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Free Food Culture content on internet
Finalists 2018 Gourmand Awards

Best in the World 2019
All these finalists are Winners in their countries. They qualify now to represent their country in the Best in the World event of 2019. The process is inspired by the Olympics.

Including Paid and Free, Food Culture and Drink, there are 215 countries and regions. participating this year in the Gourmand Awards. The number is similar to the Olympics which have 204 countries and regions, more than the 192 United Nations members.

The quality of free information on internet is rising fast. For the first time since their start at Frankfurt Book Fair in 1995, the Gourmand Awards have separated Free and Paid Finalists in 2018. The lists are different, and the Best in the World awards events will be at different times in 2019. The categories remain the same for both.
The Finalists all have the right to use the free red round Winner logo of the Gourmand Awards for their internet promotion. They can order the printed individual Winner certificate.

  • 10: 2018: Publication of the Finalists Free Food Culture List
  • 11: 2018: Announcement of date and location of Best in the World 2019 event
  • 12: 2018: Publication of the Finalists Paid Food Culture List
  • 12-2018: Registration starts for the Best in the World event
  • Spring 2019 Best in the World event

GOURMAND AWARDS 2019 - Free Food Culture12-10-2018 World Cookbook Day 509 Finalists from 134 countries and regions including 346 free PDF and documents including 163 websites in 77 categories

In another list, there are 109 Free Drink Finalists, from 33 countries, with 74 PDF and documents, plus 33 websites.for 24 categories.

The total is 613 finalists for 101 categories for Free Food Culture + Drink.


A06 Special Awards

These Special Awards are final. They do not compete between themselves. If present at the awards ceremony, each will be called to the stage

A: International Organizations

Armenia: Recipe Book for School Meals,Russia Food Service Institute-WFP (Sustainable School Feeding Foundation)
China: Eurobiz 45, Food & Beverages (European Chamber of Commerce) 48 Pages, Free PDF
European Union: Great Food from Green Cities (European Green Leaf) 88 pages Free PDF
France: Red Meat and Processed Meats (IARCancer) 511 pages, Free PDF
IUCN: Oil Palm Biodiversity, Erik Meijaard (IUCN) 116 pages, Free PDF 9782851719108
Japan: Wealthy but Unhealthy, Matthias Helble, Azuza Sato (Asian Development Bank) 238 Pages
OPEC: The Energy-Water-Food Nexus OFID, 100 pages, Free PDF
Spain: European Region of Gastronomy (IGCAT) 26 pages, Free PDF
Switzerland: Brighter Future, Protecting the Brain Through Salt Iodization (UNICEF-GAIN)
UK: Cookbook: Kochbuch, Ruben Barderas Rey (Language Magician Team: Goethe Institute)
UNICEF: UNICEF strategic plan 2018-2021 (UNICEF) 32 pages, Free PDF
UNIDO: Agro Food, Tourism & Creative Industries (UNIDO), 60 pages, Free PDF
UNOCHA: OCHA Strategic Plan 2018-2021 (UNOCHA) 34 pages, Free PDF
UNWTO: Tourism & Culture Synergies (UNWTO)
WIPO: Intellectual Property for Indigenous People, Begoña Venero, Hai-Yuean Tualima (WIPO) 9789280528 Free PDF, 68 pages

B: national institutions

Australia: Food demand in Australia, Trends Issues 2016, Lindsey Hogan (ABRAMES: Government) 75 pages, Free PDF
Canada: Toward a Winnipeg Food Strategy 2018 (Food Matters Manitoba) 28 pages, Free PDF
China: Guía de Pekín para Viajeros Hispanohablantes, Inma González, Andrés Melia (Instituto Cervantes)
India: Tourism & Hospitality (India Brands Equity Foundation) 43 Pages, Free PDF
Ireland: Food Tourism Development Strategy (2018-2023 (Failte) 48 pages, Free PDF
Scotland: My Food Cookbook, Simon Massey (Children in Scotland: International Schook Meal Day) 48 pages, Free PDF
UK: The Draft London Food Strategy 2018 (Greater London Authority) 48 pages, Free PDF

C: Gender and Food

European Union: IASC Gender Handbook for Humanitarian Action (Inter Agency Standing Committee) 400 pages, Free PDF
FAO: Gender &ICT, Sophie Treinen, Alice van der Elstraeten (FAO) 9789251303672 PDF, 88 pages
UK: Gender Equality and Coffee (Specialty Coffee Association) 27 pages, Free PDF
UN: Gender Equality & Big Data, Claudia Abreu, Savita Bailur (UN Women, Global Pulse)
USA: Sodexo’s Gender Balance Study 2018 (Sodexo) 12 pages, Free PDF

D: Private

France: Chaine des Rotisseurs brochure 2018, Free PDF
France: www.rungisinternational.com/un-patrimoine-gastronomique
Germany: Miele Sustainability Report 2017 (Miele) 251 pages, Free PDF
Italy: Food and Migration, Lucia Caracciolo, Massimo Livi Bacci (Barilla Center) 112 pages, Free PDF
USA: Food & Drink, Trends & Futures 2017 (J Walter Thompson Innovation Group) 55 pages PDF
USA: Kitchen Care Manual (Diversey Care) 32 pages, Free PDF

A05 for Professionals

Chile: Evaluación Implementación Ley Composición nutricional alimentos (MINSAL) 20 pages, PDF
France: Carrefour 2022 Becoming the leader in the food transition for all 56 pages, Free PDF
Hong Kong: Fast moving consumer goods (DKSH) 12 pages Free PDF
Switzerland: Tetrapak A story of things to come 8 pages Free PDF
UK: The Food Waste score card, Christine O’Sullivan (Feedback Global) 23 Pages, Free PDF
USA: What’s Hot, 2018 Culinary forecast top food trends (NRA) 14 pages, Free PDF

A15 Cooking School / Education

Canada: 20 plantes medicinales qui changent votre vie, Nathalie Beaudoin (Cours d’herboristerie)
Paraguay: Start your own self sustainable cooking school (Fundacion Paraguay-Teach a Man to Fish) 235 pages, Free PDF
Sri Lanka: Tea and your Health, Dr. Tissa Amarakoon, Prof. Robert Grimble (School of Tea: Dilmah) 154 pages, Free PDF
USA: Menus of Change, 2018 Annual Report (Culinary institute America: Harvard School Public Health) 53 pages Free PDF


B01 best Publisher of the Year

Sri Lanka: Dilmah Ceylon Tea - The story behind your cup of tea, Merrill Fernando, Free Books

B02 Best of the Year in all categories

France: Danone, One Planet, One Health (Danone) 74 pages, Free PDF
Italy: Food and Migration, Lucia Caracciolo, Massimo Livi Bacci (Barilla Center) 112 pages Free PDF
Spain: Frutas y Hortalizas, Nutrición y Salud en la España del siglo XXI (FEN) 198 pages, Free PDF
Thailand: BUFFET, Toolkit, Building an Understanding for Food Excess in Tourism (PATA)
USA: Menus of Change, 2018 Annual Report (Culinary Institute of America: Harvard School Public Health) 53 pages, Free PDF

B03 Best Cookbook

China: Tourism, Food and Wine BIBF 2019 (Beijing International Book Fair) 8 pages, Free PDF: NOT COMPETING, FOR INFO only
Germany: Gourmet Gallery Registration 2018 (Frankfurt Book Fair) 9 pages, Free PDF NOT COMPETING, FOR INFO only
USA: www.vintagecookery.com
USA: Stained Page News

B04 Magazine Digital

Brazil: www.planetaarroz.com.br
China: Eurobiz 45, Food & Beverages (European Chamber of Commerce) 48 Pages, Free PDF
Cyprus: Culinary Im..press (International Culinary Arts College)
France: Alim´Agri 1547, Revolution numerique, 72 pages, Free PDF
Hong Kong: Food Talk, James Stephen, Vivian Lau (Angliss HK) 52 pages, Free PDF
Japan: Food Forum (Kikkoman) 8 pages, Free PDF
Luxembourg: Perspectives 5 (Rak Porcelain Europe) 39 pages, Free PDF
Thailand: The Olive Tree, Imtiaz Muqbil, Michael Lee (Travel Image Newswire) 113 pages, Free PDF
UAE: Arabia Food and Travel (Green Pea) Free PDF

B06/ B08 Photo/Design

France: Manger a l’ oeil (MUCEM) 36 pages, Free PDF
France: Inspirations 2018, La Passion du Gout (Matfer Bourgeat) 73 pages Free PDF
Switzerland: Be professionally equipped, e-catalogue 2018 (Awdy Mannhart) 504 pages, Free PDF

B10 Series

Northern Ireland: Taste the Greatness, Producers, Restaurants 2018 (NI Good Food)
Peru: Peruvian Cuisine, 4 vol. (Peruvian Embassy in India)
Spain Castellano: Menús Saludables, Catalunya (FEN) 80 pages, Free PDF

B11 Corporate

France: Service Included, Amir Nahai, Preface Sebastien Bazin (Accor Hotels)
France: Love of Food (Sodexo) 40 pages, Free PDF
Spain: Haciendo la boca agua (Aguas de Alicante 120) Free

B15A Official Tourism websites: Asia

Hong Kong: www.discoverhongkong.com/dine-drink
India: www.incredibleindia.org/cuisines
Indonesia: www.indonesia.travel/cuisines
Israel: www.goisrael.com/food
Japan: www.welcome2japan.cn
Macao: www.macaotourism.gov.mo/cuisines
Malaysia: www.tourism.gov.my/foodparadise
Nepal: www.welcomenepal.com/food-culinary
Philippines: www.tourism.gov.ph
Singapore: www.std.gov.sg
South Korea: www.visitkorea.or.kr
Thailand: www.tourismthailand.org
UAE: www.visitabudhabi.ae/local-cuisine

B15B Official Tourism websites: pacific

Australia: www.australia.com/food-and-wine
French Polynesia: www.tahititourisme.fr
New Caledonia: www.newcaledonia.travel/kanak-cooking
New Zealand: www.newzealand.com/food-and-wine
Samoa: www.samoa.travel
Vanuatu: www.vanuatu.travel/taste

B15C Official Tourism websites: caribbean

Bahamas: www.bahamas.com
Barbados: www.visitbarbados.org/year-of-culinary-experiences
Cuba: www.cubatravel.cu/gastronomic
Dominican Rep.: www.saboresdominicanos.org
Jamaica: www.mot.gov.jm
Trinidad Tobago: www.tourism.gov.tt
Turks Caicos: www.turksandcaicostourism.com

B15D Official Tourism websites: america

Argentina: www.turismo.gov.ar
Brazil: www.visitbrazil.com/experiences
Canada: www.keepexploring.canada.travel/food-drink
Chile: www.chile.travel/gastronomy
Colombia: www.colombia.travel
Costa Rica: www.visitcostarica.com
Mexico: www.visitmexico.com/gastronomy
Peru: www.visitperu.com

B15E Official Tourism websites: europe

Belgium: www.belgium-tourism.be/flavours-of-wallonie
Croatia: www.crogourmet365.hr
Czech: www.czechtourism.com/gastronomic-tourism
Denmark: www.visitdenmark.com/gastronomy
Finland: www.visitfinland.com/hungry-for-finland
France: www.atout-france.com
Germany: www.germany.travel/culinary-germany
Greece: www.visitgreece.gr/gastronomy
Hungary: www.gotohungary.com/gastro-adventures
Iceland: www.inspiredbyiceland.com/enjoy-icelandic-food
Ireland: www.tourismireland.com/food-and-drink
Italy: www.italia.it/gastronomy
Lithuania: www.lithuania.travel/food
Norway: www.visitnorway.com
Portugal: www.visitportugal/gastronomia
Scotland: www.visitscotland.com/food-drink
Spain: www.spain.info/gastronomia
Sweden: www.visitsweden.com/food-and-drink
Turkey: www.goturkeytourism.com/food-and-drink

B15F Official Tourism websites: africa

Egypt: www.egypt.travel/the-egyptian-ramadan-cuisine
Mauritius: www.tourism-mauritius.mu
Morocco: www.visitmorocco.com/gastronomy
Senegal: www.visitezsenegal/gastronomy
Seychelles: www.seychelles.travel
South Africa: www.southafricantourism.cn
Tunisia: www.discovertunisia.com/flavours

B17 Digital Publications : Tourism Institutions

Armenia: Knowledge and Skills Assessment of Hospitality and Tourism sector of Armenia (ICARE) 50 pages, Free PDF
Channel Islands: Visit Alderney ((Alderney Tourism) 64 pages, Free PDF
Chile: Manual de Hospitalidad (Servicio Nacional Turismo) 40 pages, Free PDF
Czech: Prague Cafes, Martin Kucel (Prague City Tourism), 68 pages, Free PDF
France: Anjou Experiences (Anjou Tourisme) 76 pages, Free PDF
Ireland: Ancient East, Food & Drink (Failte) 28 pages, Free PDF
Macao: Taste of Macao (Macao Government Tourism Office) 15 pages, Free PDF
Slovakia: Bratislava Gastro, The City of Tastes (Visit Bratislava) 80 pages, Free PDF
Slovenia: Follow the Bees (Slovenian Tourist Board) 16 pages, Free PDF
Spain Castellano: Caádiz a pedir de boca, Pepe Monforte (Cadiz Turismo) 112 pages, Free PDF
Wales: This is Wales, Food and Drink (Visit Wales: Business Wales)

B18 app

Australia: Steakmate (Austalian Beef: MLA)
Cuba: Maggi Soluciona (Nestle Cuba)
Denmark: Vild Mad, Rene Redzepi (Madfeed)
France: Transgourmet App (Transgourmet)
Haiti/Rwanda: Nabu.org app
Hong Kong: HK Food Truck App (Google Play)
Italy: La ricetta di Casa Mia (Galbani-Lactalis)
Japan: www.tabizuru.jp/umami-app
UK: Kenwood Recipes app
USA: Diners Club travel tools, app (Diners Club)

B19 Websites Institutions, Tourism

Australia: www.theoranafoundation.org
Belgium: www.puratos.com/center-for-bread-flavour
Canada: www.traditionalanimalfoods.org
Finland: www.tastesavo.com/erg_2020
France: www.laciteduvin.com
Ireland: www.irishfamine.ie
Kosovo: www.kbkrusha.com
Laos: www.laofoodmovement.org
Latvia: www.foodlatvia.com
Namibia: www.polanacookbook.com.na
Reunion: www.goutanou.re
South Korea: www.hansik.org
Spain: www.worldgastronomy.org
Taiwan: www.avrdc.org/recipes World Vegetable Center
World: www.feedtheplanet.worldchefs.org

B19 Private Food Products

France: www.elle-et-vire.com/elle-et-vire-and-the-chefs
Germany: www.westhof.com/gourmet-partner
Italy: www.calvisius.com/chefs-and-recipes
New Zealand: www.thecoconet.tv
Norway: www.kirstenwing.no
South Africa: www.pepperdew.com
UK: www.kenwoodworld.com/cooking

B19 Private Food Tourism

China: www.ctrip.com/gourmet
France: www.laliste.com
South Korea: www.naver.com/food
Spain: www.gourmets.net
USA: www.tripadvisor.com/travelerschoice

B21A Asia Local Tourism websites

India: www.delhitourism.gov.in/food
Malaysia: www.visitkl.gov.my/cuisine-dining
Vietnam: www.danangfantasticity.com

B21B pacific Local Tourism websites

Australia: www.visitvictoria.com.au
New Zealand: www.aucklandtourism.co.nz/taste

B21C CARIBBEAN Local Tourism websites

Curacao: www.tourisnbonaire.com/dining
Dominican Republic: www.santodomingotourism.com
Puerto Rico: www.discoverpuertorico.com/gastronomy

B21D AMERICA Local Tourism websites

Argentina: www.turismo.buenosaires.gob.ar/gastronomia
Brazil: www.pmfi.pr.gov.br/turismo/gastronomia
Canada: www.visitvancouver.com/restaurants
Colombia: www.bogotaturismo.gov.co/gastronomia
Panama: www.bocasdeltoro.travel/restaurants
St. Pierre Miquelon: www.spm-tourisme.fr/gastronomie

B21E EUROPE Local Tourism websites

Belgium: www.visitflanders.com/food-and-drinks
Finland: www.lapland.fi/taste-of-northern-nature
France: www.toursvaldeloire-gastronomie.fr
Germany: www.frankfurt-tourismus.de/catering
Greece: www.aegeangastronomy.gr/
Ireland: www.galwaygastronomy.ie
Norway: www.visitoslo.com/oslo-for-foodies
Slovakia: www.bratislava.com/food-drink
Slovenia: www.visitljublijana.com/european-region-of-gastronomy
Spain Castellano: www.denia.com/ciudad-creativa-de-la-gastronomia
Spain Catalan: www.barcelonaturismo.com/gastronomia
Spain Euskera: www.basquetour.eus/euskadi-gastronomika

B22 University and Academic Press

Ecuador: Lista de Alimentos, Wilma B Freire, Philippe Belmont (U. San Francisco de Quito), 126 pages, free PDF
Serbia: Succcesful regional harmonisation in food and nutrition data collection, Mirjana Gurinovic (University of Belgrade) 29 pages, Free PDF
Switzerland: Le Paradoxe des Plantes, Steven Gundry (Presses Polytechniques & Universitaires Romandes) 8 pages, Free PDF

B24 UNESCO City of Gastronomy Websites

Brazil: Belem
Italy: Alba
Italy: Parma
Japan: Tsuruoka
Macao: www.gastronomy.gov.ao
Mexico: Ensenada
Norway: Bergen
Spain: Denia
Thailand: Phuket
Turkey: Gaziantep
Turkey: Hatay

B25 UNESCO City of Gastronomy Reviewing Reports , Free PDF

China :Chengdu
Lebanon: Zahle
South Korea Jeongju


C01 Local

Australia: The Food Experience (Gold Coast Commonwalth Games 2018) 10 pages Free PDF
Chile: Sabores del Huasco, Carolia Bauerle (CNCA-La Olla Huasquina) Free PDF
Spain Castellano: Menus Saludables Catalunya (FEN) 80 pages, Free PDF


France: Village International de la Gastronomie, Anne Laure Descombins (Village International) 14 pages, Free PDF
European Union: Great Food from Green Cities (European Green Leaf) 88 pages Free PDF
Italy: Slow Food Presidia (Slow Food Foundation) 36 pages, Free PDF

C03 French

Canada: www.alliancefrancaise.ca/gastronomy
France: www.repasgastronomiqueunesco.fr
Hong Kong: Gout de France (Good France: Alain Ducasse) 24 Pages, Free PDF
Norway: A new era for seafood in France (Norwegian Seafood Council) 17 Pages, Free PDF

C05 Mediterranean

Australia: Mediterranean diet in Australia, George, Mayr,Tierney, Moschoni, Itsiopoulos (MDPI) 20 Pages, Free PDF
Egypt: Food from the land and the sea from Marsa Matrouh (Slow Food) 44 pages, Free PDF
WHO: The Mediterranean & Nordic Diets (WHO) 74 pages, Free PDf

C06 Scandinavian

Denmark: Solutions Menus: Nordic Food Policy Lab (Nordic Council of Ministers) 163 pages, PDF
Sweden: Electrolux Sustainability Report 2017, Free PDF, 109 pages
WHO: Mediterranean & Nordic Diets,(WHO) 74 Pages, Free PDF

C08 Asian: Published in Asia

South Korea: International Korean Menu Guide (Hansik) Free PDF
Thailand: Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies in Asia (ESCAP-ADB-UNDP) 84 pages, Free PDF
Vietnam: Food Laws in Vietnam (Russin & Vecchi) 38 pages, Free PDf

C09 Chinese

China: Chengdu UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy: Evaluation Report
China: www.ctrip.com/gourmet
China: Guia de Pekin,para Viajeros (Instituto Cervantes)
China: Eurobiz 45, Food & Wine (European Chamber of Commerce) 48 Pages PDF
China: Angel Yeast Baking Ingredients, 20 Pages, Free PDF
China: www.sinodis.com.cn/recipes
Germany: www.drachenhaus-verlag.com Dr Nora Frisch
UK: Travel and Tourism Economic Impact 2018: China (World Travel Tourism Council) 24 pages, PDF

C10 Hong Kong: Macao

Hong Kong: Dining HK/Macao (HK Tatler) 132 Pages, Free PDF
Hong Kong: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (DKSH) 12 pages, Free PDF
Hong Kong: www.discoverhongkong.com/dine-drink
Hong Kong: HK Food Truck App
Hong Kong: Historical Background in Central Asia (One Belt One Road Research)
Hong Kong: Food Talk, James Stephen, Vivian Lau (Angliss HK)
Macao: UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy www.gastronomy.gov.ao
Macao: www.macaotourism.gov.ao/cuisines
Macao: Taste of Macao (Macao Tourism Office) 15 pages, Free PDF

C11 Japanese

Japan: Ajinomoto Integrated Report 2018, 78 pages, Free PDF
Japan: Kikkoman Annual Report 2018 (Kikkoman) 56 pages, Free PDF
Japan: We are Suntory (Suntory) 40 Pages, Free PDF
Japan: Tokyo 2020, Basic Strategy for Food & Beverages Services 60 pages, Free PDF


Japan: Halal Food Food Supply Chains in Japan (IAENG) Free PDF
South Korea: Muslim Friendly Restaurants 2018 (Korea Tourism Organization) Free PDF
Sri Lanka: 13 Tea Inspired ways to celebrate Ramadan (Dilmah Ceylon Tea) 24 pages Free PDF

C13 African

Brazil: A Cozinha dos Quilombros (Dagaz) 218 pages, Free PDF
Cote d’ Ivoire: Competing in Food Value Chains (African Development Bank) 40 Pages Free PDF 9789938882711
Equatorial Guinea: Se Cocina Guinea, Centro Cultural Bata (AECID) 32 pages, Free PDF
Namibia: Climate Change & Adaptive Land, Jane Olwoch, Rasmus Revermann (SASCAL)

C14 Latin American

Chile: Sabores delHuasco (La Olla Huasquera) Costa Rica: The Outlook for Agriculture Food Systems 2030 (IICA) 253 pages, Free PDF
Ecuador: Guia de Tecnicas Culinarias (Asoc. Chefs Ecuador) 141 pages, Free PDF
Peru: Trucha, Ingenio, Sabor, Tradicion (Produccion Junin: Instituto Continental)

C15 Street Food

France: The Food Truck Agency, Restauration Collective
Guam: www.visitguam.com/food-trucks
Moldova: Feed Cities Project, Patricia Padrao, Gabriela Albuquerque, Nuro Lunet (WHO-ESAN-ISPUP) 31 pages, Free PDF
New Zealand: www.newzealandfoodtruckcollective.com
Spain: Food Truck (Agencia Catalana de Securita Alimentaria) 50 pages free PDF

C21 Caribbean

Barbados: Improving household nutrition security in Caribbean, Dr. Alafia Samuels (Healthy Caribbean) 28 pages, Free PDF
Costa Rica: The Outlook for Agriculture, Food Systems 2030 (IICA) 253 pages, Free PDF
FAO: Health, Knowledge & Flavours (FAO) 58 pages, Free PDF
Jamaica: Jamaica Gastronomy Network, Nicola Madden-Greig (Ministry Tourism-THF: Tourism Linkages) 16 pages Free PDF
St Kitts Nevis: Food &Nutrition Security Policy (Government) 39 pages, Free PDF

C22 Arctic

Canada English: Taste of the Arctic (ITIC)
Canada French: L´insecurite alimentaire dans le Nord, Shawn Pegg (Banques Alimentaires Canada) 12 pages, Free PDF
UK: Report on Aboriginal Subsistance Whaling 2018 (Intl. Whaling Comission) 31 pages, Free PDF
USA: Assessing the Arctic through an Inuit Food Security Lens, Vernae Anandabogok (ICC Alaska) 17 pages, Free PDF

C23 South Pacific

Guam: www.visitguam.com/food-trucks
Hawaii: www.gohawaii.co/foodies
New Caledonia: Food Security in Vulnerable Islands (WFP-SPC) 42 pages, Free PDF
Samoa: Building the evidence base on the Agricultural Nutrition Nexus (National University Samoa: CTA)
Tonga: Nutrition Guidelines for Paddlers, Chris Fox (Hoe Pacifica Tonga Waka Ama Association) 22 pages, Free PDF

C24 Silk Road: One Belt, One Road

Austria: New Silk Road, Amat Adarov (Vienna Institute International Economic Studies) 8 pages PDF
Hong Kong: Historical Background to Central Asia, Thomas Chan (One Belt One Road Research Institute: ChuHai College) 58 pages Free PDF
Mexico: India Spice Routes, Ross Arnold (Windstar) 28 pages, Free PDF


D01 Sustainable Food Institutions

Bhutan: Sustainable Development and Happiness (Royal Government of Bhutan) 86 pages, Free PDF
Colombia: Annual Report 2017-2018 (CIAT) Free PDF
France: Alim´Agri, Etats Generaux de l´Alimentation, No 1566, 88 pages, Free PDF
Italy: Towards a common Agri-Food Policy (Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition) 14 pages Free PDF
Myanmar: The Ayeyarwady River & the Economy of Myanmar (WWF) 21 pages, Free PDF
Nigeria: Intl Institute Tropical Agriculture Annual Report (IITA) 118 pages, Free PDF
OECD: Agricultural Policy Monitoring Evaluation 2018 (OECD)204 pages, Free PDF
Peru: Nutricion en un mundo de cambio climatico (International Potato Center) 52 pages, Free PDF
Philippines: Communicating Climate Change in the Rice Sector (Phil Rice) 112 pages, Free PDF
Thailand: The Olive Tree, Imtihz Muqbil, Michael Lee (Travel Image Newswire) 113 pages, Free PDF
UK: Protecting Food Standards through Brexit (Green Alliance) 16 pages, Free PDF
Vatican: What climate change means for feeding the planet. Adriana Opromella (Caritas) 44 pages

D01 Sustainable Food private

France: Sustainability & Responsability at the heart (Pernod-Ricard) 32 pages, Free PDF
Germany: Metro Corporate Responsability 2016/17 (Metro) 34 pages, Free PDF
Italy: De Longhi Sustainability Report 2017 (De Longhi) 64 pages, Free PDF
Japan: Ajinomoto Integrated Report 2018 (Ajinomoto) 78 pages, Free PDF
Sri Lanka: Dilmah Sustainability Report 2017-2018 (Dilmah Ceylon Tea) 76 pages, Free PDF
Switzerland: The positive cup (Nespresso) 102 pages, Free PDF
UK: Diageo Sustainability & Responsability Report 2017 (Diageo) 84 pages, Free PDF
USA: Amway 2018 Global Media Guide, 42 pages, Free PDf


Australia: National Food Waste Strategy (Commonwealth of Australia) 54 pages, Free PDF
Canada: National Food Waste & Loss Strategy (National Zero Waste Council) Free PDF
France: Reduction du Gaspillage Alimentaire,Guide Accompagnement (La Communale: Andev) 35 pages, Free PDf
Monaco: www.gaspillagealimentaire.mc
Netherlands: Smart Reduction Consumer Food Waste, Kees Jacobs, Katja van Beaumont (Cap Gemini)
Panama: Plan Accion Residuos Alimentos (WRAP: Alcaldia de Panama) 124 pages, Free PDF
Switzerland: Perishable Tracks (IATA) 70 pages, Free PDF
Thailand: BUFFET Toolkit, Food Waste Initiative (Pacific Air Travel Ass.) Free PDF
UK: Global Food Waste Management Implementation Guide (World Biogas -C40)145 pages, PDF
USA: Business Case for Recycling Food Waste: Hotels (Champions 1,2,3: WRI) 12 pages PDF

D02 Health and Nutrition, for the public

France: Yuka app
Japan: Food and Radiation Q & A (Consumer Affairs Agency) 20 pages, Free PDF
Malaysia: Eat Healthy, Be Active, March 2018 (Nutrition Month) 15 pages, Free PDF
Pakistan: Eat to beat high blood pressure (Nutrition Dietetic Society) 12 pages, Free PDF
Spain: Tengo disfagia, pero como en familia (ADENYS: NURSE: Fressenius-Kabi) 76 pages, PDF
Tunisie: Alimentation Equilibree (Institut de Nutrition: RNS) 20 pages Free PDF
USA: Older Adults and Alcohol (National Institute for Aging) 24 pages Free PDF

D03 Children

Panama: Conoce mi Panama (ATP: Copa Air)
Switzerland: La Patrouille Poseidon (IUCN: Fondation Gallifrey) 10 pages, Free PDF
UNICEF: Rise of the Plate Pioneers 2 (Comics Uniting Nations) 16 pages, Free PDF

D05 Culinary History

Belgium: www.kitchenaid.com/100years/history
Chile: El empacho en Chile, 1674-2017 Dr Roberto Campos, 293 pages, Free PDF
Sri Lanka: The Story behind your Cup of Tea, Merrill Fernando (Dilmah Ceylon Tea)

D06 Culinary Travel / Tourism

Chile: Sabores del Huasco Carolina Brauerle (CNCA: La Olla Huasquera) 57 pages, Free PDF
Hong Kong: Dining HongKong Macao (HK Tatler) 132 pages Free PDF
Jamaica: Jamaica Gastronomy Network, Nicola Madden-Greig (Ministry Tourism-THF-Tourism Linkages) 16 pages Free PDF
UK: Travel and Tourism economic impact 2018: China (World Travel Tourism Council) 24 pages
USA: Global meetings & events forecast (American Express) 104 pages, Free PDF

D07 FOOD Inheritance

Australia: www.theoranafoundation.org
Brazil: A Cozinha dos Quilombros (Instituto Dagaz) 218 pages, Free PDF
Italy: The Ark of Taste (Slow Food Foundation) 26 pages, Free PDF
WIPO: Intelectual Property for Indigenous People, Begona Venero, Hai-Yuean Tualima (WIPO) 9789280528701 Free PDF, 68 Pages

D08 Food Security & Nutrition Africa

Burundi: Interim country strategic plan 2018-2020 (WFP) 35 pages, Free PDF
Cameroun: Cooperation PNUAD: UNDAF 2018-2020 (UN) 70 pages, Free PDF
Congo: Le cout de la faim en Afrique, Dieudonne Kwete, Jean Daniel Banea (WFP) 80 pages, PDF
Ethiopia: Ending malnutrition in Ethiopia, a success story (EU-UNICEF)
Madagascar: Securite Alimentaire Madagascar (FAO-WFP) 80 pages Free PDF
Mali: School feeding or general distribution during conflict in Mali ? (UNICEF) 79 pages, Free PDF
Namibia: Climate Change & Adaptive Land Jane Olwoch, Rasmus Revermann (SASCAL)
Nigeria: WINNN program, Improving Nutrition in Northern Nigeria (ORIE-DFID-UK) 72 pages, PDF
Rwanda: End-user supply monitoring in Mahama refugee camp in Rwanda (UNICEF) 24 pages PDF
Sierra Leone: National Nutrition Survey 2017, Dr Tan Oguta (Irish Aid: Action against Hunger-MOHS) 19 pages, Free PDF
Somalia: Impact of School Based Nutrition, Samson Desie, Mohamed Khalid, Elijah Kipchumba (Save the Children), 21 pages Free PDF

D08 Food Security & Nutrition WORLD

Australia: Solutions to Malnutrition and Food Security, Karalyn Hingston, Daryl Connelly (Foodplant Solutions) 16 pages, Free PDF
Belgium: FBBA: 40 Years: www.foodbank.be
Canada: Personne sur qui compter, Shawn Pegg (Banques Alimentaires Canada) 16 pages, PDF
FAO-State of Food Security & Nutrition in the World 2017 (FAO-WHO: UNICEF-IFAD-WFP)
Finland: Food Safety in Finland 2017(EVIRA) 60 pages, Free PDF
France: Agrimonde Terra, Land Use and Food Security in 2050, Mora Lemouel, De Lattre-Gasquet (Quae) 38 pages, Free PDF
Haiti: Ending Hunger now (Action Against Hunger) 21 pages, Free PDF
Italy: Debate on Food and Farming,Shayna Bailey (Slow Food), 24 pages, Free PDF
Japan: Overweight & Obesity in Asia Pacific, Matthias Helble, Azuza Sato (ADIB) 238 pages, Free PDF
New Caledonia: Food Security in Vulnerable Islands (WFP: DFID-UK) 72 pages, Free PDF
Palestine: Strategic Review of Food and Nutrition Security in Palestine (Palestine Economic Research Institute)108 pages, Free PDF
Scotland: Welfare Foods (Gov. Scotland.) 21 pages, Free PDF
Singapore: Successful water use and its contribution to food security (APEC) 450 pages, Free PDF
South Korea: Traditional Medicine Elvind Falk (ICHCAP) 186 pages, Free PDF
UK: Family hunger in times of austerity( U Sheffield: SPERI) 15 pages, Free PDF
UNOCHA: Annual report 2017 (UN Office Coordination Humanitarian Affairs) 66 pages, Free PDF
USA: The state of senior hunger in America, James P. Ziliak, Craig Gundersen (Feeding America) 21 pages, Free PDF

D09 Scientific Health and Nutrition Institutions/Doctors

Belgium: Revision of the Food Safety Baromrter Scientific Committee (Belgian Federal Agency for Safety of the Food Chain) 92 pages, Free PDF
Canada: Canada food guide consultation, Phase 2, 60 Pages, Free PDF (Health Canada)
Chile: El Empacho en Chile 1674-2017 Dr Roberto Campos, 293 pages, Free PDF
New Zealand: 2016 NZ Total Diet Study, Andrew Pavitt, Steve Hathaway (MPI) 206 pages, Free PDF
Norway: Risiko rapport Norsk Fiske, Fish Risk (Havgaskenings Instituttet) 184 pages, Free PDF
Peru: Tablas Peruanas Composicion Alimentos, Maria Reye Garcia (MINSA) 146 pages, Free PDF
WHO: Dietary intake modeling to achieve population salt reduction Kathy Trieu, Dr. Jacqui Webster, Jo Jewell (WHO)
UK: Meat, Fish, Dairy,, The risk of cancer (World Cancer Research Fund) 80 Pages Free PDF
USA: Food Allergy Field Guide (FARE) 26 pages, Free PDF

D10 Diet

Canada: Eating Disorders awareness week toolkit (Nedic) 12 pages, Free PDF
Ireland: The BordBia Protein Playbook (Bord Bia) 62 pages Free PDF
USA: Brain Food (GCBH: AARP) 25 pages Free PDF
WHO: Health evidence network, Mediterranean & Nordic Diets (WHO) 74 pages, Free PDF

D11 Family

Japan: Overweight & Obesity in Asia Pacific, Mathias Helble, Azuza Sato (AIDB) 238 pages, PDF
UK: How to get young UK consumers hooked on seafood, Heather Middleton (Seafish) 25 pages, PDF
USA: Food Allergy Management, Myths & Facts, Sherry Coleman Collins, Jessica Gerdes (School Nutrition Association) 35 pages Free PDF
USA: Generations on the move (Expedia) 23 pages, Free PDF
WHO: End Childhood Obesity (WHO) 9789243510064, 68 pages, Free PDF

D12 Seniors

Canada French: Vieillir et Vivre Ensemble, Plan d’ action 2018-2023 (Gouv.qc.ca) 106 pages, PDF
France: www.toulouse.fr/seniors-a-toulouse
Slovenia: Bread in the Past and Present, Alenka Steindl, Susanna Findeisen (Slovenia U3A-Ljubljana 2016) 41 pages, Free PDF
Spain Castellano: Alimentacion en residencias tercera edad, Inma Girba (Rolling Food) 17 pages PDF
Spain Catalan: www.visitestartit.com/turisme-senior 72 pages Free PDF
Tunisia: www.discovertunisia.com/seniors (TNTO)
UK: Comissioning Oral Health for Vulnerable Older People (Public Health England) 48 pages, PDF
USA: Findings on Nutrition Knowledge & Food Insecurity among older adults (AARP) 35 pages, PDF

D13 Sport and Nutrition

Australia: Food Experience (Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018) 10 pages Free PDF
Japan: Tokyo 2020, Basic strategy for food & beverages services (Tokyo 2020) 60 pages, Free PDF
Russia: Official Hospitality Programme: 2018 FIFA (Match Hospitality) 29 Pages Free PDF
South Korea: 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics Food Vision, 34 pages Free PDF
Tonga: Nutrition Guidelines for Paddlers, Chris Fox (HTPWAA) 22 pages, Free PDF

D14 Spices and Herbs

Japan: Seasoning the World www.kikkoman.com/cookbook
Madagascar: www.vanille-vanille.com/recipes
Mexico: India Spice Routes, E Ross Arnold (Windstar), 28 pages Free PDF
Singapore: www.at-sunrice.com/spiceodyssey


E01 Easy Recipes

Austria: Livro de Receitas (Ladymaxx Gourmet) 80 Pages, Free PDF
China: www.sinodis.com.cn/recipes
Cuba: Maggi Soluciona, Chef Eddy Fernandez (Nestle Cuba)
France: Livret Recettes Tranches Snacking (President Professionel) 40 Pages, Free PDF
France: Ice Cream, Stephane Glacier, Jean-Michel Peruchon (Vergers Boiron) 12 Pages, Free PDF
France: www.rougie.com/recettes
Spain: Recetas Nestle Postres: Chocolate, Jordi Roca (ACP RP)

E02 Single Subject

China: The Magic Yeast (Angel Yeast) 32 pages, Free PDF
Mexico: Annual Report 2017, Maize & Corn (CIMMYT) Free PDF
Nicaragua: El Huevo, Nutricion para todos (Comision Nicaraguense del Huevo)
Peru: Potato in Peruvian Cuisine (Peruvian Embassy in India) 32 pages, Free PDF
Spain: Todo el Sabor de la Avena, Carolina Vives (Quaker: Pepsico) 44 pages, Free PDF
UK: National Fish & Chips Day June 1, 2018 (Neoda Oils) 17 pages, Free PDF
USA: Solving Restaurant challenges with Food Tech: Sous vide proteins (SugarCreek) 10 pages, PDF

E05 and Seafood

Canada English: 2018 Seafood Products Directory (Gov.nl.ca) 72 pages, Free PDF
Egypt: Food from the Land and the Sea from Marsa Matrouh (Slow Food) 44 pages, Free PDF
Ghana: Tilapia, Blue revolution (IFPRI), 31 ages, Free PDF
Japan: Innovative Aquaculture, Maritime Ecosystem & Human WellBeing (PICES) 12 pages, PDF
Malaysia: CGIAR Fish Research Annual Report 2017 (World Fish: CGIAR) 46 pages Free PDF
Nigeria: Worldfish Nigeria Strategy 2018-2022 (Worldfish) 16 Pages, Free PDF
Norway: www.fromnorway.com (Norwegian Seafood Council)
Peru: Trucha, Ingenio, Sabor Tradicion (Produccion Junin: Instituto Continental) 156 pages Free Book
Philippines: Because the sea is life, Pemsea Annual report 2017 (Pemsea) 68 pages, Free PDF
Scotland: Salmon Farming in Scotland, Wendy Kenyon, Damon Davies (SPICE: Parliament Scotland) 36 pages, Free PDF
UK: How to get young UK consumers hooked on seafood, Heather Middleton (Seafish) 25 pages PDF
USA: Not your average farm, Seafood Sustainability (Oldways) 12 pages Free PDF

E06 Vegetarian

Switzerland: Plant Based Menus (Nestle Professionals) 21 pages, Free PDF
Timor Leste: Potentially important food plants of Timor Leste (Foodplant Solution) 68 pages, PDF
USA: Menus of Change, 2018 Annual Report, Plant Based Guidance (Culinary Institute America: Harvard Public Health) 53 pages, Free PDF

E07 Chocolate

Colombia: Estrategia Sectorial Cadena del Cacao en Caquota, Andres Charry (CIAT) 96 pages PDF
Cote d’Ivoire: International Symposium on Cocoa Research, Proceedings, 2017 (ICCO) Free PDF
Grenada: www.puregrenada.com/chocolate-festival
Guatemala: Manual de Trazabilidad y Calidad (Amacacao) 20 pages Free PDF
Italy: Standards of Cocoa Quality & Flavour Assessment, Brigitte Laliberte (Biodiversity Intl.) 42 pages, Free PDF
Netherlands: Exporting semi-finished Cocoa Products to Europe (CBI) 18 pages, Free PDF
Spain: Recetas de Nestle Postres: Chocolate, Jordi Roca (ACP Thompson RP) Free
Switzerland: Sustainability Report 2017 (Lindt & Sprungli)
USA: www.valrhona-chocolate.com/philanthropy/c-cap

E08 Bread

Belgium: www.puratos.com/center-for-bread-flavour
France: Bridor Sustainable Report (Bridor de France) Free PDF
Germany: www.bread-connects.tastes-of-danube.eu
Ireland: Project Scarpetta Bakery (Bord Bia) 68 Pages Free PDF

E09 Cheese and Milk

France: Oh La Vache, Economie Laitiere en chiffres, 2018 (CNIEL) 168 pages, Free PDF
Ireland: Cheddar Cheese Shopper Insight Study (Bord Bia) 72 pages Free PDF
New Zealand: We’re in the business of food 2018 (Anchor Food Professionals) Free PDF
USA: Cheese Matters newsletter (Oldwayscheese.org) Free PDF

E11 Fruits

France: Let’s share fruit at its best 2018 (Vergers Boiron) 28 pages Free PDF
Malaysia: Tropical Fruits Security & Changing Climate (ITFN) 148 pages, Free PDF
Poland: How EU Food products make their way to Russia through Belarus, Andrei Yeliseyeu (East Center) 18 pages, Free PDF
South Africa: www.avocados.co.za/recipes
Spain: Frutas y Hortalizas, Paula Arroyo Uriarte, Leire Mazqueran Bergera (FEN) 198 pages, Free PDF
Switzerland: Perishables Tracks (IATA) 90 pages, Free PDF
Uganda: Potentially important fruits & nuts of Uganda (Foodplant Solutions) 24 pages, Free PDF
UK: Causes of Food Waste in International Supply Chains (Feedback Global) 34 pages, Free PDF
USA: Wonderful World of cooking with Avocados (WAO) 96 pages, Free PDF

E12 Meat

Australia: www.australianbeef.com.au/recipes-cooking (MLA)
South Africa: Ostrich Handbook for Chefs,(SA Chefs Association: Klein Karoo Meat) 20 pages, PDF
Spain: Importancia de la Carne de Vacuno en la Alimentacion de los Espanoles, ICM (Semergen: FEN) PDF
UK: Principles for eating meat and dairy more sustainably (Eating Better) 21 pages, Free PDF
UK: Birds as food, Frederic Duhart, Helen Macbeth (ICAF) 328 pages, Free PDF
USA: The Power of Meat 2018, Anne Marie Roerink (FMI.org) 96 pages, Free PDF

E15 Breakfast

Pakistan: Breakfast (Pakistan Nutrition Dietetic Society) 11 pages, Free PDF
Spain: Estado de situacion sobre el desayuno en Espana, Emma Ruiz Moreno, Teresa Valero Gaspar (FEN) 90 pages, Free PD

E18 rice

Benin: Africa Rice Daily, Free PDF
Peru: Rice in Peruvian Cuisine (Peruvian Embassy in India) 32 pages, Free PDF
Philippines: Evaluation of CGIAR Research Program Global Rice, Derek Byerlee (IRRI-GRISP) 102 pages, Free PDF
Spain: Maestros Arroceros, Kiyo Moya (Unilever Food Solutions) 60 pages, Free PDF


F 07 Europe

France: Solidarity Accor Hotels 60 pages Free PDF

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