Chefs Professional Cookbook)
India: The Indecisive Chicken, 8 Dharavi Cook (Dharavi Biennale - Prajna Desai)
Israel: Grandmas Cooked Gourmet, Tami Shachnaey (Shorasim) Sri Lanka: The locals cookbook, Jon Lewin (TLC)

F06 - Australia - Pacific

Australia: Our Tamarama Kitchen, Joanna Cooper, Vanessa Rowe
Australia: Forage Victoria

F07 - Europe

Denmark: Food for thought, Steven Achiam, Brendan Killeen (Livret Litkig)
Greece: Le goût Grec, Princess Tatiana & Diana Farr Louis (Borume - TeNeues)
Ireland: The Cookbook, Alice O’ Farrell
Malta: Tisjir Mill-qalb (Community Chest Fund)
UK: Taste of Freedom for Syria, Jenny Sowerby

F08 - Embassies

France: À la Table des Diplomates, Laurent Stefanini (Iconoclaste)
Poland: Polish Culinary Paths (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

F09 - Cookbook for Peace

France: La Bonne Cuisine Rhénane (Ariovist)
Germany: Die Gute Küche am Oberrhein (Silberburg)

F10 - Heads of State

France: Palais Royal, À la table des rois (BNF)
Malaysia: Dapur Istana, Selangor (Jugra)