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Free Drinks content on internet
Finalists 2018 Gourmand Awards

Best in the World 2019
All these finalists are Winners in their countries. They qualify now to represent their country in the Best in the World event of 2019.

  • 109 Finalists
  • 33 countries
  • 23 Categories
  • 74 Free PDF
  • 35 websites

The quality of free information on internet is rising fast. For the first time, the Gourmand Awards separate Free and Paid content. The lists are different, and the awards events will be at different times. The categories remain the same for both.

The finalists all have the right to use the free red round Winner logo of the Gourmand Awards in their internet promotions. They can also order the printed individual Winner certificate.

  • 10: 2018: Publication of the Finalists Free Drink List
  • 11: 2018: Announcement of date and location of Best in the World 2019 event
  • 12: 2018: Publication of the finalists lists for Paid
  • 12: 2018: Registration starts for the Best in the World event
  • Spring 2019 Best in the World event


W1-1 Wine/Drink person of the Year

To be confirmed

W1-2 Publisher of the Year for Free Drinks Books

Sri Lanka: The story behind your cup of tea, Merrill Fernando (Dilmah Ceylon Tea) Free PDF

W1-3 Magazine: Digital

Brazil: Revista Brasilera Viticultura Enologia (Ass. Brasileira Enologos)
Canada: LCBO Food & Drink (LCBO)
France: Culture Cognac (BNIC)
Germany: Ochse (Deutsche Wein Institut)

W1-4 Best of the year in all categories

Australia: South Australia International Wine Tourism Strategy 2018 (SATC) 26 Pages, Free PDF
Belgium: Trade & Terroirs, Giulia Meloni, Johan Swisnew (AAWE: KU Leuven) 62 Pages, Free PDF
France: AgriFrance 2018 Rural Report: Digital Technology Revolutionizes Wine Industry (BNP Paribas Wealth Management) 44 Pages, Free PDF
Spain: Guía de Enoturisme de Catalunya, Lluis Tolosa (INCAVI Agencia Catalana Turismo: La Vanguardia)
USA: Causal impact of medals on wine producers prices, Emmanuel Paroissien, Michael Visser (Wine-economists.com) 27 pages, Free PDF)

W1-5 French Wine

France: AgriFrance 2018 Rural Report: Digital Technologies Revolutionize Wine Industry (BNP Paribas Wealth Management( 44 pages, Free PDF
France: www.laciteduvin.com
USA: Risk Attitudes in Viticulture, French Growers, Joel Aka, Adeline Alonso Ugaglia, Jean-Marie Lescot (AAWE) 35 pages Free PDF

W1-6 European Wine, except France

Czech: Prague Wine (Prague City Tourism) 70 Pages, Free PDF
Hungary: Hungary goes ProWein 2018 (Hungarian Tourism Agency) 68 Page, Free Pdf
Spain: Guia Wine Up! Monovarietales 2018-2019, Joaquin Parra (Wine Up!) 802 pages, Free PDF

W1-8 Wine and Spirits Tourism

Argentina: www.caminosdelvino.org.ar
Australia: South Australia International Wine Tourism Strategy 2018 (SATC) 28 Pages, Free PDF
Austria: Wiener Heurigen Guide 2018, Michael Eldmoser, Elmar Feigl (Wiener Heurige Association) 35 pages, Free PDF
Brazil: www.serragaucha.com/gastronomie
Canada English: Wine Country Ontario (Wine Marketing Association Ontario) 100 pages, Free PDF
France: Top wine destinations 2018 (Great Wine Capitals of the World) 63 pages, Free PDF
Singapore: www.exoticwinetravel.com
Spain: Guía de Enoturismo (Grandes Pagos de España) 50 pages, Free PDF
Sweden: www.bkwine.com Karlsson

W1-10 wine Professional Institutions

Armenia: Structural Analysis of Armenian Wine Industry Lina Bitsch (ICARE) 100 pages Free PDF
Australia: Annual Operating Plan 2018-2019, $50 M Package (Australian Government: Wine Australia)
Belgium: Trade & Terroir, Giulia Meloni, Johan Swisnew (AAWE: KU Leuven) 62 pages, Free PDF
Chile: Vinos Brasil (Prochile) 25 pages, Free PDF
Germany: Deutcher Wein Statistics 2017-2018 (German Wine Institut) 40 Pages, Free PDF
New Zealand: Annual Report 2017 (NZwine.com) 44 pages, Free PDF
South Africa: SA Wines industry Statistics (SAWIS) 31 pages Free PDF
Spain: Experiencias de éxito en enoturismo (AEE)
USA: Wine Shipping Report, 2018, Direct to US Consumers (Sovos) 36 Pages, Free PDF

W1-10 wine Professional private

France: Sustainability & Responsability at the heart of Pernod Ricard, 32 Pages, Free PDF
Japan: We are Suntory 48 Pages, Free PDf
Netherlands: Rabobank Wine Quarterly, 8 Pages Free PDF
Norway: Future Proofed Packaging (Elopak) 38 Pages, Free PDF
South Africa: Distell Sustainability Report 2018, 64 Pages, Free PDF
Switzerland: Tetrapak Sustainability Report 2017, Food People Futures, 36 Pages, Free PDF
Thailand: ThaiBev Sustainability Report 2017, 154 Pages, Free PDF
UK: Diageo Sustainability & Responsability Report 2017, 84 Pages, Free PDF
USA: State of the Wine Industry 2018 Rob McMillan (Silicon Valley Wine Division) 45 pages Free PDF

W1-12 Digital: Ebooks, Institutions / Brochures

Australia: Granite Belt Wine Country 2018-2019, 32 pages, Free PDF
France: Saint Emilion Practical 2018 (St Emilion Tourism) 94 Pages, Free PDF
Greece: Wine Tourism The Northern Greek Vineyards (Wines of North Greece) 8 Pages, Free PDF
Hungary: Hungary goes ProWein 2018 (Hungarian Tourism Agency) 68 pages, Free PDF


W2-1 Drinks with no alcohol

France: Nestlé Waters Facts & Figures (Nestlé Waters) 16 pages, Free PDF
South Africa: Rooibos Tea (WIPO) 12 pages, Free PDF
UK: Non Alcoholic drinks & the risk of cancer (WCRFN) 9781912255229 64 pages, Free PDF

W2-2 Coffee

El Salvador: www.csc.gob.sv/cafe-y-salud
France: Drinking coffee, mate & very hot beverages (IARCancer) 512 pages Free PDF
Italy: La Pavoni (La Pavoni) 71 Pages, Free PDF
Kenya: Coffee in Kenya (Kenya Tourism Board) 15 pages, Free PDF
Mexico: Convención Comité Nacional Sistema Producto Café, Arguelles Miceli (Amecafe) 31 pages PDF
Netherlands: Exporting Sustainable Coffee to Europe (CBI) 10 pages Free PDF
Netherlands: The Challenge of Coffee Processing, Rob Farr (Jacobs Douwe Egberts) 41 pages, Free PDF
Switzerland: The positive cup (Nespresso) 102 pages, Free PDF
UK: ICO Annual Review 2016-2017 (International Coffee Organization) 50 pages, Free PDF

W2-3 Tea

FAO: Intergovernmental group on Tea 2018, 16 pages, Free PDF
India: www.indiatea.org/tea_and_health
Sri Lanka: Tea and your Health, Tissa Amarakoon, Robert Grimble (Dimlah Ceylon Tea) 154 pages Free PDF

W2-4 Spirits

OIV: Chestnut Wooden Barrels for Ageing Wine Spirits (ANIAV-OIV)
Poland: Polish Wine Museum www.museumpolskiwodki.pl ( Polish Vodka Foundation)
Thailand:ThaiBev Sustainability Report 2017 , 154 Pages, Free PDF

W2-5 Cocktails

France: Cocktails in seven continents (Vergers Boiron) 19 pages, Free PDF

W2-6 Matching Food and Drink

Austria: Austrian Food & Wine (Austrianwine.com) 48 pages, Free PDF
Austria: Wiener Heurigen Guide 2018 Michael Eldmoser, Elmar Feigl (Wiener Heurige Association) 35 pages, Free PDF
Japan: Official Book 2018 (Sakura Womens Wine Awards) 84 pages, Free PDF

W2-8 Beer

Chile: Cerveza en China (ProChile) 20 pages, Free PDF
Czech: The Beer Guide to Prague (Prague City Tourism) 68 pages, Free PDF
Denmark: Carlsberg Sustainability Repot 2017, 80 Pages, Free PDF
Spain : Menus Saludables, Oscar Manresa, Tomain Fornell (Cerveza y salud , FEN) 80 pages, Free PDF
USA: Beer Styles Guidelines 2018, (Brewers Association) 66 pages, Free PDF


W3-2 Drinks Education

Belgium: www.wineinmoderation.eu
France www.laciteduvin.com
USA: www.winefolly.com

W3-3 illustrations

Italy: www.spiritodivino.cloud/opere (Movimiento Turismo del Vino)

W3-6 Drinks and Health

Australia: Annual Alcohol Pollcy 2018 (FARE: Foundation Alcohol Research Education)
Canada: Alcohol and Cancer Risk, (EducAlcool) 16 pages, Free PDF
France: Consumption Alcoholic Beverages 2018: World (IARCancer) 128 pages, Free PDF
Scotland: Monitoring Evaluating Scotland Alcohol Strategy (Health Scotland) 37 pages, Free PDF
Spain: Menus Saludables, Oscar Manresa, Romain Fornell (Cerveza y Salud, FEN) 80 Pages, Free PDF
USA: Older Adults and Alcohol, (National Institute on Aging) 24 pages, Free PDF

W3-8 NATIONAL Websites

Argentina: www.winesofargentina.org
Australia: www.wineaustralia.com
Austria: www.austrianwine.com
Brazil: www.ibravin.org.br
Canada: www.canadianvintners.com
Chile: www.winesofchile.com
France: www.recevin.eu
Germany: www.germanwines.de
Greece: www.newwinesofgreece.gr
Japan: www.winery.or.jp
New Zealand: www.nzwine.com
Portugal: www.winesofportugal.info
South Africa: www.wosa.co.za
Spain: www.winesfromspain.com
Spain: www.enoturismopenedes.cat
Sweden: www.champagneclub.com
Switzerland: www.swisswine.ch
UK: www.englishwineproducers.co.uk

W3-9 LOCAL Websites

China: www.riojawines.cn
France: www.vinsdeloire.fr
Portugal: www.ivdp.pt
Spain: www.sherry.wine


W 4-1 Drinks Special Awards

These Special Awards are final. They do not compete with each other. If present, they will be called to the stage at the Best in the World event in 2019.

Australia: National Alcohol Strategy 2018-2026 (Australia Dept. of Health)
Italy: Ferrari Press Award (Ferrari Trento Wines )
Norway: Global Conservation Strategy for Coffee Genetic Ressources, (Crop Trust: World Coffee Reserves) 72 pages, Free PDF
OIV: Chestnut Wooden Barrels For Ageing of Wine Spirits (Aniav-OIV)
Spain: www.vivancoculturadelvino.es
Spain: www.wineandthecity.com Meritxell Falgueras
UK: Masters of Wine Examination 2018 (Institute Masters of Wine) 5 pages, Free PDF

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